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Germany Proxy

How often do you find yourself browsing the web when, all of a sudden, your connection breaks?

Or maybe you want to go to an American website, but you can’t access it?

What if you need to do some SEO competition analysis for your company but the competitor website blocks you after a while?

All these are examples of what happens when you use an Internet server with poor connection and just one IP address. When we say this, you probably start asking yourself questions like ‘Doesn’t everyone do that?’ and ‘Is there a way to avoid these problems?’

The answer to the first question is No, and to the second one, the answer is Yes, of course.

This article will give you a proxy enlightenment and all information that you need, including how to find the best German proxy.

German IP Address Free

First of all, you need to know that there are two main types of proxies based on their price and quality: free and paid proxies.

When you find a free proxy, you basically find a proxy server that is maintained by someone else at no cost, at least not the cost that you will pay. Now, this may look fantastic at first, but you should ask yourself if you would do your job for free. 

And don’t say it out loud because we already know the answer.

Why You Should Not Use Free Proxies

Precisely because they are not regularly and properly maintained, free proxies will cause you a lot of trouble.

They are inconsistent and can burn out quickly. In other words, the connection may break at any point while you are browsing for a number of reasons. Maybe the host unplugged or restarted the router, maybe they switched to another provider or maybe it is something else. 

In addition, everybody wants to use free proxies precisely because they are free, which makes them crowded and slow. In any case, you cannot trust free proxies because they don’t have a fast and stable connection.

Free proxies show ads and altered websites, which is one of the reasons they are free. Their HTML and JavaScript codes are slightly different, so what they show is not the same thing you would see if you were browsing with a high-quality German proxy DE.

Finally, a lot of proxies have been used for Internet attacks and other hacks. This means you won’t be able to use such a proxy on Ticketmaster, eBay or PayPal, since these websites have them blacklisted.

Why You Must Not Use Free Proxies

When you browse through a free proxy, you have no clue about who it belongs to or what their motivation is.

If you use a free HTTP proxy, it can log records of your browsing session. So, after all, it is not anonymous as the provider can see everything you do.

We don’t think you are that naïve to check your bank account using a free proxy. But, still, it is worth mentioning that you should avoid doing this at all costs. When you enter your login information or any other type of sensitive information, the free proxy can save it and use it later on to steal your credit card number and hack your account. If you were wondering how identity theft happens, well, that’s how.

Lastly, not only can hackers abuse your sensitive information, but they can also embed malware in free proxies in order to get into your computer. This will wreak havoc and make you never want to use a free proxy again.

High-Quality German Web Proxy

Now, people are usually not fascinated when they are told that they should pay for something, and we understand this. But after reading everything we had to say about free proxies and hearing what we have to say about paid Germany proxy, you are going to change your mind.

If you need a fast German proxy, you definitely want to stay away from free proxies. But even more importantly, not every paid proxy is worth the money. That is why you need to pay attention to the credibility of a proxy provider before you give them your money.

And don’t worry about getting a proxy if you don’t live in a big city. GeoSurf offers you Berlin Germany proxy, Frankfurt proxy, and so on. From us, you can get a proxy no matter where you live ‒ a big city or a small town.

Think of paid proxies as of an initial investment that could save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

It takes time and effort to maintain premium proxies, so it is understandable that they cost money. But when you start using them, you will see they are worth every cent.

Contact GeoSurf to get the best German proxy online.

Highly detailed planet Earth at night, lit by the rising sun, illuminated by light of cities in Brazil. Earth is surrounded by a luminous network, representing the major air routes based on real data

Brazil Proxy

It was in 1988 that the Internet was launched in Brazil and it was introduced to the general public in 1995. In the beginning, it largely depended on the federal government efforts, but since 1998, the competition among private companies like Telemar, Telefonica and Brasil Telecom has resulted in the better quality of Internet, lower costs and widespread availability.

Nowadays, everybody knows of the Brazilian Internet phenomenon, which relates to the massive adoption of an Internet service by people living in Brazil. The number of Brazilians who use the web exceeds other nationalities using the service, including the US. As of 2004, Brazilians were the nation that spent the most time on the web.

However, since Brazil has seen an incredible level of corruption in the recent decades (though the situation is improving now), it is logical that some of the corruption and censorship has spread to the Internet as well.

For example, it is known that the biggest Brazilian ISP blocks VoIP services, but it remains unclear whether other websites and services are blocked as well.

