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Data Mining With Proxy

At the present, there are a lot of ‘mining’ processes that people talk about. However, all of them differ from each other in some ways. For example, cryptocurrency mining is highly popular, so you might think that data mining is similar to it. But if you do think that, you are wrong. 

Data mining process consists of analyzing large sets of data in order to discover patterns in them. This is a computing process that enables a user to extract the information and transform it into a clear structure for future use.

In essence, the whole process can be divided into three stages. 

You start with data exploration. In this stage, you gather data to choose and prepare a relevant sort and range of data for your purpose.

Next stage is model building. After you have considered various data models and patterns, you build one that will work best for your goals.

Finally, you apply this model to new data so as to generate outcome predictions and estimates.

Data Mining Techniques

There are numerous data mining techniques that you can use. However, some of them will only leave you second-guessing what the pattern actually is and how to use it.

On the other hand, there are some killer techniques that we are going to mention.

Classification analysis

You want to use this technique to categorize data in different classes. Applying already existing or newly invented algorithms to determine how to classify new data is frequently used in classification analysis.

Anomaly detection

If there is a data item that does not really match an expected pattern, a logical thing would be to take a closer look at it, right?

Anomalies are also called outliers, deviations, noise, exceptions and novelties, so you may find ‘outlier detection’ phrase online, as well as other combinations.

Anomalies can provide extremely useful information and help you detect the real cause behind them. If your job is to monitor a network, you can easily detect a flaw in the system by detecting and analyzing the anomaly.

Clustering analysis

If you are an expert at customer profiling, you know how important this method is.

It allows you to group similar items, objects or people in the same category. Logically, you will have categories containing members with a high level of association, while members of different categories will bear little similarity between each other.

There are many more data mining examples but these are some of the most efficient ones.


Data Mining with Proxies

Now we come to the true goal of this article, which is to introduce you to how you can get better and more successful at data mining when you use a proxy server.

Stable connection

ELKI, GATE, KNIME, MEPX… Whichever data mining software you use, you know that a data mining process can take considerable time. Picture yourself nearing the end of your process when your connection suddenly breaks and all your work is wasted.

This can happen because your own server provides unreliable connection. You simply must have a great connection for all steps of data mining, regardless of the technique you are using. 

This is exactly where a reliable proxy will come in handy.

Hiding your IP address

In addition, for the same reason (the time-consuming process), you can easily get banned by your target website server. After some time and a lot of operations, any server will start getting suspicious toward your activities.

Another problem with your existing server is that it might be blocked by some websites because of its location. 

When you get a residential backconnect proxy, you will solve these problems in the blink of an eye. It will hide your IP address and replace it with a pool of rotating residential proxies, thus making you invisible to your target website server.

Also, you will get access to a set of proxy servers located worldwide, which will help you bridge the location gap easily. With them, you will be warmly welcomed by all websites, whether their server is in the US or Madagascar.


Even when you just google something, you are in danger of various malicious cyber activities. This danger greatly increases when you use your computer for data mining or similar advanced processes.

By now, you can guess that your existing server is simply not secure enough. You definitely don’t want to put yourself in a vulnerable position while in the middle of a data mining process.

Therefore, your best bet is to get that backconnect proxy as soon as you can. It will provide you with all necessary conditions for smooth and successful data mining.


Data mining process is complex in and of itself. Regardless of the data mining software you might use and how great an expert you might be, deep down you know that you could use some help when it comes to connection, security and hiding your IP address.

With a reliable backconnect proxy server, you will be able to gather data through a stable connection, more accurately and more quickly, and all this while staying safe and protected.

Get it today and make your IP the strongest link in the chain.


Ticketmaster website

Ticketmaster Proxy Server

How many times have you got up early in the morning wanting to purchase tickets for your favorite performer’s live concert just to find out that it has been already sold out? Or perhaps you wanted to get those first-row tickets for your favorite sports team’s game but you had to settle for seats from where you couldn’t even see the ball?

This probably sounds all too familiar to so many people. Nowadays, live events like concerts and sports games have become the most common ways for us to actively participate in some kind of a major event. At all costs, we want to be there and witness the greatness that those music and sports stars exhibit.

But the ticket industry knows this all too well, which enables them to play the game of scarcity just like footwear industry does with their limited-series shoes. However, the thing that sets the ticket industry apart and makes it more difficult for people to get tickets is the fact that there are not so many options. 

More or less, everything boils down to Ticketmaster, which is the best and most popular website that offers tickets for all kinds of events. From music concerts to sports games – you name it, they have it. 

More often than not, it is rather tricky to purchase your ticket. Still, there is an effective way to overcome this barrier and always get your desired tickets with little or no effort.

Best Ticketmaster Proxies

By a simple law of mathematics, if there are fewer tickets than the people who want to buy them, some people just won’t be able to obtain them.

But fear not, for there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To speak more precisely and with more relevance to our topic, there is a proxy server at the end of your computer. Or at least there should be one if you want to get those tickets.

To be sure that you can always get your first-row tickets on time, you will need to use the best Ticketmaster proxies. They will make your connection fast, secure and very reliable. 

