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How to Get Bots

Nowadays, people rarely buy limited-edition shoes at local retail stores. They prefer to buy sneakers online and this happens for two reasons. 

The first is that the shoes might not even arrive at their local store. Instead, all the pairs will be sold online as soon as the sneakers are released.

The second reason is that even if the sneakers arrive at their local store, people will fight over them. So, after all, this is not such a safe option. Remember Black Friday? Anyone?

If you want to circumvent these obstacles, you should buy shoes online. But in order to do this successfully, you need to have a high-quality bot and proxies. To get better acquainted with this entire concept, read our previous articles on this topic: Supreme Proxy Meaning and Buy Proxies for AIO Bots.

This article explains how to buy bots for shoes and other necessary details that will help you get those shoes.

How to Get Bots for Shoes

There are various bots out there, ranging from online browser extensions to stand-alone software applications. 

But you can’t just buy the first bot you find online. They differ from each other and some of them are created to cop a specific shoe model or brand. 

You should choose a bot according to your particular needs and requirements.

It is important to note that some bots might not work on Mac OS. In some cases, there is an easy solution to this issue ‒ install Parallels on your Mac and you will be able to use your bot just as effectively as on Windows.

However, you should check this before you actually purchase the bot.

If you want to know how to get bots to buy shoes, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of the company that sells it (AIO bot, Supercop bot, ForceCop, etc.) 
  • Depending on the website, you will find one or many different bots. Clicking on one of them will take you to the sales page where you can see its specific features.
  • If you think that the bot is worth your money, buy it.

It’s that simple.

It is best to get a bot a couple of days before the official release of the sneakers you’re after. This way, you will have some time to set up the bot and get used to using it.

How to Get Bots for Supreme

In order to explain how to get bots for shoes in even more detail, we will use the example of Supercop, which creates high-quality bots for Supreme shoes.

  • Go to Supercop website and select the bot you want. There are many types of bots on their website, so you might want to read more about each of them before actually buying one.
  • Let’s say that you like Sneakercop bot. Click on it to read about it and see its price. 
  • Then, if you like the bot and agree with the terms, buy it.

Now you know how to get a bot for Supreme shoes. But make sure you do it as soon as possible. After all, those shoes are not going to wait forever.

How to Use Supercopbot

Using bots is not as easy as buying them. But fear not. It is not too complicated either.

You need to know certain things in order to use bots effectively:

  • When you have bought a bot, you will receive a secondary email to create a password. You will use it to log into the dashboard.
  • When you log in, click on the product name. This will take you to Chrome store.
  • Click on the install button to install the bot.
  • When the bot is installed, log in and start using it.

There are some additional things that you will also need to know, such as information about updating, changing network, running multiple instances, etc.

To read the complete guide, see Supercop Install page.

How to Use AIO Bot

Here is how to use AIO bot:

  • After you have purchased the bot from the AIO website, download and install it.
  • Choose the site that you want to cop the shoes from.
  • Choose the sneakers you want, including model, color and size.
  • Set up your bot. You will get the instructions from the AIO team for each release.

After you have set up your bot, you can sit back and wait for it to successfully get those shoes that you have been dreaming of for such a long time.

Do I Need Anything Else?

Even though bots are very powerful devices, sometimes they might not be enough.

If you want to cop numerous pairs of shoes, you will also need proxies. Let’s say that you want to buy five pairs of sneakers. Footwear websites will allow you to get only one pair per one IP address. 

This means that you will need five residential IPs. A high-quality residential proxy will mask your IP and be recognized as your own IP, thus helping you get limited-edition sneakers easily.

You can read more about what else you need to buy limited-edition shoes in our article Best Shoe Proxies.


Proxy Pool

Even though the Internet should be the epitome of freedom and democracy, we often come across certain limits that can be rather frustrating.

This especially rings a bell with all those who use the Internet for business, spending all their working hours online trying to improve their company’s operations. 

For example, if you are an SEO expert, it is very unlikely that you can keep everything ‘clean’ by not circumventing some of the limits that the web imposes. 

When you want to analyze your competition, your activity can become suspicious very soon if your IP is recognized by the competitor’s website server. The same goes for web scraping, data mining and other similar tasks which entail the methods in the ‘gray area’ of the web. 

