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How to Buy Best Proxy or Try Before Buying | Jul.24.2012
The worldwide online world is trending toward localization and it is essential to share your location with online programs and websites so they may serve you better. SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) show different results based on the searcher's place. Display advertising is also geo targeted by site. Websites produce varied content, which they display to selected users based on where they are from. Applications and games use your IP's location to modify their offering to you. All this means that from where you are browsing, you may experience the web in a completely different way from someone in New York or London. So it is essential that you should buy a proxy that works best. This article will explain you how to buy best proxy. This is huge for those who just need to view the targeted information and advertising that is applicable to their location, but for those of us in the internet trade, sometimes we require to view and interrelate with the internet like users from different locations do. We require seeing that content and ads are correctly displayed, we need to research new geo targets and we want to get to know our own sites and apps like overseas users do. The answer is simple when you buy proxy. There are lots of proxy tools available online, but we got the best one. GeoSurf ( ) allows you to surf any website from over 90 worldwide locations including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and lots of other. In addition to these, you can to obtain access from over 25 DMAs like New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney, and others...
For the full article, please see
How to get best proxy you can buy ... or try for free | Jul.09.2012
The global online world is trending toward localization. SERPs are different based on the searcher's location. Display advertising is geotargeted by location. Websites show different content to different users based on where they are from. Applications and games use your IP location to customize their offering to you. This all means that from where you are, you may experience the web totally differently from someone in New York or France or Australia. This is great for those who just want to view the content and advertising that is relevant to their location, but for those of us in the internet business, sometimes we need to view and interact with the internet like users from other locations do. We need to see that content and ads are properly displayed, we need to research new geotargets and we need to experience our own sites and apps like foreign users do. The solution is easy when you buy a proxy. There are many proxy tools to choose from online, but we have found the best one.
For the full article, please see
View advertisements and web content with a local perspective | Jul.06.2012
Ever tried of getting the local perspective of your website from more than 90+ global locations? Do you have thoughts of buying this proxy? If yes, we have a toolbar for you, helps you to see how your website appears in various parts of the world. GeoSurf is an internet browser add-on toolbar that let users to select from a list of geographic areas and allows them to view the website from the area where they are located i.e. from the location they selected. This is a fast, secure and reliable premium proxy toolbar. GeoSurf has 90+ global locations and users can easily surf from that 90+ global locations and can gain instant media intelligence too. This toolbar is very popular among Sales team, Media buyers, Ad operations, etc.
For the full article, please see
Surf the web locally with Geosurf | May.23.2012
This fast growing Internet world has left us with a lot of new needs and demands. No matter what role has one has to perform, one might be a marketer, an SEO expert, a website developer, a blogger or music enthusiastic. Almost every day, we try a new internet service (Free or Paid) and want to have some more. Those services can be related to anything, might be a music search engine, a free website developer tool, a new web mail service or a new social network. Well, going by the same procedure, I recently came across another new Service, called Geosurf, a proxy toolbar which shows you how a webpage is displayed in any particular part of the world. I found this service very innovative, reliable and easy to use. So, here, in this post I am going to give you a detailed Geosurf Review.
For the full article, please see
GeoSurf - Web based Tool for Instant Geo-Targeted Media Research on Local and Global Markets | May.21.2012
Ever wondered what if you could broaden, diversify your market research for any location, local as well as international. This may not be a requirement for most of us but is certainly very demanding for those running an ad agency as an online media professional. As an online media professional, you may be running any number of marketing campaigns for your brands but what if it all goes in vain because of poor results. It isn't so common but still bothers numerous media professionals who manage marketing campaigns for brands and indulge in brainstorming ideas to target various local markets in different ways for maximizing results. And this is where a service like GeoSurf comes to rescue..!
For the full article, please see
GeoSurf on Tourist Israel | Mar.28.2012
In south Tel Aviv, many of the more up-and-coming neighborhoods such as Florentin, and, on the other side of the major Road 2, Montefiore, house a number of start-up firms. The cheaper rents, proximity to the city, and trendy outlook mean that these neighborhoods are increasingly popular among start-ups, and the amount of innovation taking place here is incredible. In Montefiore, for instance, you'll find Geosurf whose premium proxy service, a proxy toolbar, allows webmasters to see what their site looks like in over 90 locations and countries around the world.