A Ticketmaster proxy is faster than your own server, which is the most important feature when it comes to ticket purchase. In addition, it is secure, so there is no reason to dread potential malicious attacks. Finally, it will provide you with a stable connection, for it is highly reliable.

Another type of connection that will help you to get those tickets is a Ticketmaster VPN (virtual private network). A VPN is similar to a proxy server, but it is not exactly the same thing. A VPN will encrypt your entire traffic, replace your ISP and route all traffic through the VPN server.

VPN Structure

However, even though a VPN is a useful connection type in its own right, we still recommend you to opt for residential or datacenter proxies. Both a residential and datacenter proxy, each in its own way, will hide your IP address and make you practically anonymous.

One more proxy option, even though an advanced one, is to buy rotating proxies for Ticketmaster. This way, the website will not be able to detect you as coming from a single IP and will actually see you as many different people buying tickets. This can be a very practical solution if you want to buy tickets for your whole family.

When you use a Ticketmaster proxy server, those tickets will be yours in the blink of an eye.

Where to Buy Proxies?

You have probably wondered so many times where to buy proxies.

There are many Internet Service Providers that sell proxies for all purposes. The Internet is full of their ads, so there is no reason to fear that you will not find proxies. Indeed, it is easy to find cheap proxy services online, but the quality of these proxies is always debatable.

Proxies that you find at a low price usually have low SLA (service level agreement), and this can be a double-edged sword. Even though you will get a cheap deal, your connection might break while purchasing a ticket. Therefore, you will end up regretting having bought cheap proxies. 

One of many proxy providers is Proxy N VPN. They have a wide range of offers, but from time to time, their proxies get blocked or mislead. Also, it sometimes happens that they sell outdated proxies which are simply not usable anymore.

So, before heading straight for the cheapest option, take some time to consider your options and weigh them out carefully.

If you want to find the best Ticketmaster proxies, you can take a look at our offer. GeoSurf has a wide array of high-quality proxies for each type of customer. Residential and datacenter proxies, rotating, backconnect and reverse proxies, we can provide you with the best type of proxies whenever you need them. 

When you get the best Ticketmaster proxies from us, you will finally be able to buy those VIP tickets very quickly and enjoy those crazy notes that your favorite performer sings only when they perform live.


SEO Blackboard

SEO Proxy Server

Using proxies to surf the web has become amazingly (but expectedly) important. Proxies can be used for so many things that more and more people are deciding to get their own residential proxies.

However, there is a difference between using proxies for personal purposes, such as for Instagram or simply browsing the web on the one hand, and going a step further and using proxies for business on the other hand.

This difference has not so much to do with the proxy quality itself (although we do recommend to get the best dedicated proxies if you use proxies for business), but more with the mindset and the approach.

With the expansion of online marketing, the power of SEO is increasing very rapidly. Search Engine Optimization is simply indispensable and as such, it offers fantastic possibilities for website visibility. 

However, it also requires certain conditions to function properly. If you are an SEO expert, you must know that using proxies is the essential component of successful SEO practice.


What Is SEO Proxy Server?

An SEO proxy server is a regular proxy server used for SEO purposes.

In other words, it will enable you to analyze your competition, crawl the web, etc. by hiding your true IP address and thus preventing your target website server from recognizing your activity as suspicious.

To get the best results with your SEO efforts, your best bet is to obtain dedicated private proxies. They are powerful enough to make your true IP practically invisible to search engines.

This is very important when talking about SEO. Experts in this field use the internet in a completely different way than regular users do. 

This being said, many of their activities can appear extremely suspicious to web servers and therefore result in their IP being blocked. This is rather paradoxical inasmuch as web browsers require SEO optimization but in a way don’t allow it.

Be it as it may, all we can do is conclude that proxies are irreplaceable when it comes to search engine optimization and see how we can benefit from using them.


How to Use Proxy for SEO

You can use SEO proxies for many different purposes and, as we said, all of them include some kind of activities that can appear suspicious to web browsers even though they are perfectly legitimate.

Here are some of them.

Wikipedia Editing

Wikipedia is one of the websites with the highest authority on the internet. Its power in link building is of the utmost importance for SEO engineers. One backlink from Wikipedia to your website is worth more than a hundred backlinks from websites with low authority.

If you are smart enough, you can use this to your advantage. By editing a Wikipedia article (adding relevant and correct information) and inserting a link to your website (and of course, a couple of others), you will significantly increase the authority of your website.

If you use a proxy, you will stand a much better chance to accomplish this very important SEO task successfully.


Site Audits

Site audit is a great way to analyze a website, find all its flaws and improve its SEO features.

When you engage in such a process, you will need to access the website numerous times and this can result in your activity being recognized as suspicious.

In order to avoid this, use dedicated proxies. When you do this, you can optimize your client’s website to your heart’s content without being banned.


Competitor Analysis

Another very important method in the field of SEO optimization is the process of analyzing your competition.