However, it is no secret that these methods are being used by more and more people. Therefore, you shouldn’t refrain from doing them. Instead, you need to find a solution that helps you to successfully do what you want.

In this case, one of the solutions that might help you is to start using a proxy pool.

What Is a Proxy Pool?

A proxy pool manages a large set of proxies. In other words, it is a system that controls the quality of proxies and decides which IPs are going to be included in a set of proxies used by someone.

Using a proxy pool is extremely useful if you spend a lot of time doing some of the aforementioned tasks (e.g. SEO, data mining). More often than not, it is not safe to make all requests from a single residential IP because you can get banned quickly.

Therefore, you need to have a set of proxies which will always keep your IP hidden. In addition, they will rotate quickly enough so that the target website server doesn’t have enough time to recognize any of them as suspicious.

However, you need to have a proxy pool ready before you begin doing your task. This lets you concentrate on what you are doing instead of worrying if and when you are going to get banned by the server.

There are two ways to get your own proxy server: write it in a programming language or get it from a proxy provider.

How to Write a Proxy Server in Python

Now, we’re not going to list the exact codes that you need to write in order to make your own proxy pool server. Instead, we will explain how the process works in theory.

  • First, you need to install a request module and execute a simple GET request. After that, you add parameters.
  • Search the web to get a high-quality proxy.
  • Set up the proxy to make requests on its behalf. The proxy may require authentication so that it is used only by those who use the pool.
  • Finally, you need to randomize your user agent. For this, you just need to use a string named a ‘user agent’ which is included in the HTTP request.

For experienced programmers, this might have been a piece of cake even if we had included the codes. However, if you have no background in programming, all this probably seems way too complicated as we explained it.

There are a lot of details to pay attention to, like different values, colons, and so on. As it usually happens with programming, even the smallest mistake can lead you to an unsatisfying result. 

What you can do, if you avoid frustration, is to look back at each of the steps to find what exactly went wrong or start all over again.

But all this makes sense only if you have experience in programming. If not, we have probably lost you a couple of times by now.

Proxy Pool Service

As you can see, it is rather complicated to write a reliable proxy pool server using a programming language such as Python. The process requires high programming expertise and a lot of patience. 

But even if you have both the knowledge and time to invest, you might still not be able to write the pool exactly as you would like it to be.

Therefore, you might want to look for the solution elsewhere. There are numerous proxy pool service providers that you can easily find online. However, you need to be extremely careful when choosing the provider. If your business depends on the quality of proxies, you shouldn’t put your trust in everyone.

GeoSurf is a widely acclaimed proxy provider. We boast 2 million residential IPs in more than 130 countries around the globe. Our proxies are high-quality, reliable and secure.

We offer private dedicated proxies that will take you wherever you want to go and enable you to do whatever you want to do. Our proxy pools contain rotating residential proxies which are exactly what your business needs.

If you want to get your proxies and stop worrying about the complicated writing process, contact GeoSurf today.

Ilustration of the world wide web

A Proxy Server Is Used For

As proxy servers are becoming more and more popular, there is an increasing number of people wondering about their purpose. 

“A proxy server is used for which of the following: web surfing, domain hosting, or some other purpose?”

A long time ago, to better describe the concept of a proxy server in our article, we told a story. It was about a lawyer representing a person in court in order for the person to appear more legitimate before the judge. We said that if you want to enjoy all benefits of a fair legal process, your best bet is to be represented by an expert who knows how things should be done.

Likewise, if you want to appear strong and legit in the cyber world, you need to use a proxy server, especially if you use the Internet for business purposes.

Why Should I Use Proxy Servers?

As you probably know, a proxy server is a machine that hides your real IP address and acts as your new point of entry to the web.

And if you have been wondering when you need a proxy, you probably want to know the reasons why you should use it.

Here is why you want to use proxy servers:


As we have already said, the main reason why people use proxies is to hide their IP addresses. If you don’t want your target website server to detect that your request is coming from your IP, using a proxy is the best thing you can do.


Using dedicated proxies is more secure than using your own server. They are specifically designed to block malicious activities and act as a shield for the person using it.


