GeoSurfing from our Vancouver Proxy


When our customers told us that they do targeted online advertising to web surfers from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we knew we had to take action.  Because there are well over two million residents in this third-largest Canadian metropolitan area, and 79.2% of Canadians nationwide are internet users, we took rapid action to make sure that our customers can surf the internet like Vancouver residents do through our Vancouver Proxy.


Customers have already started using the full GeoSurf suite of products with the new western Canadian proxy.  The proxy toolbar seems to be the most popular interface – with its easy-to-use “switch with a click” location selector and its helpful mobile emulator feature.  Using the GeoSurf proxy toolbar uncovers web results for SERPs, apps, targeted content and advertising – just like it is shown to a resident of Vancouver.  Not far behind is the Vancouver Proxy VPN, which changes the computer’s IP address to a local Vancouver IP.  Accessing desktop apps (like Forex, Casino, Chat, etc) with the VPN enabled provides Vancouver user access no matter where you are really surfing from.  Also available is the PlayStation Proxy, which enables you to play PS3 games like a Canadian does and the Direct Connect API which provides advanced server-to-server proxy communications.


Check out all of our Vancouver Proxy Solutions today!

Toronto Proxy Surfing – New Location Added


The GeoSurf product suite – browser toolbars, VPN connections, proxy for mobile solution, PS3 proxy, and Direct Connect proxy API – are now available with our newest location: proxy from Toronto, Ontario, Canada!


Almost 6 million people reside in the Toronto metro area, and if your website, internet advertising, online application, mobile media, or playstation game is not geotargeting to them, you are missing out!


Before you start to customize your content to Toronto users, you may want to sneak a peek at how your competitors do it.  If you are not physically located in Toronto yourself, this may be a difficult and expensive proposition!  But don’t worry, you don’t have to travel to Toronto every time you want to emulate the internet user experience, simply start a free trial or buy the Toronto Proxy to experience ads, content, sites, apps, and games like Torontonians do!


The GeoSurf products are available with over 90 locations, including various Canadian cities, that will help you take the guesswork out of your geotargeting.  With GeoSurf, you can easily research your competitors’ local activities or test, validate, and monitor your own content and campaigns.  You can surf locally without being local . . . in Toronto, San Francisco, France, Italy, China, Australia, and many more!

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New Gateway Launched: Perth, Australia Proxy

Buy Proxy in Perth Australia

We are proud to announce that we have launched a new gateway.  The newest GeoSurf proxy location is in Perth, Australia!

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is the largest city in that state.  The Perth metropolitan area has a population of about 1.8 million people.

  • Do you geotarget your web advertising to users in the Perth area?
  • Would you like to QA and monitor your site, its funnels and advertising as seen from Perth?
  • Are you interested in researching the area to see what your competitors are doing there?


GeoSurf’s newest proxy location is the answer you have been looking for.  When you get a free trial, or buy the Perth, Australia proxy, you will be able to surf like a local Perth user does.  You can use GeoSurf to emulate the user experience to see what campaigns they see, explore how websites appear to them, test your own targeting, and much more!

In addition to its browser toolbars, GeoSurf also offers advanced features like VPN connections, proxy for mobile phones, Proxy API, Proxy for PS3, and much more!  Check it out today for all of your Perth Proxy (or any of our other 90+ locations!) needs

Australian Proxy for Online Media Research

Australian Proxy for Online Media Research

Online media businesses that want to reach customers in Australia can succeed in the endeavor with lower cost and less time invested when they use a high quality Australian Proxy.
Media professionals already know that the internet in Australia is different from their local internet.  Top search engine results are different, display ads are different, many websites display differently.  Here are a few examples:

Top SERP for “cell phone” from Australia and New York:
Top SERP for “cell phone” from Australia and New York

Top SERP for “cell phone” from Australia and New York

Yahoo as viewed from Australia and Los Angeles:

Yahoo as viewed from Australia and Los Angeles:

Yahoo as viewed from Australia and Los Angeles:

Expedia from Australia and the United Kingdom:

Expedia from Australia and the United Kingdom:

Expedia from Australia and the United Kingdom:

Knowing the differences exposes the importance of targeting web content (for publishers), web advertising (for publishers and advertisers), and SEO efforts to users from Australia.  Where does an Australian Proxy come in?

