Using Anonymous Browsing Software to Check SEO Results

It is well documented that organic search yields better results than paid advertising.  In its recent “Science of SEO,” industry leader, Hubspot showed this slide to illustrate the importance of organic search results on trustworthiness.

Did you know search results are not the same everywhere?

For example, if a user in Brazil searches Google for online games, he will see top organic results from the sites onlinegames.net, miniclip.com, freeonlinegames.com, etc. (see below).

But if a user in Russia searches Google there for the same phrase, he will see top organic results from onlineguru.ru, games.online.ua, free-online-games-to-play.net

So what is a company to do if its target audience is in Brazil, Russia, and any other geo location?

The solution is anonymous browsing software – a premium proxy solution.

Using the GeoSurf toolbar, users can check google results to see their search engine ranking (as well as any other geotargeted content) results in 80+ locations.  This way, they can monitor the work of their SEO contractor, focus SEO efforts on new locations, profile locations for new opportunities, and much more.

Check out “Geosurf” Premium Proxy Toolbar  - Plans and Pricing