Furthermore, a proxy server is faster than your current server. If you need to complete a certain activity in a short time, you definitely want to use one of these superfast machines.


When you are browsing and just about to make an important transaction, the last thing you want to happen is that your Internet connection breaks. Proxies provide a stable connection, enabling you to surf the web and be completely carefree about the quality of the connection.

A Proxy Server Is Used for Which of the Following?

Now that you know the reasons why people use proxies, we will mention some activities when they are simply irreplaceable.


If you are an SEO expert, you know how time-consuming competition analysis can be. But you also know that your competitor’s website server can block you if you stay there for too long. 

In this case, a proxy can mask your IP and let you find out everything you need to know. That is why many SEO engineers use proxies ‒ to do their job freely and successfully.

Data Mining

Everybody who deals with data mining knows that it is a complicated process. Just like SEO, it takes time and effort, and it is absolutely crucial that you don’t have to worry about getting blocked.

To avoid this, you can use proxies and gather patterns of data to your heart’s content.


If you cannot access a U.S. website from your country, this is a result of geoblocking. The website server can recognize where the request is coming from and consequently block it.

To circumvent this issue, you can connect to a proxy server located in the same country as your target website server. This way, you can access any website you want.

Email Validation

It’s pretty self explanatory but still worth mentioning. Companies who run some email validation services normally take unprecedented amounts of money just to validate email of potential prospects. Email validation is the simple process of ‘pinging’ an email address to verify it is actually working.


Now, this is a special thing. The use of bots for various purposes has become increasingly popular. People use them to buy sneakers, manage Instagram profiles, etc.

Bots are automated tools that can make a lot of requests in a short time. Therefore, servers can recognize them as robots (which they are) and block their access. 

In this case, people use rotating proxies. They rotate in intervals or with each new request, so neither of them remains active long enough to be recognized as suspicious.

As you can see, people use proxies for daily online activities, business tasks and many more things. As the matter of fact, some even use it for law-breaking activities. 

However, even though proxy servers can be used for illegal purposes too, we highly recommend you not to do this.

GeoSurf Proxies

Now that you know why and when to use proxy servers, you should also know where to get them. This is much more important than you think. There are so many proxy providers who offer low-quality proxies, which is why you need to be careful and do your research thoroughly.

GeoSurf is the leading proxy provider. We are proud to offer more than 2 million IPs in more than 130 countries over the world.

Our proxies are reliable, fast and secure. No matter why you need to use them, they will enable you to do all your tasks safely, quickly and successfully.


Map with location icon on top of it

Search Engine Localization – SEO Industry (Part 1)

When I just started my marketing career I read tons of information about the term “localization”. The more I read the more questions I had. Questions like what does it mean? Why it’s so important, what you actually should do when planning to localize your product / service? and what exactly do you benefit from it?

To help answer all those questions, GeoSurf analyzed, sorted, screenshotted and published this highly informative content only to get things straight when it comes to localization.

It’s important to state that All data and screenshots gathered in a 2 weeks period but every comparison you see was made on the same day and within 1 hour, providing true insights as they occur on different SERPs around the globe.

What is Search Engine Localization?

A fancy word describing the act of checking what your competitors doing, finding new markets with new opportunities and adjusting your strategy accordingly on every possible geographical location (Geo).

In more depth, search engine localization refers to the practice of utilizing new local markets around the world, creating specific content to those different localities to your business benefit. This practice should result in more users (quantity and quality) to your website and more conversions (i.e. more money which is always good).

Localization can be broken down by many aspects and I’ll cover only country-level localization and city-level localization on the conceptual level.

Country-Level Localization:

Let’s learn (amp) by example shall we?

Knowledge Graph - KW moz Austria proxy
Knowledge Graph - KW moz US proxy
Knowledge Graph - KW moz UK proxy

In the example above, I entered Google and typed in “moz” as the search query (02/04/2018). I used GeoSurf’s residential proxies to transfer my physical location to Austria, US and eventually UK. What immediately jumps out of the screenshots is the fact UK and Austria’s Google SERPs are identical when it comes to the knowledge graph.

Did you notice how Alexa and Search Engine Land aren’t active participants in US SERPs? Why is this happening anyway? I’m sure that Screaming Frog and WordStream can enjoy European traffic as well – but they prefer to ignore that, or do they?