But now comes the important question: Did you know that you can get blocked by a website because of your Brazilian IP address? But even more importantly, did you know that you can overcome this obstacle?

Read on to find out how.

Brazil IP Address

What is IP in the first place?

An IP address is a numerical label unique to each device connected to the Internet. If you have ever seen something like this:, you have seen somebody's IP address.

Each country has millions of different IPs which change. This means that one device can have one IP one day, but the next day, it can have a different IP. At the time, Brazil IP address range is from to

If you know your own IP and you are wondering 'Where is this IP address on map?', go to and you will see the exact location of your IP address.

Now, let's get back to explaining the purpose of the IP address. The main function of an IP is to facilitate host or network identification and location addressing. In other words, it serves as a starting or ending point of each online request.

When you send an email to your friend, the message travels from your device to theirs, which means from one IP address to another. All IP addresses reveal the location of the servers behind them. So, when you surf the web from Brazil, your target website server can recognize that your request comes from this country.

But what happens when you combine your Brazil IP address with proxy?

Patience, my friend. You will find out very soon.

Web Proxy Sao Paulo

As we said, when you surf the web from Sao Paulo or any other place in Brazil, your IP address is automatically detected and a decision is made.

But who makes the decision? And what is being decided?

First, the decision is made by either your target website server or a server in your own country. One or both of them will decide if you are allowed to access the website.

The website server has settings based on which it accepts requests from some countries and denies requests from other countries. On the other hand, if a certain website is censored in your country, the server in your home country will deny you access.

And there you go, by answering the first question, we also answered the second one. The decision is this: you will be allowed to access the website or you won't.

Now, a logical question is: Can you do anything about it?

Of course you can. With our help, you can do anything. And to do anything, you need a proxy.

Brazil Proxy

What if we told you that you can access any website in the world and never be blocked again? Ever.

Well, you may not believe us at the moment, but it is true. And you can do it very soon, even today if you want.

If your Brazil IP address is blocked because it is located in Brazil, then you should get an IP located in another country, right?

You can do this by connecting to a proxy server located in a foreign country. When you do this, this server will send all your requests to the Internet. In other words, it will mask your IP and act as your point of entry. This will make you anonymous and therefore, your target website server or a server in your country will not be able to block you.

Then, if you want to surf just like back in the old days when you had no proxy, you just need to change IP to Brazil and you're back. But trust us, once you try our premium proxies, you will not want to go back to your regular server.

Contact GeoSurf today and get the best proxies in the world.

Flag of France - Button on Black Computer Keyboard

France Proxy

Since 1994, Internet in France has been available to general public. However, it was only in the mid-2000s that it became widespread. As of 2015, a little bit over 83% of the French were using the Internet.

There is intense competition between French Internet service providers, which has resulted in the introduction of better services regarding ADSL, VDSL2 and FFTX networks.

As the birthplace of democracy, France promotes freedom of speech and press. This pertains to the Internet as well, but this country still had to introduce some Internet censorship to block websites with illegal content.

However, over the recent years, Internet freedom seems to have been more and more limited. This is the reason why some French people want to change things and regain unlimited access to legal sites they once used to have.

For the time being, it is up to individuals to solve this problem in their own way. Today, we are going to tell you how to do this.

What Is France Proxy 8080?

Your computer has a lot of ports for Internet use. And when we say a lot, we really mean a lot ‒ thousands of them.

A port is a point of access used for a specific purpose. For example, your computer will use one type of ports for sending email, another type for receiving it and yet another for your web browser.

One of the ports your web browser uses is port 80. Now, some providers want to prevent people who use the connection for commercial web service from paying for a cheaper home connection. That is why the restrict access on port 80.

However, port 8080 is generally used for a personally hosted web server when the Internet service provider wants to prevent you from using the web for non-commercial purposes. So, if an ISP wants to restrict the use to a French IP address example, they will add port 8080 so that the device behind this IP is not able to use the web for non-commercial purposes.

If you want to host your website on your computer, you will find it is better to do it on port 80 so that people who want to connect to your device don’t have to add a port number to the end of your www address.

To overcome this barrier, use any port you like. Port 8080 is only the default second choice since it repeats the same two digits.

Proxy France Gratuit

All you English speakers, do you know what this subheading means? Yes, the Anglo-French war may still be ringing in your head, but come on, you should know this one.

It’s very easy. It means ‘free proxy France’. And it sounds even better in English because you know it’s about free proxies. Am I right?

But don’t fall into this trap. Free proxies are not a sustainable solution.

