Better Than GeoSurf? Could It Be?

AdClarity Media Intelligence ToolbarWe are proud to introduce you to GeoSurf’s Bigger, Wiser, More Advanced brother, the AdClarity Media Intelligence Toolbar

New in the display media ecosphere, the toolbar includes the elements you love about geosurfing: the ability to surf like a local from 120+ geographies, the mobile emulator, the screenshots.  But the AdClarity Toolbar goes above and beyond with features like Actionable Intelligence and Contact Information.

Actionable Intelligence allows you to get comprehensive media intelligence reports on any publisher, advertiser, network, or campaign.  In these reports, you will uncover which advertisers/publishers and networks they work with, which campaigns they are running, which creative are displayed on which sites, and much, much, more. 

For example, if you find an advertiser who is competing with you, you can use the system to find out which publishers they are working with (perhaps you want to approach those sites as well), what campaigns they are running (make sure your offers are better), which networks they run with (and which you should consider), which creative designs work for them (design yours to outdo), and more.  Makes you wonder – are your competitors already getting this insight about you?

Contact Information will unveil email addresses and phone numbers of the key personnel at any company.  So, if you discover a website you want to work with, you no longer have to dig around to uncover the right person to contact – their direct information is available in AdClarity.

You can try it for yourself and see why the entire industry is clamoring to get the AdClarity Media Intelligence Toolbar.

Anonymous Surfing for Media Professionals

Anonymous surfingAnonymous surfing for media professionals is very different in character than anonymous surfing by users trying to cheat or hack.  Media professionals need high-quality anonymous surfing options for legitimate business reasons.  Whether it is for the purposes of research, competitive intelligence, developing for user personas, or QA, an anonymous surfing solution must be:

  • Reliable: Pick one that is committed to quality, speed, and professionalism.  Do not be tempted by free or hacked proxies with questionable reliability and dependability.  Choose a professional solution (even if it costs a little more – it is worth it!)
  • Secure: Your security and privacy are extremely important when it comes to anonymous surfing.  Pick a solution with a good reputation, and an infrastructure that allows for the most secure and private surfing experience.
  • Flexible: Once you integrate a solution in your business practices, it is hard to switch.  Make sure the one you choose has the flexibility to grow with your business.  Will it offer more locations if you need them?  More connection options (browser, VPN, API, Smartphone)?


Choose carefully when you select the most professional provider for your anonymous surfing needs.  A good provider will ease your work and help you produce the results you need.

Top 3 Ways Anonymous Proxy Use is Improving Digital Advertising

Anonymous Proxy by GeoSurfUsing an anonymous proxy has become a must for anyone serious about digital advertising.  In fact, the widespread use of anonymous proxies is bettering the entire display advertising industry.  How?  Here are the top 3:


  1. Location-specific QA

Using an anonymous proxy enables advertisers, publishers, and anyone in the industry the unique ability to test and validate their content from multiple locations.This improves the industry by eliminating ugly mistakes, which were previously hidden behind geotargeting.Furthermore, it ensures that the correct content is shown to each user – no matter which country he is surfing from.


  1. Researching geographies

The industry has further been improved by “shrinking the world.”When using an anonymous proxy, professionals can easily research new target areas and optimize their websites, content, and ads to the local users in each area.Global brands can easily operate personal, local campaigns.


  1. User-perspective

Rounding out our top 3, using anonymous proxies to gain a real user perspective has been critical to maintaining relevance to target audiences and customizing campaigns and offers.This empowers brands to deliver applicable content, and increase conversions and sales to local users.

Q. Which US Proxy Server Should I Choose?

US Proxy ServerClarification:  My company is located in Australia.  Our website is hosted in the United Kingdom.  I geotarget my web content to the US.  I want to check how it looks to American users, but I do not know which US proxy server to use.

Answer: Because the American market is so large, we currently offer 29 US proxy servers.  If you are targeting to a broad US audience, then it does not matter which of these you choose.  The content you targeted to US users will display whether you choose a proxy location in Chicago or in Washington, DC.  However, we must take a moment here to urge you to target a step further.  If your site sells apparel, for example, users in New York will be shopping for winter coats in October and November, while users in San Diego may be in need of bathing suits.  If you are in the automotive industry, 4×4 SUVs may be more popular in Boston and convertibles in Los Angeles.  Depending on your vertical, geotargeting to the city-level may prove essential to maximizing your ROI.  A good indicator is to check out what your competitors are doing in each DMA.  To do this, just use your toolbar to hop from one city to the next.

Q. Do You Provide Your Proxy List?

GeoSurf Proxy ListAnswer: Though we are asked this question by prospective customers, the answer is that we cannot publish this information.  Our proxy list is filled with high-grade, professional, private proxy servers in many countries and cities throughout the world.

We take our customer’s privacy and professionalism seriously.  Because of this, we cannot release our proxy list and its IP addresses on the internet where anyone can access it.  Our service is used only by professionals.  Out proxies are safe, private, secure, and anonymous.

If you need a professional proxy service for your business, please contact us to discuss your proxy list needs.  If you are looking for free proxies that can be exploited, we will absolutely never allow our proxies to be misused in this manner.