You need to know what they do, as well as how and when they do it in order to always be one step ahead of them.  You have to analyze their website carefully to understand their strategy and use it to improve your own or your client’s website.

However, this is a rather time-consuming process which includes a lot of ‘not-so-legitimate’ activities. The best way to avoid getting banned is to acquire cheap private proxies for most cases or residential proxies in order to remain untouchable to Google and other web servers.


Advantages of Using a Proxy for SEO

There are many benefits of using a proxy server for SEO purposes. We will list the most important and most obvious ones.


High-quality dedicated proxies are very powerful servers and therefore, they are most probably much faster than your own server. 

Keyword research can take up a lot of bandwidth, maybe more than your own server can provide. In this case, a proxy will take over most of the traffic and speed up the entire process.

In addition, some proxies store cached data, so you will be able to load a website more quickly if you have already visited it.

Both of these features can help you in your SEO efforts by making your process much faster.



Basically, this entire article is dedicated to staying safe while doing SEO. However, this aspect is so important that we cannot overemphasize it. 

When you use a proxy for SEO purposes, it is highly unlikely that you get banned for crawling the web, preying on your competitors, etc.

With dedicated proxies, all this becomes a piece of cake. 

Whether you are a freelance SEO expert or you work for an SEO Agency, you will greatly benefit from using dedicated private proxies for SEO purposes.


Connect abstract

What Is a Backconnect Proxy

If you have read our blog, you probably know what a regular proxy is and how useful it can be.

There are many ways to use proxies and the number of them increases daily. From sneaker proxies to Instagram proxies, people find more and more purposes to utilize this very convenient way to overcome some of the most difficult barriers when browsing the web.

Regular residential proxies can come in handy in all these situations. However, as useful as they are to a majority of proxy users, there are some situations when they are simply not good enough.

This is the moment when more advanced types of proxies enter the stage. One of these advanced proxy types is a backconnect proxy.

What Are Backconnect Proxies?

A backconnect proxy is a server that uses a pool of residential proxies. It regularly switches between them after a short period of time, thus providing much more anonymity and significantly better security.

It is, in fact, a residential proxy that is upgraded and offers better opportunities than a basic residential proxy.

However, to reassure you right away, it is equally user-friendly and convenient as a regular residential proxy.

Regular Residential Proxies

Now, to know whether you need a residential or a backconnect proxy, you need to know the exact difference between them.

As you already know, a residential proxy is a server that masks your IP address and thus allows you to access practically any website you want.

It acts as an intermediary between your IP address and your target website in order to prevent the website from detecting your true IP.

Still, a residential proxy is a single server machine and this can somewhat limit your browsing possibilities.

Think of it in the following way:

If you want a raise but you can’t ask your CEO directly, you are going to ask one of your friends/colleagues at a higher level to ask the CEO for you.

However, if this colleague asks the CEO repeatedly, the CEO will see this as suspicious and tell your colleague not to ask again.

That’s what happens when you use a regular residential IP.

When you send a request, it goes through one proxy server and reaches your target website. When the website sends you the information you need, it goes through the same proxy to reach you.

If you do this repeatedly, after some time the website’s server will recognize that you are using the same proxy server and prevent you from accessing it.

In a nutshell, that is how a regular residential proxy works. Still, it offers some amazing opportunities to people who make simple browsing requests.

Residential Backconnect Proxies

On the other hand, if you want to use proxies for some more advanced requests, you will need better connection and security, as well as more anonymity.

Now let’s return to our story. If you ask several of your colleagues to ask your CEO about your raise, the CEO will not think this is suspicious as they will take turns.

Consequently, none of them will bore the CEO and you will stand a much better chance to get a raise.

This is how a backconnect proxy works. Each time you make a request, it will be processed through a different IP and thus protect your security and anonymity.

When you repeatedly make similar or identical requests, your target website will not recognize them as a suspicious activity since they will come from many different servers.

In addition, you will be more protected due to the fact that it is highly unlikely that you become a target of a malware attack since your real IP will be covered by many different servers at different times.

With this in mind, it is obvious why it is much more efficient to buy backconnect proxies if you want to make some more advanced requests, such as web scraping and crawling.

Backconnect vs. Rotating vs. Reverse Proxies

There is some confusion associated with these three terms.

To know what you need, you need to know what there is and how it differs from the rest. We want to clarify any misconceptions by explaining different proxy concepts.

You will heave a sigh of relief when we tell you that rotating proxies are basically the same thing as backconnect proxies.

The thing is that some providers and users call them backconnect rotating proxies or residential rotating proxies because they rotate after a period of time or when you make a request.

However, reverse backconnect proxies work in a different way. They are not used for web browsing, but instead by websites.

Reverse proxies are used by websites as a means of protection from malicious traffic and various types of connections, etc. In other words, they are used as filters or firewalls.

Reverse backconnect proxies are recognized by browsers as a web server, while the website hides behind the proxy. This way, the website remains safe.

Pros and Cons of Backconnect Proxies

You should be well aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of a product before buying it.

Here is the list of pros and cons of residential backconnect proxies.


