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Premium residential proxy network
2 million residential IPs in 130 countries

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130+ Global Locations

DataCenter Network: 120+ premium proxy locations, including 30+ US DMAs Residential IPs Network: And More than 130 Residential IPs locations

Simple & Friendly API

Easily select the IP location either from our Residential IP network or Premium proxies.

Fast, Secure and Reliable

Top rated for speed, security, and availability

GeoSurf™ Pro Browser extension & Mobile application

GeoSurf™ Pro enables users to access, switch and rotate both Static and Residential IPs directly from Chrom & Firefox browsers and your iOS / Android device.

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Geosurf Pro Browser Extensions

Surf like a human, not like a Server! Gain instant competitive intelligence directly from your browser using our Residential IPs network or Premium Proxies. Choose an IP from more than 130 locations and 2 Million IPS all in one place!

Desktop Applications

Easily select the IP location either from our Residential IP network or Premium proxies.

Mobile Devices

Surf by secure VPN on your iOS or Android devices for a local user experience of apps and mobile websites directly on your smartphone.


Access the GeoSurf premium global gateway network, whether using our Residential IPs or premium proxy network. You can easily integrate automated data collection scripts and web crawlers for your use-case.

Ad Verification

Sites created by hackers are smart so to speak. When Hackers detect that traffic is coming from a proxy server they change their behavior to emulate real user behavior. For traffic coming from a residential IP, the fraudsters show their real face i.e. they show inappropriate content.

Social Listening

Reclaim power over your privately generated content. No one can dictate how many engagement methods you decide to implement or how many groups you have. We’re people and people designed to socialize with one

Search Engine Optimization

GeoSurf raised the world’s standard when it comes to reliability and top tier success rate with our large pool of 2M+ residential IPs. With GeoSurf you can forget about IP leakage, banned IPs on various sites or any other low level proxy services.

Sales Intelligence

Many S.I. companies use tools that don’t protect their customers from getting falsified information. When you use proxies to collect information that is useful for your sales, it’s important to keep a low profile. Geosurf is easy to integrate and can be used with the most common scraping tools

Sneaker Proxy

All other proxy providers use proxies called “Data Centers”. The problem with data-center proxies is usually the fact that sites like Supreme Shoes, Sneaker-n-Stuff, Nike, EastBay and FootAction simply blocks the range of IPs and you and will serve 404 errors.