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Posted at November 23, 2017 in Sneaker Proxy

Haven’t you read our new, complete guide for Copping Sneakers With Residential Proxies?

Are you a hard-core fan of limited-series shoes? You want to be one of only ten people in the US that have a certain pair of shoes? Or perhaps you own a shoe retail store and want to offer your customers rare and high-quality sneakers that will keep them coming back to buy shoes from you?

This article is the final part (so far) of the Shoe Proxy Trilogy, which covers bots, servers and best proxies for sneakers. Before reading it, we recommend that you read Part 1: Supreme Proxy Meaning and Part 2: Proxies for Bots.

It is only by reading all three articles that you will get fully acquainted with all of the necessary steps for purchasing limited-series products online, such as Supreme and Yeezy sneakers.

So, if you have read the previous two articles, feel free to dive into this one to complete the knowledge necessary to obtain the best sneaker proxy.


If you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of the Shoe Proxy Trilogy, you already know that purchasing shoes online is not a piece of cake. Due to the fierce competition, you will have to be fully equipped in order to get those limited-edition sneakers.

Here is what you will need if you want to be successful in this attempt:


The first thing that you will need is a fast and reliable bot. If you go to a footwear website and want to make an online purchase manually, it is highly likely that your desired shoes will be sold out even before you add them to the cart. The reason for this lies in the fact that many people don’t do online shopping manually.

Instead, a bot shops for them by automating their purchase. In addition, it is much faster than a human and it will do the complete process for you – from entering the website to checking out. One of these bots is an AIO (all in one) bot, which can be a very powerful tool in this situation. Here’s another bot (NikeShoeBot).


We suppose that most of you already know this, but we simply feel that the importance of the best sneaker proxy can’t be overstated.

Even though you might have a perfect bot, it is practically useless without reliable proxies. If you use one IP, you will most likely be able to have only one valid account on the footwear website. If you try to do otherwise and make multiple purchases through a single IP, the website will simply block your IP, thus preventing you from getting those sneakers.

On the other hand, if you buy the best proxies for Supreme shoes, for example, you will get numerous IPs. This way, you will easily control multiple accounts and enable your bot to get many pairs of shoes for you in no time.

There are numerous types of these proxies, but our recommendation is to acquire the best Yeezy proxies and thus ensure that everything in this process goes perfectly well. On the other hand, if you prefer Supreme shoes, then we advise you to get the best proxies for Supreme.

As you can see, a reliable bot and the best proxies for sneakers are simply necessary for all of you who want to obtain popular sneakers. However, there is still one more thing that is missing from the puzzle – a server.


So, a bot automates the purchase and a proxy enables the bot to do this through multiple IPs. But what does a server do?

A server is a device that improves connection speed by reducing latency between you and your target website. In this situation, Yeezy servers will ensure that all parts of the previously described process, including both the bot and the proxy, run smoothly. Also, they work perfectly with the best Yeezy proxies because they were created specifically for this purpose.

In addition, a server can come in handy when you want to buy shoes but you’re not in your office or at home. By using a mobile app, you can connect to your server and be able to keep track of what’s happening regarding your desired shoes.

Servers are generally affordable and user-friendly, so there is no need to refrain from getting the best Yeezy servers as soon as possible. When you do this, you will have all the equipment you need.

Another very important tip is to test your little army of online shopping devices. How can you do this? Prior to the launch day itself, try running your bot, proxy and server. Just buy anything online to check how they work together. This can be very useful, especially in case there is something wrong with them, so you will be able to fix this before the real deal comes your way.

It is neither only the bot, the proxy nor the server that is enough to get out there and claim those limited-edition sneakers. Only by combining all three of them can you have guaranteed success when purchasing footwear that is coveted by so many people.