For the full article, please see
GeoSurf on Cynopsis | Mar.27.2012
GeoSurf is a product suite that enables users to surf the web as if they were a local user, and thereby receive local content and advertising, from a certain geographic location in the world. It currently offers 90+ global proxy locations, and is primarily used by online media professionals (agencies, buyers, campaign managers, as well as sales, affiliates and compliance teams) to view geo-targeted ads and web content, as well as to profile new geo targets, advertisers and publishers. "Our customers like to view their own sites and advertising like local users do. This way, they can validate that things are displayed properly and working well," says Oren Zafrir, VP/Sales & Business Development. Today, GeoSurf has released an update to its browser toolbar, which features the aforementioned 90+ available global locations (the latest being Montreal), as well as a mobile device emulator that is now compatible with over 30 devices (latest addition: the new iPad), a 10+ browser emulator, an auto-update capability for future versions of the toolbar and more.
For the full article, please see
GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar Review on Skyje | Mar.27.2012
GeoSurf impresses with its facilities and some of these advantages are very important in realizing a very good and correctly based advertising strategy. There are some, but it's more pragmatically to test it personally (no matter which plan do you decide to chose there is a special offer, 5 days test). First of all, the Proxy toolbar is very simple to manipulate, the user shouldn't be very skilled but the information provided is golden. Secondly, the company has a quality network of servers and in case that a client needs a special location he shouldn't buy proxy servers or hire any similar service, they quickly offer a good solution. Thirdly, the premium proxy servers are reliable, very fast and most important, secure hence there is nothing to worry when choosing GeoSurf as your most important tool.
For the full article, please see
GeoSurf: Tool for Geo-targeted Media Research on Local and Global Markets on Techpluto | Mar.21.2012
If you run an ad agency or work as an online media professional who manages marketing campaigns for brand(s) and brainstorm in planning out methods to target various local markets in different ways to maximize results then here's a web based tool that you must take note of. GeoSurf is a must-have tool for Online Media pros who wish to research global market scene from a local perspective, without having to move anywhere or use some sophisticated and limited methods to get what they want.
For the full article, please see
Unleash the web with GeoSurf on Tech n Share | Mar.20.2012
The internet has been around for over 20 years and surfing the web is quickly becoming our most popular pastime. Bandwidth improvement and more powerful computers have made it faster to surf, but the real appeal, at least to me is the new software and websites that keep getting better. These entrepreneurs have let us make free phone calls to the other side of the planet (Skype), find tips to get stuff done (Lifehacker) or help you discover new music (Pandora). Helpful tools need not be limited to consumer enjoyment. Businesses can use tools too, to ensure that they keep innovating to provide consumers with a reason to go online. GeoSurf has developed a proxy toolbar that allows business owners and regular folk to explore the internet without restrictions.
For the full article, please see
Do You Know What Your Site Looks Like To Somebody Else? on Penny Seeds | Mar.15.2012
If you're a webmaster then one of the most important things to know about is your demographic. If you're not using these tools then you should be! Most likely your analytics software has features to show you important information about your visitors. This information includes the pages they view, keywords that got them there, ect. What you may not be looking at is country of origin, browser, operating system, and technical data. Why is this important?
For the full article, please see
GeoSurf Premium Proxy Toolbar on Tech Tips Tricks | Feb.23.2012
Well, I like using proxies because it can hide my identity. But a way to allow users to view websites in different geographic locations? Now that, is even better!
I am talking about my personal reason for using this. However, this feature can be useful to others like, say, media agencies for examples. They can monitor their own campaigns effectively because they will be able to see their local competition and make smarter decisions in the process that will benefit them.