Some of the most popular locations on our proxy list include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, and US Metro Areas like Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Proxy Servers in Online Advertising

Proxy Servers for Online AdvertisingDifferent types of proxy servers are used in different types of industries.  There are several types: transparent proxies, anonymous proxies, distorting proxies, and others.  Online advertising and marketing professionals use proxy servers to fulfill some very important needs of their industry.

Proxy servers are used in online advertising primarily to aid in geotargeting.  However, there are many ways to use them.

When ads and web content are geotargeted to display different results to users from different locations, professionals need high quality proxy servers to:


  1. Research new areas: to surf the internet like a local user from the target area and explore available opportunities, find new advertisers or publishers to work with, determine if the audience in a certain geo is right for their offering, etc.
  1. Program and develop: to program and develop the geotargeting for their applications and/or websites.
  1. QA: to check that geotargeting is working properly, that ads and funnels are functioning correctly for each market.
  1. Competitive Intelligence: to scope out what competitors are offering and displaying in each country.
  1. Monitor: to continually inspect that everything is in working order to avoid costly mistakes.

It is virtually impossible to complete these five crucial tasks without using a high-quality location-rich professional network of proxy servers.

Proxy Websites Comparison

Proxy Websites ComparisonProfessionals that are considering proxy websites often ask us to differentiate between some of the other sites they found online.  Here are some main points you should always consider when comparing proxy websites:





Does the proxy website you are considering offer Automatic Bandwidth Optimization? 

GeoSurf does.  This technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection speed at each of our gateway locations.


Do they guarantee your security with servers they own (not rent)?  Where are they hosted?  Are they legally bound to protect your search history and other personal date?

GeoSurf owns multiple redundant servers that are hosted in Tier 1 backbone data centers throughout the world.  We sign legal agreements to ensure your security and protection.


Do they offer all of the locations you currently need and all of the locations you want to test?

GeoSurf is a network built for marketing and advertising professionals.  Our gateways are in the locations that are important to our customers.  In the event that you need a location that is not yet available, we can add it for you.


How is their interface?

With us, you can use our browser toolbar in Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.  You can also use our VPN connection to change the IP of your entire machine for out-of-browser applications.  We also offer a smartphone solution for android and iOs devices as well as an API.

How to Find a Professional Grade Mobile Proxy

GeoSurf Mobile ProxyThe mobile advertising market is growing each quarter.  Advertisers are budgeting big bucks on mobile campaigns in high-target markets.  This has created a need for a mobile proxy solution for professionals, with which they can develop those localized mobile campaigns, research new markets, and monitor their competitors.

To find a professional mobile proxy, here are three issues you should consider:

  1. Locations – does the proxy solution include all of the locations you are targeting and hoping to target in the future?
  2. Speed – do they offer a connection speed that will ensure your work does not lose momentum because of a slow mobile proxy?
  3. Reliability – are you doing business with a proxy company that is aimed to professionals?

Once you can answer YES to all of these questions, start your mobile proxy and take off!  If your solution is missing one or more of these criteria, come check out the GeoSurf mobile proxy, which offers every high-traffic target market, unparalleled connection speeds, and the utmost in reliability and availability.  GeoSurf is for advertising professionals and will grow with you.

Back to the Basics: Proxy

Proxy - Get Back to the Basics

We often get bogged down in the intricacies of our infrastructure and customers’ complex use cases for our proxy solutions.  We thought it would be prudent to take a moment to get back to the basics and explore what a proxy really is.

Put simply: by using a proxy, you connect to the internet through another computer.  Instead of using your computer, tablet, or smartphone to surf the internet, you use your device to connect to a server in a different location and use that server to connect to the internet.

For example, you can be on your iphone on a train in New York City, and connect through a proxy in Germany, Japan, Brazil, or Chicago.

But why would you want to do that? 

Today’s internet is not the same everywhere.  A user in New York may see different ads, different content, and a totally different user experience that a user in Paris does.  If you have a need to experience web sites like a user from a different part of the world does, a proxy is a perfect solution for you.

Our proxies are often used by advertising professionals who want to see how their content appears all over the world, Developers and QA people who need to check their deployments and geotargeted code, IT personnel, and anyone with a vested interest in geotargeted content or ads.

Question: How Do I Hide My IP?

Hide IP with GeoSurfAnswer: We have heard this question many times from online marketing professionals.  There is a distinct need in the marketplace for software that allows users to “hide my IP” for several reasons.  One of the main use cases is for checking ads and content that are geotargeted to other locations.  Advertisers often target users in different locations with different ad variations.  They have a need to check that the correct ads are displayed to users with IPs from different locations.  Meanwhile, publishers may choose to display different content (or ads) to users from different geographies.

For example, Coca Cola, as an advertiser, may be running a special promotion in the US for SuperBowl season – but these ads would be irrelevant in Europe or Asia.  In those areas, they may be running ads in the local language and with local promos. 

MSN, as a publisher, will show local news and weather in each geo.  They may display ads for local TV shows in one area and local automaker promotions in another area.

For these reasons, advertisers and publishers like these sometimes need to “hide my IP” and take on a “fake” IP of their target audience.

GeoSurf provides a solution to this challenge.  By using our premium proxy gateways, users access the internet through our local IPs in any of 100+ locations.  With this tool, users surf like a local user does in any high-profile target market.

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