Web Content:   If you want to display relevant web content to Australian visitors, an Australian proxy can help you research.  First, you may want to check out what kind of targeting your competitors are doing.  No matter where in the world you are located, if you log on to your competitors’ sites through an Australian proxy, you will see what Australian users see.  You can research the kinds of articles and news stories that interest them, you can scope out competitors’ pricing structure for Australians, you can analyze the entire ecosystem in Australia before beginning to target on your own site.  Once you have the background you need and put your own targeted content in place, you can use your Australian proxy to validate that everything is displaying properly to users from Australia.

Web Advertising: Like in the world of content, differentiating your advertising to Australian users will bump your level of effectiveness.  To do so, you can use your Australian proxy to research what the competitive landscape is like and uncover the ads that Australian users are already viewing so that you can create relevant and competitive campaigns.  Also similar to the content realm, once your Aussie-targeted ads are in place, you can use your proxy to validate that they are displaying properly, clicking through to the correct landing pages, with the correct pricing – and in general, verify the entire funnel.  Furthermore, you can always use the proxy to continually monitor your own ads and those of your competitors.

SEO Efforts: Because search engine rankings are different in different locations, you can use your Australian proxy to check how you rank.  But, you can take it a step further than that.  Use your proxy to check out competitors who are ranked higher than you are, reverse engineer their SEO efforts to be able to duplicate them and surpass the competition.  And because SERPs change so frequently, you will also want to monitor these regularly and continue to take action to get to (or stay at) the top.

For luring Australian web surfers and for increasing your ROI with them, it is crucial to arm yourself with a high-quality proxy.  And if you want to repeat the same procedure for other locations as well, you can choose a proxy network with multiple locations.  Whether you are starting with only Australia, or are ready to take on targeting the entire world, a proxy network is a definite necessity.

Using a Colombia Proxy

To properly geotarget web content and advertising on your site to users from Colombia, it is important to get their perspective.  Do you know what Colombian users are looking for?  Do you speak their language?  Have you seen how other sites specialize their offers and messages for user from Colombia?

To properly get in the Colombian user’s proverbial shoes, web professionals must arm themselves with a high-quality Colombia proxy.

When you have access to a gateway proxy that is physically located in Colombia, it is easy to connect first to that computer, and then, through that computer, connect to desired web sites.  By connecting through the proxy, you emulate the experience of a real user who is physically located in Colombia.  Instead of using your own IP address to target advertising to you, websites will use the IP of the proxy and you will therefore be served Colombian ads and content.

You can (and should!) use your Colombian proxy first to scope out that geo-location.  Get a true understanding for the area and its users.  Get a grasp on what your competitors are doing to target users from Colombia.  Once you do all the research, you can then set up the geotargeting on your own site to show special content to Colombians.  And once the targeting is set up, it is back to your Colombia proxy to test and make sure everything is working properly.

Hungary Proxy for Targeting Hungarian Users

Many advertisers, publishers, and ad networks offer targeting options that allow different ads to be shown to users based on their country.  By using the web surfer’s IP address, the system knows his locations and can serve him relevant ads.  As the eastern European market expands and gains momentum, many in the advertising world are using these geotargeting capabilities to target users in Hungary.

This new system, while it offers great opportunities, also has an inherent challenge.

Advertising professionals in New York, London, or Australia (or anywhere else in the world) can target their messages to Hungarian users, but they have no way to see it “live” for themselves.  Because the system works based on the user’s IP address, if a user is in Los Angeles, he will never truly be able to see what Hungarian users see.

Unless, of course, he arms himself with a high quality Hungary proxy.

By accessing sites though a Hungarian proxy, a gateway that is physically located in Hungary, users can experience web advertising just like Hungarian users do – no matter where they are physically located.  Now the challenge of QA and monitoring Hungarian targeted is ads can easily be solved just by accessing these ads though a proxy located in Hungary.