For the full article, please see
Using Geo Proxy in your marketing campaigns on Join My Conversation | Feb.20.2012
With the advancements in technology for mobile technology more and more people are searching, shopping, and interacting through their mobile phones. With the enormous growth of Groupon and other saving sites that are building apps to go after the growing mobile and smartphone customer. The iPhone has created a whole new market for people to interact with peers, blog, and play games online with their friendly user interface, ease of use and high end graphics. This has helped to create a new channel for marketers called Mobile Marketing where companies can target and reach a new set of customers wherever they are at anytime of the day. So lets say someone is on their iPhone and searching to buy running shoes online you can have your mobile site show up in their top search lists which can help drive traffic to your site through specific mobile searches. For those that want to what the competitive landscape looks like then Geo Proxy solutions allows you to see how your ad would look here in the US and abroad. Through creative text messages, mobile ads, and game and application sponsorships companies are finding unique ways to stay in touch with their customers and develop and reach new ones..
For the full article, please see
Introducing GeoSurf Plus Premium Proxy Solution on LS Geekster Online | Feb.2.2012
The innovative world for premium proxy services is expanding to meet the needs of small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises who need to get access to proxies regularly as part of their online advertising activities. One proxy service, GeoSurf Plus Premium Proxy, is offering business intelligence solutions to maximize clients' profits through a reliable proxy changer service.
For the full article, please see
A HUGE Advantage for Display and Mobile Marketers on Ian Fernando | Feb.1.2012
As a marketer you want to stay on top of the competition and also know what they are doing. Data is an important part of our industry and organizing the immense data that is out there can be a pain. In the past I have been using multiple tools to help with my online advertising career.
For the full article, please see
Premium Proxy Service Enables Web Surfing from Tampa on Market Watch | Jan.31.2012
GeoSurf Premium Proxy Servers released a fast, secure, and reliable proxy server in Tampa, Florida, today. This, in addition to its 89 other proxies around the world and throughout the United States enables online advertising professionals to surf the web as if they are physically located in Tampa (or virtually any other location).    more...
Brand managers and business developers need GeoProxy on Developing New Paths | Jan.30.2012
If you are responsible for brand advertising or business development for your business then you need to check out Geo Proxy from GeoSurf. This simple toolbar solution allows to check traffic, advertising, and affiliate activity across the globe from your office in just a few clicks. It allows you to view advertising from around the globe in just a simple click. It will save you valuable time and money on research, QA, testing and monitoring so that you are able to quickly identify hotspots and invest in markets quicker.
For the full article, please see
Screencast Review of Proxy Superstar GeoSurf on Tyler Cruz | Jan.26.2012
As I have been getting back into affiliate marketing lately, there have been many times when I've tried to view the landing page of an offer that is targeted to a particular country, only to see the dreaded "Sorry, but this offer is not available in your country" message. Viewing the exact landing page of an offer is extremely important, vital really, and so I went searching for a proxy service that would allow me to visit sites as if I was coming from a particular country.    more...
Surf Locally With GeoSurf Toolbar on Make Money From Online | Dec.28.2011
You might have noticed that many of the browsers, either additional toolbars or add-ons, that there are nothing more than toolbars that offer easy ways to get to other sites. Having recently been introduced to one of these toolbars, I thought that I would share what I had learned about this toolbar in case it might be something that you would like to add to your browsing experience.    more...
GeoSurf 4.0 with GeoSurf Plus Review - Best GeoTargeting Tool Out There? on Tech Walls | Dec.14.2011
I heard about GeoSurf a few times before writing this article as the product was reviewed on some famous tech blogs like TechCrunch or JohnChow. Honestly I didn't care about a Geo-Targeting tool as I thought it is unnecessary for publishers like me. However, I accepted to review GeoSurf because I want to know why it has become so popular in the blogosphere recently. Is this just a tool to determine the geolocation of visitors to a website?    more...
How to Boost Your Business by Going Local with GeoSurf on Traffic Generation Cafe | Dec.12.2011
It comes as no surprise that people flock to Traffic Generation Cafe to learn more about traffic.

However, many fail to grasp the cornerstone principle of driving more traffic to your site: if you don't properly target your traffic, you won't make a dime as a result.    more...
GeoSurf, the Premium Proxy Solution for Smartphones, Partners with Epic Direct, the Largest Performance-Based Network on The Sacramento Bee | Dec.06.2011
GeoSurf and Epic Direct Network announced this morning their partnership, which will enable 45,000 Epic publishers to keep control of their campaigns while on the go during the holidays and throughout the year.    more...
