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Posted at April 23, 2019 in Proxy 101, Residential proxy network

As proxy servers are becoming more and more popular, there is an increasing number of people wondering about their purpose.

“A proxy server is used for which of the following: web surfing, domain hosting, or some other purpose?”

A long time ago, to better describe the concept of a proxy server in our article, we told a story. It was about a lawyer representing a person in court in order for the person to appear more legitimate before the judge. We said that if you want to enjoy all benefits of a fair legal process, your best bet is to be represented by an expert who knows how things should be done.

Likewise, if you want to appear strong and legit in the cyber world, you need to use a proxy server, especially if you use the Internet for business purposes.


As you probably know, a proxy server is a machine that hides your real IP address and acts as your new point of entry to the web.

And if you have been wondering when you need a proxy, you probably want to know the reasons why you should use it.

Here is why you want to use proxy servers:


As we have already said, the main reason why people use proxies is to hide their IP addresses. If you don’t want your target website server to detect that your request is coming from your IP, using a proxy is the best thing you can do.


Using dedicated proxies is more secure than using your own server. They are specifically designed to block malicious activities and act as a shield for the person using it.


Furthermore, a proxy server is faster than your current server. If you need to complete a certain activity in a short time, you definitely want to use one of these superfast machines.


When you are browsing and just about to make an important transaction, the last thing you want to happen is that your Internet connection breaks. Proxies provide a stable connection, enabling you to surf the web and be completely carefree about the quality of the connection.


Now that you know the reasons why people use proxies, we will mention some activities when they are simply irreplaceable.


If you are an SEO expert, you know how time-consuming competition analysis can be. But you also know that your competitor’s website server can block you if you stay there for too long.

In this case, a proxy can mask your IP and let you find out everything you need to know. That is why many SEO engineers use proxies ‒ to do their job freely and successfully.


Everybody who deals with data mining knows that it is a complicated process. Just like SEO, it takes time and effort, and it is absolutely crucial that you don’t have to worry about getting blocked.

To avoid this, you can use proxies and gather patterns of data to your heart’s content.


If you cannot access a U.S. website from your country, this is a result of geoblocking. The website server can recognize where the request is coming from and consequently block it.

To circumvent this issue, you can connect to a proxy server located in the same country as your target website server. This way, you can access any website you want.


It’s pretty self explanatory but still worth mentioning. Companies who run some email validation services normally take unprecedented amounts of money just to validate email of potential prospects. Email validation is the simple process of ‘pinging’ an email address to verify it is actually working.


Now, this is a special thing. The use of bots for various purposes has become increasingly popular. People use them to buy sneakers, manage Instagram profiles, etc.

Bots are automated tools that can make a lot of requests in a short time. Therefore, servers can recognize them as robots (which they are) and block their access.

In this case, people use rotating proxies. They rotate in intervals or with each new request, so neither of them remains active long enough to be recognized as suspicious.

As you can see, people use proxies for daily online activities, business tasks and many more things. As the matter of fact, some even use it for law-breaking activities.

However, even though proxy servers can be used for illegal purposes too, we highly recommend you not to do this.


Now that you know why and when to use proxy servers, you should also know where to get them. This is much more important than you think. There are so many proxy providers who offer low-quality proxies, which is why you need to be careful and do your research thoroughly.

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Our proxies are reliable, fast and secure. No matter why you need to use them, they will enable you to do all your tasks safely, quickly and successfully.