There are many proxy providers like France Proxy XYZ which may seem like a good option for a while. After all, they are free.

But free proxies are unreliable, slow and unsafe. How would you react if you were browsing with a slow connection and your sensitive information gets stolen just before the connection breaks? That is exactly what can happen when you use free proxies.

We absolutely advise against using this type of proxies because they can do you much more harm than good.

We can offer you a much better solution, a key that will open all doors for you ‒ France web proxy.

France Web Proxy

GeoSurf is the best proxy provider you will find. Period.

We can help you connect to many IPs in the world, access any website and view any content on the web. It doesn’t matter if the website you want to access is located in the US, China or Brazil. With us, you can always expect the best service and professional customer support.

When you browse from France, you may not be able to visit all websites you want. But with GeoSurf proxies, this is no longer a problem. Our proxies are everything that free proxies are not ‒ fast, stable and secure.

When you get a France proxy from us, you will have a fast and stable connection while remaining anonymous and safe. This means that you will enjoy your seamless browsing activities and be untouchable for any hacker in the world.

In addition, if you want to use a France proxy browser, we got you covered. Our GeoSurf toolbar gives you the option to get your proxy browsing to an even higher level. With it, you can choose which country you want to browse from, whether you want to delete or keep cookies and cache, change IP rotation time, as well as see what the content looks like on different devices.

Contact us today to get the best France web proxy and get your browsing experience to a perfect level.

Internet technology and programming in Finland round shape background with linear icons set. Html, php and code circle pattern with line style icons with Finland flag

Finland Proxy

Finland is another Scandinavian country with a great standard of living, social and economic situation. It is the land of Santa Claus and saunas, snow and ice.

But there are more reasons to respect this country. In 2010, Finland became the very first country in the world to make Internet access a legal right. The largest Internet service providers in Finland are Sonera, Elisa and DNA, which provide the residents of this country with a great Internet connection.

On the other hand, Internet censorship has been a matter of debate in Finland, with some ISPs using a voluntary censorship list provided by the police. Even though it is mostly websites with illegal content that have been blocked, the thing that raised debate was the fact that this list is secret, so nobody can actually say what the exact criteria for censorship are. 

Naturally, this resulted in the public opinion that the list could be used for any censorship. And because of that, Finnish people don’t believe that they are given the opportunity to access all information they need.

Internet censorship is a huge issue in many countries around the world. But luckily, there are simple ways to overcome it.

The best way to do it is to use a proxy server.

Suomi Proxy

‘Suomi’ is a Finnish word for ‘Finland’. Its origins are uncertain, but the source is probably the Proto-Baltic word ‘*źemē’, which means ‘land’.

But what is a proxy?

A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your Finland IP address and the Internet. In other words, when you connect to a proxy server, it takes over all requests and acts as your own IP, sending your requests to your target website.

Proxy servers are like a bridge that helps you cross a river. Just like you are not able to jump over the river, you are not able to access a certain website. The reason for this is that your target website server or your ISP server recognizes your IP address and blocks you based on your location.

And this is when the proxy server enters the stage. It masks your real IP and acts as the bridge to your target website. Consequently, your target website thinks that the proxy IP is your real IP and it allows you access.

If you want to access a U.S. website, you connect to a proxy located in the US. In case you need to view content on a Chinese website, the only thing you need to do is get a proxy in China. That is the simplest way to access all websites that you can’t access when you browse with Finnish IP.

So, to sum up, ‘Suomi proxy’ means ‘Finnish proxy’.

How to Choose a Proxy

Nowadays, there are more and more people who use proxies. As a result, the number of proxy providers is steadily increasing and there is no quality control that could check what kind of proxies there are on the market.

For example, Glype Proxy is a web-based proxy script written in PHP. It is widely used in Finland by people who want to bypass censorship and remain anonymous while surfing the Internet

However, there have been some complaints about this proxy, particularly about the fact that it requires some special PHP skills to run. All in all, it is rather complicated to use, which can take a lot of time and effort.

In addition, there are numerous web proxy providers that appeared on the market and disappeared not long after.

One of them is PdtS Web Proxy, which used to be a well-known proxy provider. However, it is not available anymore, probably because it offered low-quality proxies.

There are a number of such proxy providers that simply cannot keep up with their customers’ needs and requirements.

We recommend you to be careful when choosing your proxy provider because this is a decision that can make or break your proxy browsing experience.

Instead of wanting to save money, getting a cheap and bad proxy and paying with your nerves later, we advise you to invest more money initially and enjoy using a top-quality proxy server instead.