GeoSurf- Best Geo Targeting Service to Surf By Location on Tech Gyo | Dec.02.2011
GeoSurf is a service that enables users to access premium proxy servers in 80+ global locations to surf geo-targeted local content from other areas. It allows you to surf by location which is a must use service for local ad campaign management. GeoSurf service is available for toolbar in browser, VPN client, Direct Connect API, and smart phone connection. The great feature of GeoSurf is Mobile Emulator which allows you to have a look at your website or your ad campaigns from various mobiles. GeoSurf own all of the servers on its network hence it is secure, fast and reliable.    more...
GeoSurf Offers Premium Proxy Servers In 80+ Locations Around The World on Techie Buzz | Nov.23.2011
GeoSurf is a powerful and unique service which allows you to visit any website virtually from more than 89 locations. This service is specially useful for online marketers who usually geo-target their campaigns. Today, most of the websites display geo-targeted ads on desktop as well as on mobile devices. In simple words, visitors from Spain, Germany and China will be able to see ads related to products and services available in their respective countries.    more...
GeoSurf Review on VPN Rules | Nov.08.2011
GeoSurf is a combination proxy/VPN service/marketing tool for those people who have a need to target specific areas or regions for advertising campaigns, or geotargeting. The company motto is "Surf locally without being local", and with the promises of their service you should be able to accomplish just that. Using their GeoSurf client you will be able to see your websites or advertising campaigns as if you were sitting in a home in the region you placed the website or ad in.    more...
GeoSurf Plus Review on makemoneyhelper | Nov.08.2011
Have you ever dreamed of surfing places all over the world without actually being there? To the internet marketers, this is very helpful when it comes to advertising in a sense that they will have a complete picture of what's going on with the advertising industry from every corner of the world. GeoSurf Plus is one simple yet very helpful tool that will help you achieve what you've been longing to do in the internet-surfing world.    more...
Seeing Even More With GeoSurf Plus Beta on | Nov.03.2011
You might remember my original review of GeoSurf from last year. As a quick refresher, this is a toolbar that you can install in Internet Explorer or Firefox that effectively gives you access to several proxies around the world. In sum, you can surf the web as if you were somewhere else.    more...
New Product Launched: GeoSurf Plus on | Oct.04.2011
GeoSurf Plus, an advanced addition to the popular proxy surfing toolbar, has been released for free for a limited time to all GeoSurf customers, and with free trials for everyone.    more...
How to Check Geo-targeted Ads on Your Blog: GeoSurf on BusinessWeek | Sep.22.2011
At certain point of your blog's life journey - as your blog increases in popularity - there will be times that some smart advertisers approach you to place geo-targeted ads on your blog, must probably due to your blog ranking so well on certain region and get considerable blog traffic from that region. Chances are, for such needs, your advertiser will pay you a premium - so, you can't simply give up on such request, I suppose?    more...
GeoSurf Review: The GeoTargeting Toolbar on Click Newz | Sep.13.2011
This week I had the opportunity to check out GeoSurf, which has quite a few interesting features. It allows you to surf by location, for GeoTargeting, which is great for local ad campaign management among other things. Another interesting feature is the Mobile Emulator, allowing you to view your website - or your ad campaigns - from a variety of mobile devices. All from the comfort of your home office. Or in my case, from the laptop on my back deck. :)    more...
Surf Locally With GeoSurf Toolbar on myblog2day | Sep.12.2011
You might have noticed that many of the browsers, either additional toolbars or add-ons, that there are nothing more than toolbars that offer easy ways to get to other sites. Having recently been introduced to one of these toolbars, I thought that I would share what I had learned about this toolbar in case it might be something that you would like to add to your browsing experience.    more...
GeoSurf on Bryan Eisenberg | Sep.6.2011
At certain point of your blog's life journey - as your blog increases in popularity - there will be times that some smart advertisers approach you to place geo-targeted ads on your blog, must probably due to your blog ranking so well on certain region and get considerable blog traffic from that region. Chances are, for such needs, your advertiser will pay you a premium - so, you can't simply give up on such request, I suppose?    more...