There are many advantages to using this type of proxies, and most of them are made possible precisely by the fact that it uses proxy rotation.

Here are the pros:

– Great Speed

The first and probably the most important advantage of backconnect proxies is that they provide better speed.

The fact that they constantly rotate in order to achieve better connection and security also contributes to their speed. And greatly so.

Due to the fact that residential rotating proxies use a rotation method, you will be able to make a greater number of requests per minute. You won’t have to wait before your next request or be careful as with regular proxy servers.

Therefore, you will be able to get more information in the same or a shorter time period.

– No Rate Limit

If you want to scrape or crawl the web, then a backconnect proxy is a perfect solution for you.

A great number of rotating IPs means that there is no need to worry about rate limits if you are using scraping software.

Also, the overall power of the software will not be reduced, enabling you to do the scraping successfully and very effectively.

– Better Anonymity

Again, thanks to many rotating servers, your true IP will be practically invisible.

Anonymity is a great concern of many people who use proxies. Regular residential proxies provide a decent level of anonymity to an average user.

However, if you want to make some more advanced requests, you need to increase your anonymity.

When you use backconnect proxies, your IP address will stay unknown to the server of your target website because it will be hidden behind many different servers which rotate.

– Better Security

When you buy backconnect proxies, you will be able to make requests through servers located in many different countries.

This will greatly increase your safety and security when browsing the web, as all of them will stand between you and malicious content.

However, you need to make sure to use proxies in countries that are not frowned upon by your target website’s server.


As great as residential backconnect proxies are, they still have certain disadvantages.

It is only fair to warn you about these before you decide if you want to buy them.

Here are the cons:

– Cost

When you buy this type of proxy, you get a pool of high-quality residential proxy servers with different locations and along with it an almost guaranteed possibility to remain safe, fast and anonymous.

This is a great feature, but it implies that this service will be more expensive than a regular proxy.

That is why we advise you to use regular proxies if you want to browse the web for your personal needs, as it will definitely be enough.

However, if you are a business and need to have a pool of first-rate rotating proxies, you should opt for residential backconnect proxies.

– Speed issues

Yes, it’s true that a backconnect proxy is generally faster, but you still might face some speed issues.

The trouble with backconnect rotating proxies is that some of them can be incompatible with your server. This is the only reason why the problem with speed might occur.

However, if you choose a reliable provider, you definitely won’t have to deal with this. Still, we wanted to warn you just in case.

Buy Backconnect Proxies

If you really need high-end proxies for advanced online activities, such as web scraping, crawling, using SEO software or creating accounts, your best bet is to buy backconnect proxies.

The offer is huge and there are many providers who sell backconnect proxies. However, not all proxies are created equal.

It is up to you to determine how important the quality of residential backconnect proxies is for your business and to decide whether you want to take risks or not.

Our advice is, of course, not to take risks and check for a trial of this service.

There are millions of cheap residential proxies online, but they are usually not so high-quality. Many providers sell them without being aware of putting their business at stake.

On the other hand, you can still find many reliable options.

For example, ProxyBandit was a great option for high-quality proxies. They had great service and numerous satisfied customers. Unfortunately, they stopped working some time ago.

However, the online offer of great backconnect proxies is still wide. You just need to make sure that you opt for a high-quality service.

When you buy backconnect proxies which are reliable, fast and secure, you will see that this is the best choice for your business.

ad verification fraud

How Does Ad Verification Work

Many people have been talking about ad verification lately. You might have already heard of it since it has become an increasingly popular topic.

However, what is ad verification actually and how can we use it to get the most of it? These are some of the questions that we often hear.

This article thoroughly explains this topic and concepts related to it. Read it to find out all essential information and useful tips about ad verification.

Ad Verification Definition

With the incredible but expected expansion of online marketing, it was only a matter of time when things would start getting out of control. The number of ads has been increasing at the speed of light and the amount of money invested in this field is becoming larger and larger.

Therefore, fraudsters have realized that the field of online marketing is a great chance for them to interfere and make money. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to defraud advertisers by faking ad traffic.

They have found many ways to do this, such as creating fake websites and using malware to simulate large human traffic and attract ads to their servers. As a result, numerous ads never even appear before people, let alone target the right audience.

This led to the introduction of ad verification.

Ad verification is a method by which online marketers can ensure that their ads appear on the right webpages at the right time, before the right audience, etc.

How Does Ad Verification Work?

A high-quality ad verification service ensures that your ads are placed on relevant, credible websites and that they are shown on competitive pages.

The best way to do this is by using residential IPs. A regular proxy can be recognized by hackers and thus warn them, enabling them to simulate genuine traffic.

On the other hand, a residential IP will go unnoticed, or sneak in through their server, so to say. This is made possible by the fact that your real location will be hidden when you are using a residential IP.

In case your ads are controlled by hackers, they will not be able to see that you are checking your ad traffic.

This will allow you to see where your ads are actually shown and if this corresponds to how you designed your ad placement.

Moreover, since residential IPs allow you to visit any website regardless of its geo-location, this will enable you to see how exactly your ads are shown to people from around the world.