The next screenshot shows the main part of the same exact SERPs. SE Ranking and SEMrush are bidding on the keyword “moz” and the first even included “MOZ-alternative” in their AdWords campaign:

SERP - KW moz Austria proxy
SERP - KW moz US proxy
SERP - KW moz UK proxy

This is exactly “Search Engine Localization”. You see, whenever you perform a query on Google, it wants to provide you with the most relevant data. Localized data is just a part of what “relevant” is.

The interesting part starts when we search an un-branded query. Let’s do just that with “SEO”.

SERP - KW SEO Austria proxy
SERP - KW SEO US proxy
SERP - KW SEO UK proxy

With the above query, we see major differences in SERPs.

First off, the amount of paid results in UK is way greater than the amount of paid results in US and Austria combined. Perhaps the time differences can explain this issue because no way someone will pass the US market, especially in the SEO industry.

Second, even though MOZ still dominates the markets overall, smaller businesses have an opportunity especially in Austria and UK since Wikipedia articles can be outranked if you’re super relevant to the semantic meaning of the provided query (LSI of “SEO”).

Semantic meaning or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is Google’s own ranking system that categorizes search terms by mutual semantic meaning. For example, “indian pasta recipes” will be closely related to the query “how to prepare pasta at home” and Google will choose to rank the same websites in pretty much the same order on both queries. Check it out yourself and tell us what you found.

Third, let’s look only at the “People also ask” box. Can you spot the major semantic difference? Hint: ‘I’ vs. ‘You’.

In UK, where people used to talk in English all their life, when they search for SEO relevant queries they do it with ‘you’ as opposed to the more dominant (and selling!) writing style we see all across the internet of ‘I’.

‘How do I do SEO for my website’ is semantically equal to the phrase ‘What SEO can do for your business’ because both queries, 1 for each geo-location, will return similar results about optimizing your website or business, which are the same in this industry, with SEO techniques.

OK, we’ve got it going on. Semantic differences helps me (you or everybody) localize their products online – what’s next?

Language localization:

Same as translating a book or watching a foreign movie with English subtitles – business owners with a basic website and an aspiring international product can translate their service to different languages.

In general, you could say that localizing a product by country is basically dividing your product or web service into pieces that each piece is fully customized for a specific market in a specific country. The customization is done by translating your website, semantically proof your content to fit the market and spy on your competition to gain insights on this market specifications in order to get ranked above them eventually.

City-Level Localization:

But language is easy right? Let’s dive deeper and break down the US market by City level. I queried Google for ‘Pizza’:

SERP - KW Pizza Brooklyn proxy
SERP - KW Pizza Buffalo proxy
SERP - KW Pizza Rochester proxy

We immediately see different results as we expected. For Google, the Pizza places that are most relevant for the user are the Pizzas right next to him / her. It’s logical when we deal with a physical business that can’t grow to other cities without actually building another Pizza place in another city.

With digital businesses it’s different.

First, the people who run a local digital business keeps forgetting they can localise their business to lots of other relevant cities or even countries. Second, it’s cost nothing (or close to nothing) to expand your digital business to other geographical locations so.. Why not?

In the SEO industry, most experts working toward full localization of their business. That said, I want to focus on a longer or more specified search term – also called ‘long-tail keyword’.

In the same exact cities (Brooklyn, Buffalo and Rochester) we conducted a Google search with ‘what is seo and how it works’ as the long-tail KW. This is what we found:

SERP- KW what is seo and how it works Brooklyn proxy
SERP- KW what is seo and how it works Buffalo proxy
SERP- KW what is seo and how it works Rochester proxy

Keyword difficulty:

KW City # of results (difficulty)
What is SEO and how it works Brooklyn 2,220,000
Buffalo 8,320,000
Rochester 82,000,000

Did you notice that the first result (and result #0) belongs to Shopify? How come an E-commerce website outrank other, well established, SEO agencies? Is it well optimized content for the specific query? Links?

Maybe all together and just MAYBE…. SEO agencies don’t convert on this term while E-commerce sellers do. Which mean SEOers don’t have anything to do with this term so it’s not worth ranking.