Surf Locally, Without Being Local: GeoSurf™ on Technotip | Sep.06.2011
Lets talk about some serious business: Have you ever bought some inventory on a United States website, sitting in India & wanted to see how it looks for your US clients? If nothing else, you could be interested in seeing what your competitor is upto in certain country. Where else they are advertising and what creative they are using etc.    more...
Product Review: Geosurf™ Secured Private Local Surfing Without Being Local on IT Knowledge Exchange | Sep.05.2011
'Surf Locally without being local' is the tagline of Geosurf™ and it is true. Basically concept is to provide you with a provision of surfing anywhere out of over 80 locations worldwide. This is done through premium proxy servers which enable you to get superior level performance in surfing by means of Geosurf premium proxy toolbar.    more...
Surf with GeoSurf and Improve Your Website on Bloggingwp | Aug.30.2011
Over the recent years a number of tools have been developed which allows a person to surf the internet as a local user without being in that location. Geosurf is a product of BIScience company which provides Business Intelligence solutions. It is a tool that provides local access to more than 80 global locations including 20 high value US DMA's. It has customers from all sectors of online media such as advertisers, publishers, affiliates etc. By installing the Geosurf tool bar one can access global destinations locally and keep control of the market scenario, analyze the customers, know about the potential competitors and the competition involved in the local scenario. This tool is of great help to people who do online business across the globe.    more...
GEOSURF on Promoted Profits | Aug.28.2011
Want to know how your website advertisement looks like from other countries? With GeoSurf, a recently launched proxy tool, you can not only do proxy viewing, but can do much more with it. And unlike other providers of proxy servers, GeoSurf goes a step further and delivers city-specific-viewing too.
Anyway, I have personally used GeoSurf and am going to provide you a comprehensive review about it. Note, it is not a traditional Internet marketing product we discuss, but still a powerful marketing tool.    more...
How to Surf Locally - Without Being Local on Blog Trepreneur | Aug.23.2011
One of the most significant changes the internet has brought about has been the ability to easily communicate with people around the world instantly. It used to be that pen pals from different countries would write to each other for years and only end up exchanging a few letters. Between the time it took for the mail to arrive and the time and effort of writing, it was difficult to really get to know someone from another country. Of course there was always the telephone, but high international long distance rates made that option cost-prohibitive to most people.    more...
Head of AOL Messaging (AIM) and CEO of ICQ Named CEO of BIScience on Yahoo! News | Aug.23.2011
Orey Gilliam, former head of AOL Messaging (AIM) and CEO of ICQ is now leading BIScience, a successful solutions provider in the online advertising industry. Gilliam hopes to propel GeoSurf, the company's proxy network toolbar, to new heights. More importantly, Gilliam promises innovative new products that will revolutionize the entire online marketing world.    more...
GeoSurf Review For GeoTargeting Marketers on Make Money on The Internet | Aug.17.2011
Geo Surf is a tool that is great to use for online marketers that deal with geo targeting (where you target people in specific areas of the world / parts of the united states).
The service allows you to see what users from 80 countries and locations around the US see using their in house proxy servers. This is a service I could have used when I was testing the EasyAzon WordPress plugin's geo targeting features but instead I had to get beta testers from around the world to test the geo targeting functionality which took a lot of time, coordination and a bunch of emails back and forth.    more...
GeoSurf Review - What You Need To Know Before You Consider Using Geo Surf on Smartbloggerz | Aug.16.2011
I run many different websites, and I depend on a lot of them for my online income. Most of the websites I have; I place advertisements or I use advertising networks to maximize profitability.
GeoSurf represented a unique opportunity for me. You see, one of the problems I had was, not knowing where the bulk of my revenue was coming from.
I figured if I can find out where the bulk of my revenue came from I could maximize my affiliate sites much better. I did not have a tool to help me do this until I came across GeoSurf.    more...
