Our Company

BIScience offers business intelligence solutions for online advertising activities. Our solutions maximize our clients’ profits by providing insights and analytics of their online presence compared to specific competitors and entire market segments. All of our solutions are secure, reliable, intuitive, and usable. BIScience offers flexible packaging to accommodate the needs of small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

GeoSurf Product Suite

The GeoSurf™ product suite is comprised of these advanced services:

GeoSurf Browser toolbar that enables users to get the local perspective from more than 120+ global locations. It is often used by online media professionals (buyers, campaign managers, sales, affiliates, and compliance teams) to view geo-targeted ads and web content

In addition, we offer other global gateway solutions for different platforms:

Desktop VPN: Change the IP address of your entire machine to monitor ads and content in chat programs, desktop applications, etc.
Mobile VPN: Surf by secure VPN on your iOS or Android devices for a local user experience within your smartphone.
API: Access the GeoSurf global proxy network for server-to-server connections, web crawlers and automated scripts.
Game Consoles VPN: Connect your PlayStation, Xbox or Wii to our premium proxy servers to test and monitor in-game ads and local user experience.