What Is the Best Finland Proxy?

The best Finnish proxy is not only the one that will get you anywhere you want to go. No, it takes much more than that to win this title.

What is the first thing you notice when surfing the web? Well, of course, speed. So, number one factor is the speed of your proxy connection.

Next thing is the stability your connection. The last thing you want is to load the website quickly and then snap!... the connection breaks. For this reason, you want to get a reliable proxy.

And the last thing, the most important one, is the safety that your proxy offers. Whatever you do on the web, you want to remain safe, and this is exactly what our proxies can provide.

Contact GeoSurf today to get your premium Finland proxy.


Scenic summer sunset view of Nyhavn pier with color buildings, ships, yachts and other boats in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark Proxy

Denmark is definitely one of the most developed countries in the world ‒ both economically and socially.

If somebody asked you to define a perfect country in one word based on these two criteria, you would say ‘Denmark’ without even having to think.

The standard of living in Denmark is extremely high, including health care, prosperity, education, civil liberties and many other factors. Also, income equality, low level of corruption and high per capita income place Denmark among the top countries in the world.

Another thing that makes you respect and admire Denmark is the fact that in 2012, 99.9% of all companies and households in this country had an Internet broadband connection.

Sounds impressive, right? Well done, Denmark! 

But is everything really as perfect as it seems?

Read this article to find out about the problems Danish people face on the web and the best way to solve them.

Internet Censorship

Since 1849, censorship in Denmark has been prohibited by the Constitution. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to the Internet.

Even though the Internet connection in Denmark is close to perfect, in 2017 the Danish Ministry of Justice passed a law that allows for very broad power to block websites.

This, combined with the fact that Danes are blocked by some foreign websites, leads us to the conclusion that, after all, ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’.

If you live in Denmark, you know what we are talking about. Even if you don’t, there are so many countries that face the same issues, so the fact that you are not alone may ease your pain.

But to ease the pain means to treat the symptom. What if you could treat the cause instead and solve this problem right away?

We have good news. GeoSurf can offer you the best solution to the problem you are facing.

This solution is called residential proxy.

Denmark Proxy IP

Have you ever gone to a foreign country without a passport? Even if you haven’t, you know what would happen if you have. A customs officer would not let you enter the country and you would have to wait there aimlessly or come back with your passport.

This is exactly what happens when you want to access a foreign website that denies access to people living in your home country. The website denies you access, so you need to find another way to gain access.

That is because the website server detects your IP, and the IP address reveals your location. So, to browse with Danish IP is like having no passport. The outcome is the same ‒ access denied.

But unlike in the first situation, you won’t have to go all the way back to get your passport and then come back to cross the border. No, no, no. If you want to easily access foreign websites, the only thing you need is a reliable proxy server.

Have you heard of proxy servers? If not, read on to learn what they do.

A proxy server takes over your request and sends it to your target website. This way, your IP remains a secret to your target website server or the server in Denmark that prohibits access to your target website.

So, your new Denmark proxy IP is basically like a passport that you can use to get to a foreign website/country.

Plus, you can find a proxy very easily. There are a number of proxy providers that you can find online.

But wait. When choosing your proxy provider, it is essential that you choose wisely.

GeoSurf DK Proxy

Finding a proxy server is easy. But finding a high-quality proxy is everything but easy.

There are all kinds of proxies and proxy providers out there, so you need to tread carefully.

First, you have free proxies. These are usually public proxies that you can find in certain places in your city. However, they are unreliable, slow and unsafe. Also, they will show you hundreds of ads while you are browsing.

Next, you have various proxy providers that sell cheap and low-quality proxies. They use their low prices to attract new customers but don’t really care how these proxies are going to work. Well, we do care and we want to tell you that these proxies have a poor connection which can fail you anytime.

And finally, you have premium proxy providers like GeoSurf. We offer nothing but top-notch proxies. Our proxies are reliable, safe and superfast, and they leave nothing to be desired.

GeoSurf has more than 2 million proxies in over 130 countries worldwide. We care about your safety and browsing experience. When you get your Denmark proxy from GeoSurf, you will never want to use any other proxy.

So, if you are ready for the ultimate proxy server, contact us today.

Prague, Charles Bridge and Old Townl. Czech Republic

Czech Republic Proxy

The Czechs are known for many things.

We all know that Czechs produce great beer. Indeed, they have so many different types of beer and most of them have incredible taste and quality.