Affiliates Get a Local User's View: interview w/ Cameron Peron, GeoSurf on has offers | Aug.11.2011
I had the privilege of interviewing industry leader Cameron Peron yesterday, who's doing some amazing stuff with a product called GeoSurf. As everything continues to shift toward a more global economy, savvy advertisers and affiliates need to be providing the best ads and content to the right geographical segments, and GeoSurf has certainly been a thought leader and innovator, providing affiliates and so many other businesses with a simple means of accomplishing that.    more...
Surfing Locally Without Being Local. GeoSurf Review on Melvin Blog | Jul.27.2011
The internet has been there for quite a while now and its hard to talk about it without really touching on how it opened lots of opportunities for us, online entrepreneurs. Its amazing to imagine that by having an internet business, we're not really limiting ourselves to a specific demographic but rather catering to a global one. Also, it allows us to just stay and work where we want to and not really move on to different places.    more...
Geosurf: a proxy service on steroids on State of Search | Jul.27.2011
Working in Europe for several foreign companies I often need proxies to check local rankings, see how marketing campaigns are appearing in other countries or to check one of our geo-targeted websites.
The problem with these proxies is that most time they are pretty slow and insecure. So when Bas was looking for a volunteer to test a new service called Geosurf, I stepped forward immediately!    more...
Geosurf Helps To Surf Locally Without Actually Being Local on News365 Today | Jul.26.2011
Geosurf has come out with a wonderful solution by which the users can get local perspective in more than 80 global locations in the form of proxy websites. There are various advantages of using this software. First of all, you can hop to any location around the world and can view the web content. This software is very much useful if you are planning to make or is operating any campaign in any particular geographical area.    more...
How to Geo Surf the Internet as a Local User without Leaving your Desk on Famous Bloggers | Jul.26.2011
GeoSurf Toolbar has changed the way I surf the internet, and here is why. Sometime ago, I thought about surfing the internet differently, I wanted to see things with a different eye, for example: surfing the internet as a local user, I wanted to see how my website looks like to people who visit my blog from other countries or cities, especially that my blog has many visitors and audiences from out of the States, and it would really make a big difference if I can see with their eyes.    more...
How To View Your Website From The Perspective Of Another State Or Country on the3dtechnologies | Jul.12.2011
I've been around affiliate marketing for quite a while and I have to admit that anyone trying to making money from this method must know about the importance of having a global perspective of your business.

A little trouble comes when people surfing on your site from different country. Often, search results not display a site at the same manner. Sometimes they don't even load fully.    more...
Surf locally without being local with GeoSurf 3.0 on WebTrafficROI | Jul.12.2011
As an online entrepreneur you have the advantage of accessing your blog or websites from across the globe, it's the best business you can be in. You don't need any physical presence, all the work can be done online from any part of the global. From changing content on your blog to sending out newsletters to your email base. You're online business is accessible 24/7, you decide the time and place. Awesome :).    more...
GeoSurf - Great Tool (Like a VPN in A Tool Bar) on JustinDupre | Jul.05.2011
Today's review goes out to, a VPN and web proxy tool that allows you to access servers and IP's a lot of different locations. Geosurf has add-ons, toolbars, and web services for setting changing your proxies to better access your rankings and easier access to spying on your competitors from nearly any place in the world, or at least, any place you're targeting.    more...
GEO Surf Review - Must Have For Affiliates! on Dino Vedo | Jul.05.2011
As an affiliate that is smart and wants to promote internationally, it's very hard to see the offers when your based in the USA. There are free proxies online, but if you've tried them than you know that they are super slow and highly unreliable! Most of them spawn multiple pop ups and cause your browser to crash. Sometimes they don't even load fully! Now what is your solution to this you ask? Well what if I told you that there's a plugin available that installs on your browser and you can easily choose which Country you want to view the website in! The solution is finally here, it's called Geo Surf, and I'm totally hooked on it! Not to mention there's a free 5 day trial you can take advantage of right now!    more...
I've Travelled The World From My Desk on David Naylor | Jun.28.2011
Well I have spent the last few hours travelling around the globe, no suitcase needed and no passport in sight, instead this journey was taken from my office desk and I have to say that I found the experience one that I would happily take again.    more...