Finally, you will be able to see how your competitors are performing in different countries around the globe since you will browse the web anonymously.

Ad Verification Aspects

Ad verification is integrated with all aspects associated with digital marketing, such as ad networks, exchanges, SSPs, etc.

When you hire a high-end ad verification company, you will get an all-around service which will ensure that your ads are running smoothly and successfully.

A high-quality ad verification service covers the following aspects:

Malware Protection

There are numerous malicious activities that can compromise your ads. Some of them are auto-redirects, phishing, drive-by downloads and of course, malware integrated into the pre-click or post-click.

Detecting and, more importantly, preventing malicious activities can be successfully accomplished by scanning your rotating ad tags.

Ad Quality Monitoring

Lack of ad quality can wear many faces. Data leakage, inadequate privacy protection, problems with creative and advertiser quality, as well as operational issues are only some of them.

Ad quality monitoring and management will make sure that your ad viewers have an engaging, pleasant and most importantly, safe user experience.

Mobile Ad Management

Even though the web is one, mobile ads are a world on their own.

Because of their apps, interface, software and many more aspects, mobile devices are particularly vulnerable to many issues, such as MRAID malware, VPAID errors, mobile auto-redirects, auto-downloads, phishing, pop-ups, and so on.

A quality ad verification service will prevent all these from damaging your ads and your potential customers’ experience.

 Ad Verification Services

 We have answered some basic questions like what is ad verification, but also covered some more advanced topics, such as how ad verification works and the aspects of ad verification.

If you want to target the right audience and get the most out of your campaign, ad verification is the way to go. As experience has shown us, using residential IPs in the process of ad verification is extremely effective.

Hiring a professional team to monitor and manage your ads is of great importance. In fact, this is the most important step in the whole process.

When you hire a professional company, your online ads will be successfully monitored and you will get precise information about them. In addition, your ads and target audience will be safe and protected.


If you want to make sure that your online marketing campaign runs smoothly and successfully, then by all means consider getting a professional ad verification service.

shoe proxies

Best Shoe Proxies

Are you a hard-core fan of limited-series shoes? You want to be one of only ten people in the US that have a certain pair of shoes? Or perhaps you own a shoe retail store and want to offer your customers rare and high-quality sneakers that will keep them coming back to buy shoes from you?

This article is the final part (so far) of the Shoe Proxy Trilogy, which covers bots, servers and best proxies for sneakers. Before reading it, we recommend that you read Part 1: Supreme Proxy Meaning and Part 2: Proxies for Bots.

It is only by reading all three articles that you will get fully acquainted with all of the necessary steps for purchasing limited-series products online, such as Supreme and Yeezy sneakers.

So, if you have read the previous two articles, feel free to dive into this one to complete the knowledge necessary to obtain the best sneaker proxy.

What Will You Need?

If you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of the Shoe Proxy Trilogy, you already know that purchasing shoes online is not a piece of cake. Due to the fierce competition, you will have to be fully equipped in order to get those limited-edition sneakers.

Here is what you will need if you want to be successful in this attempt:


The first thing that you will need is a fast and reliable bot. If you go to a footwear website and want to make an online purchase manually, it is highly likely that your desired shoes will be sold out even before you add them to the cart. The reason for this lies in the fact that many people don’t do online shopping manually.

Instead, a bot shops for them by automating their purchase. In addition, it is much faster than a human and it will do the complete process for you – from entering the website to checking out. One of these bots is an AIO (all in one) bot, which can be a very powerful tool in this situation.


We suppose that most of you already know this, but we simply feel that the importance of the best sneaker proxy can’t be overstated.

Even though you might have a perfect bot, it is practically useless without reliable proxies. If you use one IP, you will most likely be able to have only one valid account on the footwear website. If you try to do otherwise and make multiple purchases through a single IP, the website will simply block your IP, thus preventing you from getting those sneakers.

On the other hand, if you buy the best proxies for Supreme shoes, for example, you will get numerous IPs. This way, you will easily control multiple accounts and enable your bot to get many pairs of shoes for you in no time.

There are numerous types of these proxies, but our recommendation is to acquire the best Yeezy proxies and thus ensure that everything in this process goes perfectly well. On the other hand, if you prefer Supreme shoes, then we advise you to get the best proxies for Supreme.

As you can see, a reliable bot and the best proxies for sneakers are simply necessary for all of you who want to obtain popular sneakers. However, there is still one more thing that is missing from the puzzle – a server.


So, a bot automates the purchase and a proxy enables the bot to do this through multiple IPs. But what does a server do?

A server is a device that improves connection speed by reducing latency between you and your target website. In this situation, Yeezy servers will ensure that all parts of the previously described process, including both the bot and the proxy, run smoothly. Also, they work perfectly with the best Yeezy proxies because they were created specifically for this purpose.

In addition, a server can come in handy when you want to buy shoes but you’re not in your office or at home. By using a mobile app, you can connect to your server and be able to keep track of what’s happening regarding your desired shoes.

