Posted at December 01, 2017 in Ad Verification

Many people have been talking about ad verification lately. You might have already heard of it since it has become an increasingly popular topic.

However, what is ad verification actually and how can we use it to get the most of it? These are some of the questions that we often hear.

This article thoroughly explains this topic and concepts related to it. Read it to find out all essential information and useful tips about ad verification.


With the incredible but expected expansion of online marketing, it was only a matter of time when things would start getting out of control. The number of ads has been increasing at the speed of light and the amount of money invested in this field is becoming larger and larger.

Therefore, fraudsters have realized that the field of online marketing is a great chance for them to interfere and make money. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to defraud advertisers by faking ad traffic.

They have found many ways to do this, such as creating fake websites and using malware to simulate large human traffic and attract ads to their servers. As a result, numerous ads never even appear before people, let alone target the right audience.

This led to the introduction of ad verification.

Ad verification is a method by which online marketers can ensure that their ads appear on the right webpages at the right time, before the right audience, etc.


A high-quality ad verification service ensures that your ads are placed on relevant, credible websites and that they are shown on competitive pages.

The best way to do this is by using residential IPs. A regular proxy can be recognized by hackers and thus warn them, enabling them to simulate genuine traffic.

On the other hand, a residential IP will go unnoticed, or sneak in through their server, so to say. This is made possible by the fact that your real location will be hidden when you are using a residential IP.

In case your ads are controlled by hackers, they will not be able to see that you are checking your ad traffic.

This will allow you to see where your ads are actually shown and if this corresponds to how you designed your ad placement.

Moreover, since residential IPs allow you to visit any website regardless of its geo-location, this will enable you to see how exactly your ads are shown to people from around the world.

Finally, you will be able to see how your competitors are performing in different countries around the globe since you will browse the web anonymously.


Ad verification is integrated with all aspects associated with digital marketing, such as ad networks, exchanges, SSPs, etc.

When you hire a high-end ad verification company, you will get an all-around service which will ensure that your ads are running smoothly and successfully.

A high-quality ad verification service covers the following aspects:


There are numerous malicious activities that can compromise your ads. Some of them are auto-redirects, phishing, drive-by downloads and of course, malware integrated into the pre-click or post-click.

Detecting and, more importantly, preventing malicious activities can be successfully accomplished by scanning your rotating ad tags.


Lack of ad quality can wear many faces. Data leakage, inadequate privacy protection, problems with creative and advertiser quality, as well as operational issues are only some of them.

Ad quality monitoring and management will make sure that your ad viewers have an engaging, pleasant and most importantly, safe user experience.


Even though the web is one, mobile ads are a world on their own.

Because of their apps, interface, software and many more aspects, mobile devices are particularly vulnerable to many issues, such as MRAID malware, VPAID errors, mobile auto-redirects, auto-downloads, phishing, pop-ups, and so on.

A quality ad verification service will prevent all these from damaging your ads and your potential customers’ experience.


We have answered some basic questions like what is ad verification, but also covered some more advanced topics, such as how ad verification works and the aspects of ad verification.

If you want to target the right audience and get the most out of your campaign, ad verification is the way to go. As experience has shown us, using residential IPs in the process of ad verification is extremely effective.

Hiring a professional team to monitor and manage your ads is of great importance. In fact, this is the most important step in the whole process.

When you hire a professional company, your online ads will be successfully monitored and you will get precise information about them. In addition, your ads and target audience will be safe and protected.

If you want to make sure that your online marketing campaign runs smoothly and successfully, then by all means consider getting a professional ad verification service.