GeoSurf Review - Does GeoSurf Really Work? on ClickBank Product Review Elite | Jun.20.2011
Hello there! My name is John Dave and I am a native Canadian! I am generally a pretty skeptical guy so when I first heard about GeoSurf I didn't believe it. After reading a few raving reviews I decided to give it a try. I mean how bad could it be? I had a 100% money back guarantee so I wasn't going to lose anything.    more...
Go Local: Seven Steps to Running Geotargeted Campaigns Like a Pro on MarketingProfs | Jun.08.2011
This is the decade for geotargeted local advertising. If the '90s was the decade to get online and establish an online presence, and the 2000s was the decade to get global and bring that online presence to the world, then the 2010s can easily be defined as the decade to get local and bring the global presence to the local user.    more...
Proxy Surfing from More Locations with More Options on Digital Journal | Jun.07.2011
The widely-anticipated GeoSurf v 3.0 is being released with free trials and competitive pricing. The GeoSurf™ toolbar has always been the premier solution for browsing the internet as a local user. The service allows anyone to be anywhere and select from a list of locations to browse from. Using this tool, a user can sit on the banks of the Seine in Paris, use GeoSurf™ as if surfing from New York, and view the internet as New Yorkers do. Often used by professionals in the online marketing realm, the tool has become an invaluable asset for QA, campaign monitoring, and geo-targeting research.    more...
Surf Locally Without Being Local: The Future of Search on The Marketing Blog | Jun.07.2011
The world clearly isn't flat. I'd also argue that it's not all that large either. In fact, when thinking about the internet, there are few international barriers. This is especially true when thinking about Internet marketing. Not only do I work with international partners on a regular basis, but often advertising on international websites as well.     more...
GeoSurf Review - I love it on yoast | May.24.2011
This is a sponsored review. GeoSurf is one of those products that promises to do something and then does it so well that it surprises you. Fast, reliably and easy - and I wish I'd never worked without it. As I live and work in the Netherlands but have a fair bit of US clients, I need to check SERPs in the US quite often. In fact, having a couple of clients in the local legal space in the US, I often need to know specific rankings for specific area's in the US. Up until now I was using a combination of proxies from friends and some weird hacks to try and get the best results. Well, not anymore.     more...
GeoSurf by BIScience on IDC News by Raeut Ben Asher | May.24.2011
GeoSurf, a toolbar for internet users, which enables surfing globally no matter where you are located.
"What makes GeoSurf useful?"
"Before using GeoSurf, you're in the dark if you're managing geo-targeted campaigns. You cannot see how your creatives are displayed to a different user..."     more...
An Alternative to WorldProxy202 on ianfernando | Apr.7.2011
When doing international affiliate offers you want to check out the offer page as if you were in that specific country. It is important that you do because you want to cater a landing page or ad around that offer page. Or a problem that sometimes occur with international offers is conjoined countries do not see the actual offer page. Or the advertiser does not want international traffic or traffic from specific areas of the globe.     more...
Create Ad Campaigns for the World to See, Using GeoSurf on zacjohnson | Mar.28.2011
Want to connect with your foreign and non-US resident web site visitors? One of the best ways to do so, is to see how they are viewing your web site. How your web site looks in one country, may not be the same in another. This can drastically affect your conversion numbers, web site reading and even make users want to leave your web site because they can't understand it. With a toolbar called GeoSurf, you can view web sites as if you were living in any country around the world.     more...
GeoSurf for the Global Marketer on JonathanVolk | Mar.22.2011
We're living in the global economy, which means you no longer have to be the best in your local area to compete. Instead, you have to be the best in the world. It's a scary thought, but successful affiliates are capitalizing on geo-targeted campaigns. If you're not open to reaching out to the world's population with your affiliate offers, you're missing out on some serious profit. It's important to have a global mindset in business, especially in this industry: everyone in the world is a potential customer.     more...
Surf the world with GeoSurf Toolbar on BloggingTips | Mar.21.2011
The Internet may be largely an international place, but the same Internet isn't exactly accessed in Singapore as it is in San Francisco. From the perspective of an Internet marketer (or any other kind of online entrepreneur or business owner), this is a very important thing to keep in mind. How a website looks to you in Vancouver might not be the same as how it's seen in Vienna.     more...