Besides the fact it’s ultra-hard to rank on Rochester’s SERPs with a whopping 82M results (!!) domain successfully manage to seize 2 out of 3 localized SERPs on the 4th position. Alejandrorioja got outranked in Brooklyn by

Why it happened can be always reverse-engineered and be of assistant when trying to mimic the exact same marketing efforts or even outrank them.

When dealing with city-level localization the semantic meaning and competitors analysis are way more important in most cases but you have to remember – some countries around the world have more than 1 national language and sometimes the strategies used at the country-level can help your city-level localization.

The point is – you can have full control over Google SERPs when it comes to queries relevant to your business. First you analyse, then you make conclusions which are the base for all future strategies. This is why a good proxy, one without IP leakage from real residential IPs is of the essence.

Make marketing decisions that counts! Get GeoSurf Real Residential IPs Proxy Network today.

Loved the article? Have something else to contribute? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Instagram app on a mobile phone screen

Proxy for Instagram Bot

Social media platforms have brought about so many changes in our lives. Nowadays, social validation is mostly exercised through apps. That is why everyone is constantly looking at their smartphones, liking, following, sharing and commenting.

It is more than obvious that everybody wants their piece of fame, and for this purpose, they use various means on social media apps. If you only have a personal Instagram profile, you might find posting photos, liking and following rather fun. But if you run a business, you know how important it is to be constantly present on social media, and this is where many people face a challenge.

Doing everything on your own and reaching a large number of organic followers is time-consuming and tedious to the extent that you simply can’t keep up with it. That is why more and more people are turning to Instagram bot services.

This article explains the concept of IG bot, how you can benefit from it and whether you should use it or not.

What is an Instagram Bot?

An Instagram bot is an automation tool that enables to automate your Instagram tasks.

It allows you to automatically like, follow, leave comments, and so on. Once you set up a bot, you can relax and let it do its thing. This can be rather useful for all of you who have a business to manage and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to social media.

If you use this tool wisely, it can help you buy Instagram engagement and build your brand in no time.

How Does It Work?

Basically, Instagram bots do everything that you would do, but on a larger and incomparably faster scale.

Once the bot is set up, it will automatically start following users who post popular photos – engaging them to provoke a reciprocal follow. In addition, it will search the platform for hashtags that are similar to yours and like the pictures that include them.

Of course, you can choose how you want your bot to behave so that it acts in accordance with your goals. When you start using an IG bot, it will practically “buy” Instagram users for you and help you become more popular.

Finally, this tool can be very helpful if you want to buy Instagram verification. However, you need to make sure that you have enough followers and your profile activity looks natural before getting verified so that it doesn’t look suspicious.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Bots

Even though Instagram bots can help you build presence and buy Instagram accounts, you should be aware of all its features, both positive and negative.


  • As already stated, this tool can help you increase the number of followers, likes, and IG community in general.
  • It also facilitates your communication with Instagram community as it basically allows you to buy Instagram engagement.
  • It saves you time. Since everything is automated, it leaves you enough time to do other business tasks.


  • Even though a bot can help you buy Instagram accounts, it cannot provide genuine engagement. This happens because a bot likes and comments generically, without personalizing communication.
  • It can also get you in awkward situations. For example, if a bot recognizes a certain hashtag in a post, it may post a comment which is inappropriate for the specific photo. So, beware of the comments you choose when setting up the bot.
  • If your bot follows thousands of people, you will end up with a messed-up feed that will start to frustrate you very soon.
  • ‘You must not access Instagram private API by means other than those permitted by Instagram.’ Therefore, using an Instagram bot is a direct violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Proxy for Instagram Bot

This article briefly explained all you need to know about Instagram bots. Make sure that you weigh all the advantages and disadvantages carefully before you decide whether you want to use them.

If you think that your business will benefit from using an Instagram bot, then go for it.

But there is a catch. If you thought that it is enough to use a bot, think twice. What would happen if the Instagram server recognized that you were using a bot? Exactly, it would ban your account.

The thing with automated tools is that they make a lot of requests in a short time, so the IG server can recognize they were not made by a human. Therefore, you need to ensure that you make requests from various IPs.