Prague is an old city full of ancient buildings and beautiful architectural solutions. An interesting fact about Prague is that it has never been bombed, so most of its history can be relived by simply looking at its buildings, bridges and streets.

And of course, one more thing that Czechs are well known for is the Internet. Actually, no. But the Internet coverage in the Czech Republic is decent, with 7.6 million Internet users across the country, which is 75% of the population.

Also, the Czech government does not practice Internet censorship (apart from the websites that promote illegal content), while freedom of speech and press are generally supported by the law.

The biggest mobile Internet providers in this country are T Mobile, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone, all of which are famous international companies, which says a lot about the quality of the Internet that Czech people get to enjoy.

Czech Web Proxy

When you look at all the information that we mentioned, you would say that web users in this country face no problems at all. But you would be wrong.

In this country, like in many others, Internet users encounter a number of issues on a daily basis. They find themselves unable to enter some foreign websites, order their favorite sneakers or clothes from abroad, or accomplish some of their work tasks.

Most people get discouraged when they face such problems because they are extremely frustrating and persistent. In such situations, users are powerless and there is no point in restarting their router or doing anything along those lines because they can’t change anything.

The truth is that problem lies in your IP address. Your Czech IP address reveals a lot of information about you like your location, your Internet service provider, and so on.

When you send a request to your target website, its server recognizes your IP and decides to grant you access or deny it. So, if you send a request from a country which is blocked by the website server, you won’t be able to get to the content found on the website.

Similarly, if you stay on a particular website for too long in order to complete a business task, this will be viewed as a suspicious activity and, again, you may get blocked.

Now, you might think that this problem is quite complex, but don’t be too hasty. Wait until you read how you can solve it and you will definitely change your mind.

When you use a proxy server, you can connect to another IP anywhere in the world. As a consequence, your Czech IP address will be masked and your target website server will be able to detect only the proxy server you are connected to.

Compared to your regular server, this will give you anonymity, as well as additional security. Once you use Ceska proxy, you will never want to go back to your regular server.

Ceske Proxy Server Zdarma

For all of you who don’t speak Czech, this means ‘Free Czech Proxy Server’.

Free public proxies are free. And public. And that is pretty much where it all ends.

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Prague and having to do some ad verification really quickly. It’s your day off, but hey, your boss kindly asked you to do it. Plus, it’s just a five-minute task.

So, you connect to a public proxy and start viewing your ads on your mobile phone. But, the connection is too slow and you can’t do anything about it. Plus, you see a lot of irrelevant ads because you are using free proxies.

Finally, and most importantly, you should know that public proxies are not too safe, so an average hacker wouldn’t have to break a sweat to steal your credentials. Now, what would your boss say if that happened?

These are just some of the reasons why you should think twice before connecting to a free public proxy. This type of proxies is only good for basic online activities like chatting on Viber, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Apart from that, we advise you to stay away from public proxies.

GeoSurf Proxies

When you browse with Czech IP, you may access all or most of Czech websites with great success.

However, if you need to access Netflix to watch a movie or the latest episode of your favorite show, your access may be denied. In the best case scenario, you will get access to a second-rate version of the website which does not offer all the shows or episodes that your American peers get to watch.

If you want to put an end to this, there is only one option ‒ get a private dedicated proxy. GeoSurf will be happy to provide you with a premium Czech Republic proxy that will get you to all websites you want to access.

Scenic beach in Komiza village waterfront, Island of Vis, Croatia

Croatia Proxy

The beginning of the Internet in Croatia dates back to 1992. And since this country became a member of the European Union in 2013, its Internet coverage has significantly improved.

As of 2016, a little bit over 74% of people in Croatia had an Internet connection at home, work, school or from their mobile devices. 

But considering that Croatia is a European country and a fairly new member of the EU, it still has some problems with accessing certain websites.

Even though there is no official Internet censorship in Croatia, people who live in this country often find that their requests have been blocked by their target website.

Is there a way to solve this? And if there is, how can you do that?

These are exactly the questions that we are going to answer in this article. Read on to find out more about the best way to unlock any website you want.

Croatia IP Address

Are you familiar with the concept of geoblocking?

This is a very simple concept and you can probably guess what it means by only looking at the word ‒ you get blocked because of your geographical location.

Each IP address is made of numbers which reveal the location of the device behind it. When a website that you want to access recognizes your IP address, it decides to allow or deny you access based on your geolocation. 

You see? Very simple.

But although the concept is very simple, it can turn into a stressful practice which seems not to have an end.