How to Buy Chile Proxy Solutions

To buy a high-quality proxy solution for your Chile proxy needs, there are several steps you should follow.  Following these steps will ensure you choose the Chile proxy solution that is right for you:

1.  Determine your needs

What will you be using the Chile proxy for?  Do you need an in-browser solution only or do you need access to a proxy VPN, which will change your entire machine’s IP address to a Chilean IP?  Do you have more advanced needs like API proxy solution for server-to-server connections?  Do you need proxy access only in Chile or do you need multiple locations?

Once you establish your needs, you can move on to searching for appropriate Chile proxy products

2.  Search for products


Do a Google search for products that fit your specifications.  Search also for independent reviews of the products to find one that is user-friendly and addresses your specific needs.


3.  Get trials


Once you find several Chile proxy providers that seems right for your usage, obtain free trials.  Try the products out and see which one is right for you.  After you determine your needs, search for the right products, and try each of the products, you will select the right Chile proxy solution for you and be ready to buy a Chile proxy.


Good luck!

Top Reasons to Use a Bulgaria Proxy

  • Check geotargeted ads and content

When we surveyed our customers of the Bulgaria proxy, they told us that they use the Bulgarian proxy gateway (and all of our 90+ other worldwide locations) primarily to QA their advertising and web content.  Our professional marketers decided to target parts of their sites to Bulgarian users.  However, since our customers are not physically located in Bulgaria and do not have Bulgarian IP addresses, they had no way to test that their targeting was displaying properly.  By using our Bulgaria proxy server, they are able to emulate the experience of a real web user from Bulgaria.

  • Monitor campaigns in Bulgaria

Also, many of our customers use the Bulgarian proxy to monitor their campaigns.  If they target their text, display, video, or gaming advertising to Bulgarian users, they can easily monitor these campaigns to make sure things are working properly.  Without buying a Bulgarian proxy, they have little transparency and control over their geotargeted campaigns.

  • Research adding the Bulgarian geo

Other customers told us that they were not currently targeting to Bulgarian users and used our proxy to research if the geo and its users are a good fit for their offering.

  • Scope out competitors’ Bulgarian targeting

Finally, another popular use of the Bulgaria proxy is to emulate the Bulgarian user’s experience and therefore check out how their direct and indirect competitors target users in Bulgaria.

Other proxy locations which are available are: France, Germany, Spain and many more

Need to Buy an Ireland Proxy?

If your website offers value for visitors from Ireland, studies show you could be much more successful if you geotarget your content and advertising to Irish users.  Depending on the format of your site, you could show news/weather/time from Ireland, offer articles that interest them, videos that are trending in Ireland, special offers for items purchased by Irish web surfers, and much more.

But once you target things to the Irish user, you will need a way to check that everything is displayed properly and funnels are flowing correctly.  Since you probably want to target other areas too, you will need a premium proxy switcher to get the work done.

An Irish proxy will allow you to connect to your site just like an Irish user does – regardless of where you are physically located.  Basically, you will use your own computer and internet connection (in Chicago, China, London, or anywhere in the world) to connect to a gateway server that is located in Ireland.  Then, the Ireland proxy gateway will connect you to your website.  This sort of “fools” the site into thinking you are physically located within Ireland and you are therefore shown all the content and advertising that Irish users see.

You can now easily test your website once all geotargeting is in place.  Then, you can continue to monitor your digital media.  You can even access competing sites to see what the competition is up to!

Buy a Japan Proxy for Media

Of Japan’s approximately 130 million residents, about 78% are internet users.  This calculates to approximately 100 million internet users who may be interested in what you have to offer!

Japanese web surfers, much like the rest of the world’s technically-advanced population, are more likely to be engaged with web content and internet advertising when it “speaks” to them.  This means articles and content should pique the Japanese interest, text should be translated to the Japanese language, and prices should be displayed in the local yen currency.

To make sure all of your geotargeting is functioning properly, you need to buy a high-quality proxy.  By using a Japanese proxy server, you can use your computer from anywhere in the world, connect to the proxy that is physically located in Japan, and then the Japan proxy will connect you to the desired site.  By connecting in this manner, you will be shown content and advertising as if you were physically located in Japan.

GeoSurf is a fast, reliable, and secure proxy network with a proxy gateway location in Japan (and in 90+ other geographical areas) and will help ensure that you connect to your desired sites and media just like users in Japan do.

Japan Proxy Globe

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