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GeoSurf Proxy: How it Works

Find out how the global proxy network can work for your business

  • There are 120+ GeoSurf servers set up physically all over the world.
  • GeoSurf owns all of the proxy servers on its network. This is important for your security and privacy.
  • All GeoSurf proxy servers are hosted in Tier 1 backbone data centers.
  • Our network boasts the highest levels of speed, reliability, availability, and security.
  • Our network is set up for professional users. These are not hacked connections and are not shared by millions of users trying to gain access to restricted sites. Our network is for online media professionals.
GeoSurf users have many options for accessing our network. Any of these interfaces will connect you to your desired locations on our network. You will then access the internet as if you are physically located where the GeoSurf proxy server is:
  • Browser Toolbars allow quick and easy access to our network and enable you to switch proxy locations with a click. The toolbars are most often used by online media professionals who want to QA in-browser advertising or applications, check local SERPs, or scope out competitors' browser activities.
  • VPN Connection is ideal for changing the entire machine's IP address. This more advanced connection is chosen by those who needs to validate and monitor their (or their competitors') activities in IM clients, casino and Forex applications, and other desktop software.
  • Mobile Proxy extends the GeoSurf proxy network for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. This is the only tool that delivers real geo-targeted results in real time over these smartphones and is ideal for anyone with a vested interest in the mobile advertising or in-app targeting.
  • PS3 Proxy grants access to the network through PlayStation devices. This option is popular with game developers who need a tool to test the geotargeting on their projects.
  • API Proxy in the most advanced configuration. Its users can connect via API directly to gateways to allow operation of automated scripts for downloading geo-targeted content to internal systems.
Any way you choose to access the network, you can always know that the GeoSurf network is fast, secure, reliable, and transparent. The content you see is never manipulated; your search history is never compromised; our support team in knowledgeable about the industry and helpful to you. As an online media professional, you can be sure your needs are met ... and often exceeded