GeoSurf: Track your Website Globally on ItsAbhik | Mar.8.2011
Do you want to know how your website appears in different locations? What ads are appearing in your website for visitors from a different country? Or do you want to see contents locked for visitors from a particular country!!? Now you can browse and interact with live websites, visitors, creative and additional web content just as local users do in more than 70 locations around the world. GeoSurf by BIScience lets you do exactly that. GeoSurf is basically an advanced private proxy network with tons of extra features such as VPN Connection, API Access for Direct Connection, View and interact with ads and content over iPhone or Android or other Smart phones and lots more.     more...
Get Social with GeoSurf, the Toolbar that Gives the Local Perspective on SFGate | Feb.24.2011
GeoSurf™, the browser add-on that allows users to "Surf Locally, without being local" is now on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. As the global economy is investing more in localized advertizing, GeoSurf™ is seeing an increase in demand for its services. By using the GeoSurf™ Toolbar, companies that target advertising to many local areas can log on as if they are actually located in the various areas. They use this service to check that ads are displayed correctly, research their competition, and profile new leads. The toolbar is in use all over the world in industries like online media, casual gaming, gambling, social media, and many others. GeoSurf™ offers a network of fast, reliable, secure premium proxy servers in 70+ global locations.     more...
GeoSurf Gives Worldwide Perspective to Web Analytics by walyou | Feb.10.2011
The new software is known as GeoSurf and allows marketers and advertisers to view their own advertisements, as well as their competitor's, with just one click. Okay, the website advertises one click, but it appears to be 2-3. Still, not too bad. Used by companies such as eBuddy Metacafe and Xtend, this tool is one that definitely benefits businesses with international outreach. At the very least, it can save you the tedious task of retyping international URLs.     more...
Geosurf Lets You See Yourself Through Your Customers' Eyes by Murray Newlands | Feb.09.2011
We discovered a useful and useable tool that allows those of us in the online marketing and media fields to view our web content and online ads as local users see them. The GeoSurf™ toolbar is straight-forward, but once you start using it, you just can't stop. Imagine you live in London, but do some targeted advertising to users in New York. With this toolbar, you simply select that you want to "be" in New York, and you are instantly there, viewing your targeted ads (as well as checking out the competition's ads).     more...
Geosurf Enables Casual Gaming Professionals to Surf Locally - Without Being Local on PRWeb | Feb.09.2011
GeoSurf™ has sent an elite team to the Casual Connect show in Hamburg with a special offer. Anyone who is interested in trying out the application, which enables users to get the local perspective in 70+ global locations, will get free access simply by speaking with a GeoSurf™ team member.     more...
GeoSurf Is A Must-Have For Every Media Buyer's Tool Belt by Roi Carthy on TechCrunch | Feb.02.2011
I have a thing for money-making, simple solutions to obvious problems, and GeoSurf sure is one of those.
This may come as a surprise to some, but even though it's 2011, if you're a media buyer, you pretty much work in the dark. I mean this in the sense of media buyers' ability to actually see their ads on the properties they bought digital real estate on, as well as the ability to see which advertisers are bidding against them.     more...
Answers Served: BI Science's Peron Talks GeoSurf and SMBs on adotas | Jan.26.2011
For many companies, expanding means aiming big, but online business intelligence provider BI Science has kicked off 2011 by going small... Or rather smaller. Having accumulated a high-profile list of enterprise-class clients, the developer of GeoSurf - a toolbar that allows advertisers and publishers to experience advertising in another country - among other online business intelligence products is setting its sights on small and medium players in the industry.     more...
Pretend You're Somewhere Else with GeoSurf by Michael Kwan on | Nov.08.2010
In case you haven't already figured it out, the Internet is an international place. Whether you're an affiliate marketer or you're looking to promote your own business, it pays to have a global perspective. How your website looks in Louisiana may not be the same as how it looks in Laos. Offering a simple way for you to get this worldwide viewpoint is GeoSurf. The idea is that you can get the "local perspective" from many different local areas. Over the course of this review, we'll see how it works, how well it works, and whether it's worth your investment.     more...