When you browse with Croatian IPs, you can get blocked by dozens of websites, all of them showing you nothing but a blank page. If you are really lucky, you may get a message on the screen saying that they are sorry because their content is blocked in your country.

But who cares about this message anyway? After all, you just want to enter that website and get to its content.

To do this, you will need to connect to an international proxy server. Only with it can you be sure that no website will block your request ever again.

Hrvatski Proxy Server

In case you are wondering what this subheading means, it means ‘Croatian Proxy Server’.

Ali ako ste iz Hrvatske, nema potrebe objašnjavati vam to.

That meant: But if you are from Croatia, there is no need to explain that to you.

Now, you might wonder how we learned to speak Croatian. It’s a long story and not really relevant to our topic, so let’s skip it for now, shall we?

Anyhow, when you connect to an international proxy server from Croatia, there will literally be no limits for you when it comes to web browsing.

If you want to access a website based in the UK, for instance, you only need to connect to a proxy server located in the UK and you’re halfway there. By the way, the other half is much easier and it only requires you to do the same thing you were doing all that time when you didn’t have a proxy ‒ google the website and click on it. And that’s it, now you can load the website. Piece of cake!

On the other hand, if you want to access a Croatian website from another country, you will need to follow the same steps but with a different proxy. In this case, you will have to change IP to Croatia and surf the web to find your target website. However, the result will be the same and you will be able to load your target website in the blink of an eye.

Proxy Croatia

We want to say one thing to all of you Croatians who are reading this article ‒ be wise when choosing your proxy provider.

Yes, proxies are really the best way to solve geoblocking problems, but that doesn’t mean that every proxy is the best proxy.

In general, it is said that private proxies are the most expensive option when it comes to bypassing Internet censorship and getting that evasive website finally open.

And honestly, this is not far from the truth. But compare having to pay more money for a premium quality proxy plan and having to pay with your nerves in the long run just because you wanted to save money initially.

What would you choose?

Of course, private premium proxies are not for everyone. They are designed for people who know how to appreciate a high-quality service and want to enjoy completing their business tasks or simply browse the web with great ease and joy.

If you recognize yourself in this description, it is high time you contacted GeoSurf. We offer premium proxies located around the world. 

To get your Croatia proxy as soon as possible, call GeoSurf today.

Bogota capital of colombia

Colombia Proxy

Our tasks at work and our jobs in general depend on new technologies, especially if you work on a computer. This means that sometimes we face problems which are easy to handle, while sometimes they can be a real pain in the neck.

Are you an SEO engineer who regularly analyzes the competition? 

What if your tasks have to do with ad verification and ensuring that your ads are placed on the right websites? 

Or maybe you were in the middle of a data-mining process when your connection broke and now you are looking for something that will prevent similar things from happening in the future?

If you want to solve these and similar problems, you have three options:

  • a VPN
  • free public proxies
  • private proxies

Each of these options has its advantages, but only one of them gives you a complete service. Read on to learn more about all three options and find out which one is the best.

Colombia VPN

VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’ and it is a type of network used by businesses that need to communicate and exchange data between multiple locations. A good thing about VPNs is that they don’t need their segments to be located in one place, so an international company can make great use of them.

A VPN is tunneled through the Internet, but in its essence, it remains a shared private network because it can be used only by its members. This allows companies to use VPNs for a comparably low price, which is why many of them choose this option.

Nonetheless, virtual private networks usually leave a lot to be desired. Their users have reported numerous issues over the years. Slow navigation, anonymity problems and inexperienced providers are only some of them.

So, if you prefer a perfect service, VPNs are not for you. But don’t lose your spirit. Who knows, you might find what you are looking for by the end of this article.

Proxy de Colombia Gratis

If something is free, it is usually flawed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, but our experience has taught us that most frequently this is the case.

Public proxies are one of those things that are free but unreliable. You can find public proxies in many places in your city. They usually require no password and you can connect to them free of charge.

However, when you use public proxies to surf the web, you get a lot of ads. Also, public proxies decide what kind of ads you see.

We all know that feeling when we can’t properly read the content on a website because it is covered by a number of ads. If you try to recall last time this happened, you will probably remember standing in the street, surfing the web on your phone through a public proxy.

Moreover, if safety is your top priority, we recommend against using free public proxies. Devices connected to this type of proxies can easily get hacked and this is definitely something you should avoid.

