Proxy Service Features

  • AdClarity GeoSurf Add-On

    is available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to allow quick and easy access to our network of premium proxy servers in more than 120 locations around the world. When you buy proxy service from GeoSurf, you easily get the local perspective of local internet users around the world.

  • AdClarity GeoSurf Mobile Emulator

    to simulate mobile results of iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Blackberries, and many other models in web browsers for checking mobile ads and applications.

  • AdClarity GeoSurf Add-On Publisher’s Package

    uncovers the eco-system of display advertising sites. The feature, a part of the AdClarity GeoSurf Add-On, offers reports about sites’ display advertising campaigns (including landing page URL and creative designs), advertisers, mediators (agencies, networks, and others involved in deploying campaigns), similar sites, and much more.

  • Desktop VPN

    for changing the entire machine’s IP address to gateways on our global network of premium proxy servers to view local content in IM clients, casino and Forex applications, and other desktop software.

  • Mobile VPN

    for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones, this is the only tool that delivers real geo-targeted results in real time over these smartphones.

  • Direct Connect API

    for advanced configuration, users can connect via API directly to gateways on our global network of premium proxy servers to allow operation of automated scripts for down.