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Bruges cityscape, Belgium
20 Jun

Belgium is well known for the quality of Internet it offers to its residents. It has great Internet infrastructure, with a very high percentage of Internet users (8.6 million or 82% of the population), mobile broadband users (3.5 million users or 33.7% of the population), fixed broadband users (3.6 million subscribers or 34.1% of the population) and as many as 5.2 million Internet hosts.

The Internet speed in Belgium is admirable, ranging from 20 Mbit/s to 500 Mbit/s, while upload speeds range from 512 kbit/s to 40 Mbit/s.

In addition, it should be mentioned that Belgium regularly takes action against Internet crime and it filters various websites which host content that is illegal in the eyes of Belgian law.

However, even in this country, there are certain issues related to the Internet. A number of Belgians cannot access certain legal and legitimate websites, which is a big shame for a country with such a high quality of the Internet. In addition, residents of other countries can be banned from certain Belgian sites.

This censorship can be fought in many ways, but we prefer to circumvent it. And you will share our opinion when you discover Belgium web proxy.

Web Proxy Server Belgium

A proxy server hides your real Belgium IP address and makes you anonymous.

But what does this mean? And how is it possible?

It is very simple. When you connect to a proxy server, it takes over all your requests and directs them to your target website, whatever the website may be. In other words, it serves as an intermediary between you and the Internet.

This way, neither your target website server can recognize where the request is coming from nor the server in your country can follow the request to its final destination. Instead, the website server will recognize the proxy as the starting point of the request and the domestic server will think that proxy is your final target.

Brilliant, right?

That is why you can use a surf proxy for simple web surfing, watching videos on Netflix, and so on.

But you can also use a Belgium proxy for more advanced activities. Many people across the world use them for business purposes such as SEO, ad verification and data mining.

All of these are activities that require you to either access foreign websites (some of which may block you) or remain active on a certain website for a long time (which can be easily recognized as a suspicious activity and, again, get you blocked).

When you use a Belgium residential web proxy, getting blocked is virtually impossible.

What is a VPN Proxy?

Actually, there is no such thing as a VPN proxy. You either use a proxy or a VPN.

A VPN (virtual private network) is a network that is tunneled through a wide area network, usually across the Internet. In other words, it doesn’t require its segments to be located in one place (city or country).

This type of network is often used by businesses when they need to communicate across multiple locations. For example, if a multinational company has offices in several countries around the world, it can make use of a VPN to send data via the Internet.

Also, some individual users have VPN accounts with their companies, which enables them to connect to their office computer and work remotely.

If a company wants to improve the network safety, it can use a VPN with an encrypted connection.

However, due to many drawbacks, VPNs often leave their users dissatisfied. For example, VPN users have encountered problems with anonymity, slow navigation, limits for VPNs used on mobile devices, inexperienced providers and an insufficient number of servers for some providers.

Even though using VPNs is more affordable for companies, it can lead to many problems which often mean a higher cost in the long run, and not only regarding money.

GeoSurf Proxies

Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp… Whichever city or town in Belgium you live in, you will definitely benefit from using our proxies.

We have a long Belgim proxy list which you can use both to access foreign websites from Belgium and Belgian websites from abroad.

As the matter of fact, we have over 2 million residential IPs in 130 countries around the world, so there is really no need to worry about being able to access a website no matter where it is located.

In addition, you can use GeoSurf proxies for numerous purposes: browsing the web, copping sneakers and clothes, using social media, watching unavailable YouTube videos, data mining, ad verification, SEO, and so on and so forth.

If you want to enjoy doing all or some of these online activities, you will need high-quality proxies. And when you get a Belgium proxy from GeoSurf, you will see what exactly ‘high-quality’ means.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact GeoSurf today.

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