To hide your real IP and remain anonymous, you need a proxy for Instagram bot. This useful tool will disguise your own IP and connect you to IPs across the world, thus making sure you don’t get banned. 

Moreover, if you are a marketer, you probably manage a number of IG accounts from a single IP. This can also raise suspicion and get your account banned.

GeoSurf can solve all of these problems. We offer 2 million high-quality residential IPs located in 130 countries worldwide. To get a proxy for Instagram bot, contact us today.


India Proxy

If you live in India and want to access global content on the web, you have probably encountered certain issues. For example, you cannot watch all the Netflix shows that your American peers can. Or if you are a sports fan, you can’t access Bleacher Report for the latest sports news.

Likewise, if you are surfing from another country, you might not be able to enter some Indian websites. This is an extremely rare case, but it happens from time to time. So, when something like that happens, you just sit back in your office chair and have no clue what to do.

Well, isn’t that just frustrating?

But don’t despair, for not everything is lost. There is a way to overcome such a situation. To circumvent this annoying issue, you will need India proxy servers. With them, you will be able to access any website regardless of whether you surf from India or outside of it.

What Is India Proxy Server?

An India proxy server is a server that allows you to browse the web from India just as if you were surfing from the country where your target website is located. But how is this possible?

For the newer readers (THANKS FOR THE LOVE YA’ll !!) click to learn what is a proxy server.

Actually, it is quite simple. You know that Internet censorship is a pretty big issue in India. Apart from that, some websites like Netflix don’t show the same content to all their subscribers across the world. In both situations, it is geoblocking that prevents people from accessing their desired content.

In other words, when a website server recognizes that your request is coming from a certain location, it can deny you access based on your geographical location. This usually happens to people trying to enter U.S. websites from developing countries, one of them being India.

A lot of people have tried to solve this problem by using VPNs. However, there are some cases when virtual private networks just won’t do the job. One of the websites that can detect VPNs is Netflix, thanks to its extremely sensitive detection system. But there are ways to surmount this obstacle as well.

To overcome this frustrating situation, you should use India proxy servers. These are servers with IP addresses located in other countries which enable you to surf as if you were their resident. For example, if you connect to an IP located in the US, you will be able to watch all Netflix shows that your American peers get to watch every day.

Similarly, if you need to access an Indian website from another location, you can do it by connecting to a residential proxy located in India.

You can think of this as of India proxy VPN, but an advanced version of it. Through a proxy network located in another country, you can easily and unnoticeably get to the online content that you have wanted to see for so long.

All in all, it is a very simple way to avoid the obstacles that the Internet puts before you.

India Proxy Sites

Now, there are different kinds of proxies that you can use. There are public and private proxies, and you need to know that they differ considerably.

First, public proxies are free. But that is pretty much where their benefits stop. They are also slower, less secure and less reliable than private proxies.

On the other hand, when you get private proxies, you will enjoy a much more stable, faster and secure connection.

There are numerous India proxy sites offering residential IPs that can help you surf the web without limitations.

One such India proxy website is GeoSurf. At the moment, our clients are using more than 2 million residential IPs in 130 countries across the globe. Our main concern is to offer people proxies which are fast, reliable and secure.

And judging by our clients’ reactions, we do it successfully. People from all around the world use our proxies, including India. No matter where you live, our proxies are always there for you.

India Proxy Browser

Using our residential IPs to surf from India or access a website located in India is a great thing in and of itself. But if you want to take your experience one level up, we want to share something else with you.

With the aim to make proxy-based surfing more convenient, we have recently developed GeoSurf Toolbar. This proxy extension enables you to change the location of the residential IPs you want to use from your beloved Chrome or FireFox browsers. So, if you want to enter a U.S. website now and a U.K. website in five minutes from now, you can do it very easily.

It also enables you to switch between static and residential IPs by using a switch command. In addition, you have options to change rotation time, clear cookies and cache, take full-page screenshots and switch to different devices.

This India proxy browser will make your proxy experience unforgettable. Try GeoSurf residential IPs and Toolbar today.


The word update on red background

Product Update from 10/04/2018 | Residential Proxy Network

We are excited to let you know about a major improvement made to the GeoSurf Residential Gateway system.

So, let’s start!

State Gateway which supports all US states and Session persistence by headers!

