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GeoSurf Italy Proxy Toolbar

Surf from Italy … without really being in Italy

The Online Media Professionals’ choice for a proxy server in Italy.

  • Need to check how your geotargeted ads appear in Italy?
  • Want to view and interact with the internet like Italian users do?
  • Need to research and profile your competitors’ activities in Italy?

GeoSurf is a product suite (including a browser toolbar, VPN Connection, Smartphone Solution, and Direct Connect API) that allows you to virtually hop around the world to view web content as it is seen from Italy or 90+ other global locations, including 25 US DMAs. Anyone planning or operating campaigns in Italy or multiple geographical areas can save time and money by doing all of their research, QA, testing, validating, and monitoring all over the world with GeoSurf.

  • Italy is the fifth most populous country in Europe and the 23rd in the world.
  • 60,681,514 people live in Italy.
  • 53.74% of the population in Italy uses the internet.

Do you know how Italian users view and interact with your website and advertising campaigns?

Because we own all of the servers on our proxy network, including the Italian proxies, and host them in Tier 1 backbone data centers around the world, all of our users experience a totally secure proxy browsing experience. Our network boasts the highest levels of reliability, availability, and security.

GeoSurf does not alter the ads or content you see in any way. Ever. Viewing a site through GeoSurf’s Italian proxy server is just like actually viewing it from Italy.

Get started today with a trial of the GeoSurf Toolbar and decide if you want to buy the Italian proxy.

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