Who Uses GeoSurf Toolbar?

Media Buyers

Uncover your competitors’ strategies, QA your own campaigns, and find new local traffic sources to increase the effectiveness of your direct media.


Uncover your competitors’ strategies and their media partners, discover new advertisers and sources to work with.

Ad Operations

Validate campaigns’ deployment and conversion funnels across different geographies to make sure they are working properly and eliminate campaign flight errors.

QA and Testing

Ensure that your marketing and media activities across different channels and geographies are working properly while simulating real local user experience.

View Geo-Targeted Content

Get complete visibility into how geotargeted ads and content appear and react to interactions throughout the world. Through 120+ global gateway servers, you can view, interact with, and QA your localized placements from New York to Tokyo to Rio.

Emulate All Browser & Devices

Validate, verify, and test web deployments on over 80 mobile devices and browser emulators with a click of a button using the GeoSurf Toolbar. Check the responsiveness and functionality of your website across different mobile devices without actually having your device on hand.

Take Full Page Screenshots

Save screenshots of publishers and advertisers’ web pages including everything above & under the fold in one click. Take multiple screenshots of a page from various locations to easily process and share geotargeted content with clients and colleagues.

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The Ultimate Experience:

AdClarity GeoSurf Toolbar

In addition to getting all the features of the GeoSurf Toolbar, the AdClarity GeoSurf Toolbar provides you with the ability to gain competitive media intelligence and direct contact information.

Instantly Connect with Every Site

Full contact details about every person in every role at every company. As soon as you uncover a company you want to partner with, you can immediately connect with its decision makers.

Competitive Media Intelligence for Every Website

It has never been easier to act quickly on the insights provided by AdClarity GeoSurf. Alerts about your competitors, statistics about campaigns, and much more is shown constantly within your browser for every website you visit.

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Check out the AdClarity website and it’s media intelligence product suite

Why GeoSurf?

  • Flexibility

    Change the IP address of your browser and get complete visibility into how geo-targeted ads and content appear and react to interactions throughout the world. Through 120+ global gateway servers and multiple IPs to choose from om each location, you can view, interact with, and QA your localized placements from New York to Tokyo to Rio.

  • Security

    Because we own all of the gateway servers on our premium data centers and Tier 1 backbone data providers around the world, all of our users experience a totally secure browsing experience. We sign legally binding agreements with our customers that their browsing history or any other data will never be released or used for any purpose. With average bandwidth of 100Mbit on each location and full support of standard encrypted protocols such as SSL, VPN and more, you can be rest assured you are in good hands.

  • Speed

    Our proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection from each gateway on our premium proxy network. Many clients report surfing with our solution through gateways halfway across the world and experiencing speed as fast as their regular connection.

  • Availability

    Validate and verify web deployments with a multi-browser emulator, various devices with a mobile app, desktop applications with a VPN, or advanced automated server connections with an API.

Ron Tsadikov

“My team has been using the GeoSurf toolbar for the past few months and we have found a great advantage in using this product. One of the media buyer’s greatest challenges is finding good quality leads. By using GeoSurf, they can extract never-ending lists of leads and relevant publishers they can profile and approach to bring in as new managed publishers.”

Ron TsadikovHead of Media Buying Team, MediaShakers
Naama Miller

“GeoSurf toolbar is a great tool that enables us to explore the wide eco-system of online advertising. The tool is very friendly and gives us quick and clear visibility into existing and new opportunities.”

Naama MillerVP Media, Matomy