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About GeoSurf

Geosurf was established in 2009 as the world's first premium proxy network for Enterprises and B2B use cases. Our network is made of 4 different proxy types allowing for the highest success rate in the industry.


Our story


The first ever business proxy network

Geosurf's roots are going way back to 2009 when we first launched our enterprise proxy network allowing business customers to mask their IPs and scrape data at scale


Expansions to residential Ips

A few years later as the tech space evolved, Geosurf expanded its data center network, AKA static IP network, and added another layer of residential IPs proxies, allowing greater scale and improved success rates.


Network expantion

Geosurf's clients can now use 4 network types in one place: Statice IPs, Static Residential IPs, Mobile IPs, and our 3.5 Million Residential IPs network. This unique ability allows us to support any business use case and help our customers to collect publically available data at scale

Residental proxies

Our residential proxy network allows business users to scrape, crawl and collect publically available data from a network of 3.5 million unique residential IPs. This combination of proxy masking & residential IPs allows our customers to collect data at scale without getting blocked.

Static residential IPs

The static residential IPs network allows our customers to get back to the same IP frequently for use cases requiring session and IP persistence.

Geosurf Pro - Brower Extention

Geosurf pro browser extension allows every business user to utilize our proxy network on their browser without the need to write a single line of code.