Finally, public proxies usually have a low-speed connection. Imagine that you have to access a website urgently but you cannot connect because the public proxy is too slow. Not a nice picture, right?

These are just some of the reasons why you should not use proxy de Colombia gratis.

Colombia Web Proxy

The best option to access all websites you want is to use a Columbia web proxy.

A good proxy server is like a good waiter. Tip him and you will get the best service at the restaurant. It is the same with private proxies ‒ you need to invest some money in them, but the quality that you get is unsurpassable.

If you want to access blocked websites in Colombia, dedicated proxies can make it happen. When you have a proxy, you browse with a Colombian IP address and connect to a U.S. IP address, for example. This allows you to surf the Internet as if you lived in the United States.

Also, a dedicated proxy is very useful if you cannot access a Colombian website from a foreign country. In this case, the proxy lets you practically change your IP address to Colombia and load any Colombian website that you want.

It doesn’t matter what you need the proxy for because whatever you do, a premium dedicated proxy will give you an unforgettable browsing experience. Plus, it will be only yours to use.

If you want to have a fast, stable and secure connection, and be able to access all the websites from and in Colombia, a Colombia proxy is the way to go.

GeoSurf is proud to offer you state-of-the-art proxies that will make you not want to stand up from your computer desk or put away your mobile device. Contact GeoSurf today and get your premium Colombia web proxy.

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US Proxies

The United States is a country of democracy, freedom and human rights. The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech and press. And indeed, you are entitled to your own opinion and can say pretty much anything you want.

But even in this country, there is considerable Internet censorship. This is not so noticeable at the country level, though there are certain websites that do have discriminatory policies. 

However, at the lower levels, such as state- and city-level, people are often denied access to certain websites ‒ usually at work. Some companies are not so fond of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites that tend to distract their employees at work.

In addition, some U.S. websites cannot be accessed by people living in various countries around the globe. Sometimes this is a result of self-censorship (a website server will block access to people living in some foreign countries), while in other instances, the government of a certain country prevents its citizens from accessing certain sites. 

For example, residents of China cannot access Facebook and many other sites which are normally accessible to most other countries in the world.

If you are facing this issue, pay close attention to the information you will read in this article. When you discover the solution we offer, that will be the end of Internet censorship ‒ at least for you.

You Are a Victim of Geoblocking

How many times has this happened: You try to access a website, but all you see is an empty page saying: Sorry, this content is not available in your country.

We feel you. This can be so frustrating. Seriously, sometimes it makes you feel like Don Quixote fighting windmills.

And then, the first thought that crosses your mind is: Wait a minute! Isn’t the Internet democratic? Doesn’t it allow everyone to post information and access what other people have posted?

Sorry for having to disappoint you, but that is not even close to the truth. Certain sites are simply banned in some countries and there is not much you can do about it.

However, ‘not much’ doesn’t mean ‘nothing’.

There are some ways to solve this problem, but first you need to know what causes it.

If you cannot access a U.S. website from China, your request is blocked based on where it came from. Since the website server denied you access because of your geographical location, this phenomenon is called geoblocking.

Now, geoblocking can happen at various levels. As we already mentioned, you might be unable to load a foreign website. But you can also be denied access or prevented from posting on certain pages of a website located in your own country.

A perfect example of this is Craigslist. If you live in New York, you will not be able to post an ad on the San Francisco page.

As you can see, the Internet is full of censorship.

But don’t despair, Don Quixote. Now comes the fun part.

US Web Proxy

When you send a request to your target website, its server automatically recognizes your IP address. Then, based on several factors, including your geographical location, the website server decides whether it will accept or deny your request.

Now, what if we tell you that you can mask your IP address and access the website from another IP address?

Residential IPs can do that for you. When you get the best proxy server, you get access to residential IPs located in the country where your target website is located.

In other words, when you send a request, the residential IP takes over the request and sends it to the website. That way, you remain anonymous and the website server recognizes the residential IP as the start point of the request.

It doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you browse the web through a residential USA proxy, you will have access to websites around the world.

You will be able to access any US proxy site from any part of the world, as well as load every website from the US, no matter where you or the unblocked proxy sites are located. In addition, you will be able to go to Facebook or YouTube on one of those boring days at work when all you do is sit in the office doing nothing.

How to Choose US Web Proxy

Beware of public proxies. They are usually free and always unreliable.

When surfing through a public IP, your personal information can be abused by hackers, which will cost you much more money and stress in the long run. Plus, public proxies have a slow Internet connection.