Servers are generally affordable and user-friendly, so there is no need to refrain from getting the best Yeezy servers as soon as possible. When you do this, you will have all the equipment you need.

Another very important tip is to test your little army of online shopping devices. How can you do this? Prior to the launch day itself, try running your bot, proxy and server. Just buy anything online to check how they work together. This can be very useful, especially in case there is something wrong with them, so you will be able to fix this before the real deal comes your way.

It is neither only the bot, the proxy nor the server that is enough to get out there and claim those limited-edition sneakers. Only by combining all three of them can you have guaranteed success when purchasing footwear that is coveted by so many people.

proxy for bots

Proxies for Bots

If you have read all articles about proxies on our website, you might have come across some unfamiliar words or topics. In our article Supreme Proxy Meaning, we mentioned that if you intend to make an online purchase of a product that is greatly sought after, you will need a high-quality proxy and a bot.

This article can be viewed as a sequel to the aforementioned article since it largely expands on it. It also covers some topics and steps that you simply must know in order to successfully buy widely desired products.


 What Is a Bot?

As the moment of the product launch approaches, hundreds of people will patiently sit at their computers or with cell phones in their hands trying to be the first person who buys it. However, as the competition is fierce, it is only logical that many of them will fail in their attempts. If you would like to avoid this outcome, you should better use a bot to make a purchase instead of you.

A bot is a software application that automates tasks which are simple and repetitive. In this case, a bot will help you by automating product purchase instead of you buying it manually. You can set up a bot to do things for you and you don’t even have to be at home. It will easily enter the website, find the product for you, put it in the cart and check out in the blink of an eye.

In order for you to be able to rely on your bot, it has to be regularly updated and compatible with numerous websites, support multiple accounts and many other things. One of such bots is an AIO (all in one) bot that was created precisely for this purpose – to help you get your dream limited-series products. It is an extremely powerful bot that is certainly the best first step in your bot-and-proxy journey.

However, this is only the first step. Getting a reliable bot is only the beginning of your efforts to obtain the product that you want. The next step is getting the best proxies for AIO bot.

 Best Proxies for Bots

Now you might be thinking: Why would I need both a bot and a proxy?

Actually, it is very simple. High-authority websites are supported by servers that can easily recognize if requests that they receive are sent by a human or a machine. If they receive ten or a hundred requests from the same IP address within a minute, it is obvious that these were not managed by a human.

This is precisely the reason why you will need to purchase the best proxies for sneaker bots or any other widely coveted product. When you buy best proxies for AIO bot, you will be able to mask your true IP address and thus prevent the website server from recognizing and consequently blocking it.

AIO bot proxies are a special kind of proxies which can handle a large number of requests that such a bot can send. They will do this at a very high speed and thus ensure that your bot obtains the product in no time.


 How to Choose AIO Bot Proxies

Now you know that bot proxies are necessary. When you decide to buy best proxies for AIO bot, there are certain proxy features that are of great importance. Here is a short list of them:


When choosing a proxy, make sure you are getting one that will be accepted by the server of your target website. Just think logically – you are much more likely to get a US product if you are buying it through a US-based proxy server. This way, your location and time zone will raise no suspicion.


A fast proxy is half the job done. You are competing for a limited-series product, remember? This means that you need to be fast or otherwise you will lose the race. Ensure that you are getting a high-speed dedicated residential proxy and you are already halfway through to achieving your goal.

         Number of Proxies

If you get only one proxy, it’s almost as good as having only your true IP address. In other words, if a bot repeatedly enters a website using only one proxy, the proxy will be recognized as suspicious and get blocked.

If you are planning on getting, for instance, the best proxies for sneaker bots, get at least 10 – 25 proxies to enable your bot to use different proxies and purchase products freely and quickly.

GeoSurf provide a pool of over 2M unique proxies with any plan you purchase.

That’s it – now you know which steps to take and what details to pay attention to when purchasing the best proxies for bots. A great bot is necessary, but it is virtually useless without first-rate proxies. Make sure that you acquire a lot of fast dedicated proxies which are located close to your target website server. When you do this, you will solve all potential issues that might arise in the foreseeable future.

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How to Use Proxy Server

So, you bought a residential proxy for your computer? Great job! Now the only thing that remains is to configure settings on your computer so as to allow your browser to use a proxy.

No matter which browser you might be using, there are settings that you will need to change in order to be able to browse the internet through a proxy.

Now, don’t let this discourage you because it is very simple to do this on all browsers. To help you do this successfully, we decided to list all steps necessary to set a proxy server on three browsers that are most widely used: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

How to Use Proxy Server Chrome

Google Chrome is used by 58.4% of people around the world. This makes Chrome the absolute leader among browsers. Besides other features, it is its user-friendliness that has made it so popular. This user-friendliness is very obvious when we talk about proxy settings.

To set up a proxy in Chrome, follow the next steps: When in Chrome, go to the Menu in the top right corner and select Settings.