We added a brand-new Residential IP Gateway that allows you to choose State’s IPs. This service is available for all 50 US states and Washington DC.

How does it work?

  • Authentication – The authentication is done in the same way as all other gateways, so, if your IP is white-listed in our system you can start using the State gateway immediately.
  • State selection – The State gateway allows you to choose from all states using “loc” proxy header.
  • Session persistence – The state gateway allows you to maintain session persistence and open multiple session using the “X-Session” proxy header.
  • Limits – Like all other GSR services you have unlimited number of requests/sessions or connections and unlimited concurrent connections.
  • Gateway domain –

What is the benefit of using Proxy headers?

Using proxy headers breaks us free from the limits forced by fixed gateway:port combinations and allows you to choose the session persistence interval and have multiple locations in the same gateway:

Session Persistence:

  • If you keep sending requests to the same session number, you can maintain the same IP for any amount of time.
  • If no request is sent to the same session number for more than 60 seconds, the connection will drop.

Multiple Locations in the same gateway:

  • Choosing the location is more intuitive, simple select the location using country and state ISO abbreviations and place it into “loc” proxy headers, for example, “loc: US-NY” for New York, USA.

How much does it cost?

No Extra cost – We invite you to use, for the beta period (Until May 1st), the city gateway at the same rate as all other gateways.

From May 1st we will have to charge for the city level IP a premium fee that will be disclosed during April.

How can I get started?

Select the required State and Session number, place them within the right headers and you are all set. More information can be found in our integration guide.

Unlike all GSR gateways, this gateway uses only a single access port “8000”

How can I send a request using the State gateway?

Here’s a simple CURL example using an IP from New York, USA:

curl -x --proxy-header "loc: US-NY" --proxy-header "X-session: 12345-12345”

The word update on red background

Product Update from 21/03/18 | Residential Proxy Network

It’s been only couple of weeks since our last update, and we are excited to share that we managed to squeeze in some cool new features for this update.

So, let’s start!

City Gateway (Beta) – You asked for it, you got it!

We added a brand-new Residential IP Gateway that allows you to choose City’s IP’s. This service is currently available for all major US cities and we will continue to add more and more cities in the near future.

How does it work?

Authentication – The authentication is done in the same way as all other gateways, so, If your IP is white-listed in our system you can start using the City gateway immediately.

City selection – The city gateway allows you to choose from 100 US cities, each city has its own port range.

Limits – Like all other GSR services you have unlimited number of requests/sessions or connections; concurrent connections are limited to 20 per machine IP.

Gateway domain –

How much does it cost?

No Extra cost – We invite you to use, for the beta period (Until May 1st), the city gateway at the same rate as all other gateways.

From May 1st we will have to charge for the city level IP a premium fee that will be disclosed during April.

How can I get started?

Select the required City from the available Cities list in our integration guide, select the port and you are all set.\

Like all GSR services, you can also fetch the port ranges using GeoSurf’s API:


How can I send a request using the City gateway?

Here’s a simple CURL example using an IP from Miami, Florida:


Egyptian domain eg illustration

Egypt – What’s Going On With Their Internet?

In its core, the Internet is an embodiment of democracy. Forums, discussions, blogs, Wikipedia… All these present a corpus of invaluable information that can make a difference between educated and uneducated people.

We are only a few clicks away from the information on every single thing that has ever existed in the history of human civilization. And if we consider this aspect only, the Internet absolutely respects the basic human right to be informed and promotes freedom of speech.

But does it really? Is everything the way it seems to be? Well, of course not.

Country IP Blocks

Even in the western democratic countries, there is a lot of overt Internet censorship and who knows how much more important information is hidden from us covertly.

And this happens in countries like the USA or the UK. The situation in some developing countries is even worse, as their residents are often forbidden from accessing otherwise globally available content.

This is a direct consequence of geoblocking, which is a way of denying access to Internet users from certain locations. This can happen when a website prevents people from other countries from accessing its content. For example, a website located in the US can easily deny access to someone from Egypt or another developing country when it recognizes where their request is coming from.

In addition, some countries prevent their own residents from accessing certain content due to the Internet censorship. So basically, your country of residence doesn’t allow you to see the content on some websites.

