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How it works

Fast, Secure & Reliable

Premium Proxy Toolbar

Easily surf from 120+ global locations
Gain instant media intelligence

120+ proxy locations,
including 25+ US DMAs
Swap proxy locations and
mobile devices with a click
Top rated for speed, security,
and availability
Replicate results of various
browsers and mobile devices
Advanced Features
Change the IP address of your entire machine to monitor ads and content in chat programs, desktop applications, etc.
Surf by proxy on your iOS or Android devices for a local user experience within your smartphone.
Access the GeoSurf global proxy network for server-to-server connections and automated scripts.
Connect your PlayStation to our proxy servers to test and monitor in-game ads and local user experience.
Gain instant competitive media intelligence about the media eco-systems and media plans of websites.
What People are Saying
We constantly use GeoSurf in the Marketing, Development, and QA departments. It is now easier to research and qualify new markets and verticals. GeoSurf saves us LOTS of valuable time!
Oren Sanovsky, QA
With Geosurf, we can build truly global applications and experience our games as users from every of the world.
Q Wang, Director of Product
GeoSurf is by far one of the most powerful tools Secco Squared uses on a daily basis. The intelligence we gather from GeoSurf allows Secco Squared to stay ahead of the curve.
Jonathan Lender, CEO
Finally we found a safe & secure tool that allows us to surf the net from all over the world.
Sid Fein, SVP Technology
GeoSurf is a flexible and powerful tool that has proven invaluable to our international ad operations. It's customizable, easy to use and they listen to their customers.
Ben Lodge, Director of Ad Operations
GeoSurf, although expensive, is a solid one-stop solution that will probably be worth your while if you require a multi-country proxy.
Pieter Kooyman, Director of Advertising
With GeoSurf, we are able to replicate user experience on social sites like Facebook from anywhere in the world.
Noman Ali, CEO & Co-Founder
Press & Media
"Without GeoSurf, the media buyer cannot make an educated decision"
"GeoSurf Is A Must-Have For Every Media Buyer's Tool Belt"
"GeoSurf offers a network of fast, reliable, secure premium proxy servers"
"Invest in a good proxy service that can help you validate, test, and monitor geotargeted campaigns."
"GeoSurf is one of those products that promises to do something and then does it so well that it surprises you. Fast, reliably and easy."
"Pretend You're Somewhere Else with GeoSurf"
Toolbar Simplicity: GeoSurf Toolbar is straight-forward and easy to use. Simply download GeoSurf from our members' section, install on your favorite browser, and immediately begin surfing geotargeted ads and web content like a local user. Virtually hop around the world with a click. Surf like a local user without being local. Our toolbar enables you to sit in an office in New York (or anywhere else in the world) and surf like a local user in Germany, China, New Zealand, Chicago, or Denver (or any of our 120+ locations). Anyone planning or operating campaigns in multiple geographic areas can save time and money by doing all of their research, QA, testing, validating, and monitoring all over the world with GeoSurf.
120+ Global Locations: Currently, there are GeoSurf™ gateways in 90 Countries and 26 US Designated Market Areas, and we are constantly adding more! Among our included locations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, and US Metro Areas like Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. To view all of our proxy locations, click here.
Fast, Secure, and Reliable: Our proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection from each gateway on our premium proxy network. Because we own all of the servers on our premium proxy network and host them in Tier 1 backbone data centers around the world, all of our users experience a totally secure browsing experience. Our network boasts the highest levels of reliability, availability, and security. We sign legally binding agreements with our customers that their search history or any other data will never be released or used for any purpose.
Mobile & Browser Emulation: The Emulator gives users quick access to view web content and advertising as they are viewed in 40+ browsers and mobile devices. Used in combination with our 120+ global proxy locations, you can easily check out how your website appears on iPads in France, Safari browsers in China, or HTCs in Chicago. Available browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Mobile devices include iOs devices, Android, Blackberrry, and much more.
Unveil Actionable Insights: The GeoSurf Plus feature enables users to explore the eco-system of display advertising. Easily unveil the display campaigns published on sites, including banners and stats. Discover the brands and advertisers whose campaigns run on sites and their stats. Uncover the mediators (networks, exchanges, affiliates, etc) involved in deploying campaigns. Plus, we will promptly add your requested sites for online media buying analyses and online media planning insights that will ensure our software propels your online media business.
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