  • Scroll down all the way to the bottom until you see the Advanced tab. Click on it to enter Advanced Settings.
  • Scroll down again until you see a section called System.
  • Click on Proxy Settings.
  • Open LAN Settings.
  • When you are in the LAN settings, make sure that the box that says ‘Automatically detect settings’ is unchecked.
  • Below this, you will see a Proxy Server section. Make sure to click the ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ box.
  • Enter the IP address of your residential proxy in the field marked with Address.
  • Enter the server port number in the field marked with Port. (When you buy a proxy, you will get this information together with the proxy IP address in an email from an Internet Service Provider- ISP)
  • Click OK and then click OK again to save the settings.

When using a proxy for the first time, you may be asked to type in your credentials, which you can find in the email from the ISP.

In case you want to stop using a proxy for some reason, you should repeat steps 1-5. Then make sure to uncheck the box ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ and recheck the box ‘Automatically detect settings’.

How to Use a Proxy Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the runner-up in the fierce competition among web browsers. Still, it is far behind Chrome, with 13.45% of users. Nonetheless, Mozilla is very close to Chrome when it comes to the ease of use. To allow Firefox to use a proxy, do the following steps:

  • When in Firefox, go to the Menu in the top right corner and select Options.
  • Next, select the Advanced tab in the top right corner.
  • After that, choose the tab named Network.
  • When you opened the Network tab, click on tab Settings. Connection Settings window will show proxy settings.
  • To set up your proxy, select Manual Proxy Configuration.
  • Enter the IP address of your residential proxy in the field marked with HTTP Proxy.
  • Enter the server port number in the field marked with Port. (When you buy a proxy, you will get this information together with the proxy IP address in an email from an Internet Service Provider)
  • Click OK and then click OK again to save the settings.

When using a proxy for the first time, you may be asked to type in your credentials, which you can find in the email from the ISP. If you want to stop using a proxy for some reason, just repeat steps 1-4. Then make sure to check the box that says ‘No proxy’.

How to Use a Proxy Server Mac

Safari does not lag behind Mozilla since it is used by 10.54% of people. It is also really user-friendly, like its competitors. To enable Safari to use a proxy server, do the following steps:

  • When in Safari, go to the Menu in the top right corner and select Preferences.
  • Next, click on the Advanced tab in the top right corner.
  • Next to Proxies, you will see a Change Settings button. Click on it.
  • Check the Web Proxy (HTTP) box.
  • Enter the IP address of your residential proxy in the field marked with Address.
  • Enter the server port number in the field marked with Port. (When you buy a proxy, you will get this information together with the proxy IP address in an email from an Internet Service Provider)
  • Click OK to save the settings.

When using a proxy for the first time, you may be asked to type in your credentials, which you can find in the email from the ISP.

If you want to stop using a proxy for some reason, just repeat steps 1-3. Then uncheck the Web Proxy (HTTP) box. That’s it, as simple as that.

As you were able to see, it is really easy to change your browser settings if you want to start using a proxy.
Now that you know how to use a proxy server with each of these browsers, you will be able to surf the web without worrying whether your IP is going to be detected and blocked by a web server. Wish to know more? Checkout out our residential IPs integration guide

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What Is IP Rotation

If you have read our articles, you know that you can have multiple IP addresses included in your proxy plan. One of the reasons for having several addresses is to send a great number of requests to your target website from different IPs.

However, if you always send requests from the same address or a small number of them, there is no point in having many addresses. The reason for this lies in the fact that website servers allow only a limited number of requests from one IP within a certain time frame. If you exceed this limit, the server will block your address and your connection will be aborted.

What Is IP Rotation?

There are different kinds of proxies, such as semi-dedicated, dedicated and rotating. The semi-dedicated are shared by you and several other users, dedicated are used only by you, while rotating proxies are the most advanced of the three.

A rotating IP proxy rotates different IP addresses from a proxy pool to make sure they are not easily recognized by web servers. This way, you can be sure that all your IPs are used evenly, thus decreasing the likelihood of any of them getting banned by your target website server.

If you don’t want your IPs to be recognized as suspicious, you ought to rotate IP address after a certain period of time. This way, you will practically be able to access your target website from a different address or even different location, depending on what your rotating IP proxy provides.

Whether you harvest websites to get data from them or you need to frequently rotate different IPs for your clients, it is essential that you have a reliable IP rotation proxy. This is managed by an IP rotator, which will disguise your IP by randomly rotating addresses in regular time intervals.

How to Do IP Rotation?

To explain how to manage IP rotation proxy on your computer by yourself, we assume that you have already obtained a certain number of private proxies. To successfully rotate IP address, you will need to take the following steps:

Make sure your proxies are reliable.

      1. Not all proxies are created equal. Check how reliable and secure each of them is before moving on to next steps.

Divide proxies into groups.

      1. Choose a number of proxies you want to use per rotation. For example, if you have 100 reliable proxies, divide them into 10 groups of 10 IPs. The more proxies and groups you use, the more efficient your browsing will be.

Rotate groups.

    1. After some time, you can expect the addresses from your first group to get a little bit ‘overused’ in the sense that servers have probably started recognizing them as suspicious. To prevent this, just switch to the next group of proxies and you can start browsing all over again.