Some services like Country IP Blocks enable you to detect the request and allow it or deny it depending on the country it is coming from.

Whatever the reason, as an Internet user, you can’t get to the content you need. If you live in one of the developing countries, for example, Egypt, you will have a lot of trouble surfing the web. As the matter of fact, if you use only your own server, you don’t stand any chance to browse freely.

IPs Egypt

The Internet in Egypt is much better than it used to be several years ago. There is much more freedom and today the majority of the population has Internet access.

When it comes to Internet service providers (ISPs), everything boils down to one name ‒ TE Data. This is a company that controls between 65% and 70% of the Internet connections in Egypt, the other two major ones being Vodafone and Etisalat. All in all, TE Data has incredible power when it comes to controlling the information and knowledge that people acquire.

And even though the situation is significantly better than it used to be, the censorship in Egypt is still more than obvious. As of June 2017, the Egyptian government has blocked more than 60 websites, 48 of them being online news websites. This says enough about the still ongoing Internet censorship in this country.

Basically, if your IP is located in Egypt, you won’t be able to access numerous websites and thus will remain deprived of some information that in some cases can turn out to be essential.

However, there is a way to mask your Egyptian IP very easily. You can do this even today with residential IPs.

Residential IPs

But to know how you can do it, first you have to know what residential IPs are. 

Residential IPs are IP addresses located in residential areas all around the world. They are a legitimate way to access the Internet from another location and thus have success in entering your target website.

In a nutshell, when you connect to a proxy that has residential IPs in the USA, you are able to browse the web just as if you were located in an American neighborhood. So, what a residential IP basically does is mask your own IP and let you surf the Internet without any limitations.

When choosing residential IPs, you want to make sure that you are getting the best ones. Public proxies are definitely what you don’t want to use, at least not for a long time, since they are slow, shared and unreliable. The only good thing about them is that they are free.

On the other hand, when you get private dedicated proxies, you will have the best browsing experience in the world. Private proxies provide a stable, fast, secure and reliable connection.

If you need residential IPs for Egypt, GeoSurf is here for you. We operate worldwide with 2 million residential IPs in as many as 130 countries in all hemispheres.

Our proxies are super-fast, secure and reliable. Wherever you are located, they provide you with a first-rate browsing experience. With our proxies, you will be able to access all the websites you want today and stay informed about everything that happens in the world.

Try residential IPs for Egypt. Call GeoSurf today.


The word update on red background

Product Update from 05/03/18 | GeoSurf Residential

What is new with the Geosurf Residential Network?

  • We added 10 more sticky IPs gateways in the countries listed below:


Gateway Domain

10 min

1 min

30 min

United Arab Emirates

8228 – 18228

18229 – 28229

28230 – 38228


8174 – 18174

18175 – 28175

28176 – 38174


8222 – 18222

18223 – 28223

28224 – 38222


8213 – 18213

18214 – 28214

28215 – 38213

Hong Kong

8096 – 18096

18097 – 28097

28098 – 38096


8133 – 18133

18134 – 28134

28135 – 38133


8237 – 18237

18238 – 28238

28239 – 38239

Saudi Arebia

8190 – 18190

18191 – 28191

28192 – 38192

United Arab Emirates

8228 – 18228

18229 – 28229

28230 – 38228

South Korea

8116 – 18116

18117 – 28117

28118 – 38118


8101 – 18101

18102 – 28102

28103 – 38103

 Get a full list of the sticky gateways currently available:${EMAIL}/${PASS}


  • We added new global gateways with Random IP selection – Each request you make will go through a different IP randomly selected from our entire Residential IPs pool
    • Gateway Domain: “”
    • Gateway Port: 8080
    • Request example: curl -x

GeoSurf’s  IP location tool is now available!

We just released the first version of our IP location tool, you can now get location information on any IP in JSON format.

The IP location tool is available in the following URL :  https:/

You can add filters to your requests to only return specific information:

/Country à Results will include the IP address & IP’s country

/City à Results will include the IP address , IP’s country, IP’s state & IP’s City

/my ip à Result will only include the IP address

/<ip_address> à Result will include the following parameters: IP address ,Country, City, Location (coordinates), Zip Code, ISP,ASN, Organization & State