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25 Jun

Even though Australia is not one of the most powerful countries in a traditional sense of the word, Australia has much to be proud of.

It is among the top countries in the world when it comes to the mixed market economy. The standard of living is rather high, with many Australians having a healthy and long life.

Nevertheless, even in Australia, life is not a bed of roses. The Internet speed in this country is definitely not something to boast. In fact, Australia is not even in the first 50 countries in the world in this category.

When you combine that with the fact that you can get blocked when trying to access some websites, there is not so much to be proud of when it comes to the Internet.

But let’s be fair ‒ Internet censorship is not the problem only in Australia but in the whole world. Like in the rest of the world, some of the blacklisted websites in Australia are torrent and pirate websites, but they are not the only ones.

If you are looking for a way to access blocked websites, you will find it in this article.

Australia Web Proxy

Proxies are servers that act as a gateway between your own server and the Internet. When you use a proxy, each request that you make goes through it before reaching your target website.

When you send a request through a proxy, the server that receives the request recognizes the proxy, not your IP address.

You can use Australian proxy tunnel to browse the web, access blocked websites and many more activities. And the best thing of all is that you will remain anonymous while doing all of these.

Also, you can choose the location of the proxy you use. Whether you need an Australia Sydney proxy or a proxy in another city like Melbourne, Perth, Victoria, etc., we will be glad to find it for you. As the matter of fact, we don’t even have to look for it since we have thousands of proxies available for Australia.

Now you are probably wondering how the Internet speed in Australia affects our proxies.

Well, it doesn’t.

GeoSurf proxies are superfast. And not only are they fast, but they also offer stable connection and great reliability.

There is no reason to worry, only to rejoice. Our premium proxies have a proven track record of success.

What Can I Use My AU Proxy For?

This is a great question. But the answer to it is simple and short ‒ everything.

Indeed, you can use your Australian proxy to watch videos on various websites, listen to music, and so on.

In addition, you can browse with Australian IP, use it to access blocked sites, buy limited-edition sneakers and clothes, etc.

But that is only a fraction of all the things you can do with a reliable proxy. Many people use proxies for business purposes and they find them to be very helpful.

SEO engineers love using them for competitive analysis. Your competitor’s website server can recognize suspicious activity and as soon as it does, it will ban your IP and prevent you from accessing it again. In such situations, proxies have proved to be extremely useful since they take over the requests and hide your IP.

The same thing happens with data mining and web scraping. These are time-consuming tasks which are often perceived as illegal. In this case, you want to remain anonymous and be able to complete the task successfully. This is where an AU proxy is irreplaceable.

Finally, if you want to perform ad verification, you need to access your ads from different locations. You can browse from Australia and connect to a German proxy, for example, and your content will show exactly as it would as if you were browsing from Germany.

GeoSurf Proxy

Australian web proxy allows you to browse with an Australian IP address and access any website around the world. You can load Australian websites from another country as well as access a foreign website from Australia.

However, if you want to take your proxy experience to a whole new level, we recommend that you try our GeoSurf Toolbar. This is a browser extension which allows you to integrate your proxies into your favorite browser.

This proxy add-on gives you an opportunity to choose between proxies located in different countries. Therefore, you can set proxy to Australia or any other country in the list.

Moreover, you can select your preferred rotation time. This can come in handy when you want to use rotational IPs. The IPs can change with each request you make or at regular intervals.

If you are using proxies for ad verification, the mobile emulator option is perfect for viewing your content on various devices. Also, you can take a screenshot to see how the content shows in different countries.

Finally, you can delete all cookies and cache data with just one click. But you can also make an exception for certain websites and keep the cookies and cache.

Don’t waste any more time with your slow Internet connection. Get Your GeoSurf AU proxy to browse from Australia or access Australian websites to your heart’s content.

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