There are many options and tools that you can use as a DIY IP rotator, one of them being rotating proxy python. Python is a programming language that can help you in many queries, including crawling websites and scraping web data. In other words, if you want to appear completely legitimate while using a bot to crawl and scrape data, you might want to consider using a rotating proxy python.

IP Rotation Service

If, after reading the previous section, the whole rotation process seems utterly complicated and you are still not sure how to do IP rotation, you definitely shouldn’t do it single-handedly. Online Services. Indeed, doing all the aforementioned steps on your own can work until a certain point and only if you are using proxies for your personal needs. However, if you are a company, then you most probably manage hundreds of different proxies and to try doing it manually would be extremely time-consuming.

Luckily, you have another option which is much more convenient. You can always purchase a proxy plan which includes an IP rotation proxy. This is where a great Internet Service Provider can come in handy. If your business needs a large number of rotating proxies for whichever reason, you will need a great IP rotation service. Another reason why you should consider buying rotating proxies is the algorithm used by these servers.

To rotate your addresses by yourself, you are supposed to divide IPs into different groups and change them after some time. However, you can forget to do so quite easily or even become suspicious for using the same IPs in regular intervals.

An IP rotator will rotate both the IP addresses and groups randomly and thus practically minimize the likelihood of raising suspicion. Now you know why you need a high-quality IP rotation proxy. Be it for crawling your competitors’ websites, extracting important information for your company or managing your clients’ proxies, having a business-class proxy plan that you can always rely on is of the utmost importance for your business.

Sports shoes on display

Supreme Proxy Meaning

A time of scarcity

The law of scarcity is one of the most effective methods to persuade people that something is of great value. In other words, if something exists in limited amounts, this alone is a strong enough reason for us to want to have it more.

This phenomenon goes so far that even if something that objectively has more value is available to all of us, most people will opt for scarce products instead.
This absurdity of human mind has long been known to marketers – just think how many times you have purchased a product just because it was labelled as ‘limited series’.

However, when scarcity is combined with true quality, then people don’t ask for the price of a product. When we truly know that a product manufactured in limited amounts is of the highest quality, we will go miles just to have it.

What does scarcity have to do with footsite proxies?

The law of scarcity is exactly the trick that Supreme plays on us by manufacturing their limited series shoes. When they announce such a release, people practically compete for the shoes because they know they are high-quality goods and come in limited amounts.

Supreme Proxy Meaning

A Supreme proxy is a proxy specifically designed to hide your true IP address so as to help you easily access the Supreme website and purchase those long-desired sneakers.

However, the first thing you must be aware of is that you are definitely not the only person who wants them. The competition will be fierce, so you will need to get great Supreme US proxies.

These will help you in many ways when making that online transaction.

Whether you are a hard-core fan buying a pair of shoes for yourself or a retailer trying to get as many pairs of limited series shoes as possible for your store, you will certainly need to have a viable strategy.

You will most likely need a bot in order to monitor links and keywords, add products to cart and check out.

But another thing that is necessary in this situation is to have footsite proxies. Supreme UK proxies will be invaluable to you if you want to successfully access the website and purchase those long-desired sneakers.

Benefits of Footsite Proxies

A quality Supreme proxy will help you in many ways:

  • If you are a retailer who wants to get many pairs of sneakers for your store, you will need to act fast. Even if you are using a bot like AIO to make a number of requests, your IP will probably get blocked because the website server will recognize that requests were not made by a human.
  • By using quality Supreme proxies, your requests will be received from different IP addresses and accepted as legitimate.
    This way, you are much more likely to make a purchase as your requests will be seen as coming from different locations and people. Just imagine the level of your self-satisfaction when you see all those sneakers in your store in a few days.
  • In case you live on the other end of the country or even outside of the US, your request can get banned due to location restrictions.
  • Taking into account that Supreme US proxies are specifically designed for this purpose, your request will be recognized as coming from a location and time zone within the US and approved by the website server.
    Another great benefit of this method is that you can appear to be in the time zone where the shoe model gets released first.
  • No matter if you are a retailer or just a fan of this shoe model – if you have just a regular IP address, you will stand no chance against people using footsite proxies.
  • Proxies are generally stronger servers and offer better connection than regular IPs, which will enable you to access the website and buy the shoes quickly and easily.

What Kind of Supreme Proxies Do You Need?

When you purchase a Supreme proxy, you ought to consider only secure, reliable and high-performance options.

A secure connection will stop unwanted ads from appearing while you are accessing your target website. In addition, you will be protected from malware and other forms of dangerous content.

With high-quality proxies, you will get a stable and reliable connection without danger of losing it at some point.

Speed is another factor to bear in mind since, ironically enough, you will be practically competing in a race to win those sneakers.

Finally, you want to pay attention to the location of the footsite proxies you are buying because you want to be recognized as someone living in a location approved by the website.
When you purchase a quality Supreme proxy, there is no need to worry about any of these.

Supreme proxies are specifically designed to provide you with all of the above and give you what you wanted in the first place – those long-coveted shoes.