Monitoring Digital Media: Why it Matters

Many of our customers use GeoSurf to validate and monitor their digital media campaigns in different geos.  There are several common mistakes our customers tend to find when experiencing their digital media like local users do.  Try the GeoSurf premium proxy toolbar to test these factors:

  1. SERP Rankings and Sponsored Results: Organic and paid SEM results vary by location.  You may be ranked #1 in your home geo for your desired keywords, but in new target markets, you may need to improve your SEO efforts to be ranked well.  Use the proxy network to check your rankings and your sponsored listings in each area you want to target.
  2. Correct Displays: Make sure your digital media is displayed properly in each location.  For example, your banners in the UK should be in English and in £, while your ads in the US should be in English and in $.  Meanwhile, ads in France should display in French and €.  If, by mistake, your ads in Italy are displayed in French and in ¥ . . . you need to know about these mistakes before the cost you valuable budget and leave a bad impression on potential buyers.
  3. Correct Funnels: Even when you ensure that your creatives are displayed correctly in each region, your work is not done.  You must follow the funnel like a local user would to ensure that the resulting landing page is correct as well.  And take it a step further to make sure your payment page is in the right language and currency.

Taking these steps to ensure local users from each geo experience your digital media and funnels flawlessly will reduce your test time and budget and radically improve the impression you leave on your visitors.

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