In addition, public proxies usually decide what kind of ads you see when browsing through them. Finally, you will not be able to perform web scraping because your target website will recognize the public proxy and show you false data or block you.

On the other hand, when you get a dedicated and fast USA proxy, you will never want to give it up. You will be amazed by the reliable connection, incredible security and short response time it offers.

If you are not willing to settle for anything less than high-quality proxies, contact GeoSurf. We will be happy to help you get your best proxy server.

Finally, if you need a US proxy browser, we can offer you our state-of-the-art GeoSurf toolbar. It is a product that we are very proud of since it takes proxy surfing to a whole new level.

Australia SYdney City CBD close up view over harbour waters at sunset dark sky and reflections of city lights in blurred water

Australia Proxy

Even though Australia is not one of the most powerful countries in a traditional sense of the word, Australia has much to be proud of.

It is among the top countries in the world when it comes to the mixed market economy. The standard of living is rather high, with many Australians having a healthy and long life.

Nevertheless, even in Australia, life is not a bed of roses. The Internet speed in this country is definitely not something to boast. In fact, Australia is not even in the first 50 countries in the world in this category. 

When you combine that with the fact that you can get blocked when trying to access some websites, there is not so much to be proud of when it comes to the Internet.

But let’s be fair ‒ Internet censorship is not the problem only in Australia but in the whole world. Like in the rest of the world, some of the blacklisted websites in Australia are torrent and pirate websites, but they are not the only ones.

If you are looking for a way to access blocked websites, you will find it in this article.

Australia Web Proxy

Proxies are servers that act as a gateway between your own server and the Internet. When you use a proxy, each request that you make goes through it before reaching your target website.

When you send a request through a proxy, the server that receives the request recognizes the proxy, not your IP address.

You can use Australian proxy tunnel to browse the web, access blocked websites and many more activities. And the best thing of all is that you will remain anonymous while doing all of these. 

Also, you can choose the location of the proxy you use. Whether you need an Australia Sydney proxy or a proxy in another city like Melbourne, Perth, Victoria, etc., we will be glad to find it for you. As the matter of fact, we don’t even have to look for it since we have thousands of proxies available for Australia.

Now you are probably wondering how the Internet speed in Australia affects our proxies. 

Well, it doesn’t.

GeoSurf proxies are superfast. And not only are they fast, but they also offer stable connection and great reliability.

There is no reason to worry, only to rejoice. Our premium proxies have a proven track record of success.

What Can I Use My AU Proxy For?

This is a great question. But the answer to it is simple and short ‒ everything.

Indeed, you can use your Australian proxy to watch videos on various websites, listen to music, and so on.

In addition, you can browse with Australian IP, use it to access blocked sites, buy limited-edition sneakers and clothes, etc.

But that is only a fraction of all the things you can do with a reliable proxy. Many people use proxies for business purposes and they find them to be very helpful.

SEO engineers love using them for competitive analysis. Your competitor’s website server can recognize suspicious activity and as soon as it does, it will ban your IP and prevent you from accessing it again. In such situations, proxies have proved to be extremely useful since they take over the requests and hide your IP.

The same thing happens with data mining and web scraping. These are time-consuming tasks which are often perceived as illegal. In this case, you want to remain anonymous and be able to complete the task successfully. This is where an AU proxy is irreplaceable.

Finally, if you want to perform ad verification, you need to access your ads from different locations. You can browse from Australia and connect to a German proxy, for example, and your content will show exactly as it would as if you were browsing from Germany.

GeoSurf Proxy 

Australian web proxy allows you to browse with an Australian IP address and access any website around the world. You can load Australian websites from another country as well as access a foreign website from Australia.

However, if you want to take your proxy experience to a whole new level, we recommend that you try our GeoSurf Toolbar. This is a browser extension which allows you to integrate your proxies into your favorite browser.

This proxy add-on gives you an opportunity to choose between proxies located in different countries. Therefore, you can set proxy to Australia or any other country in the list.

Moreover, you can select your preferred rotation time. This can come in handy when you want to use rotational IPs. The IPs can change with each request you make or at regular intervals.

If you are using proxies for ad verification, the mobile emulator option is perfect for viewing your content on various devices. Also, you can take a screenshot to see how the content shows in different countries.

Finally, you can delete all cookies and cache data with just one click. But you can also make an exception for certain websites and keep the cookies and cache.

Don’t waste any more time with your slow Internet connection. Get Your GeoSurf AU proxy to browse from Australia or access Australian websites to your heart’s content.