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17 Jul

It was in 1988 that the Internet was launched in Brazil and it was introduced to the general public in 1995. In the beginning, it largely depended on the federal government efforts, but since 1998, the competition among private companies like Telemar, Telefonica and Brasil Telecom has resulted in the better quality of Internet, lower costs and widespread availability.

Nowadays, everybody knows of the Brazilian Internet phenomenon, which relates to the massive adoption of an Internet service by people living in Brazil. The number of Brazilians who use the web exceeds other nationalities using the service, including the US. As of 2004, Brazilians were the nation that spent the most time on the web.

However, since Brazil has seen an incredible level of corruption in the recent decades (though the situation is improving now), it is logical that some of the corruption and censorship has spread to the Internet as well.

For example, it is known that the biggest Brazilian ISP blocks VoIP services, but it remains unclear whether other websites and services are blocked as well.

But now comes the important question: Did you know that you can get blocked by a website because of your Brazilian IP address? But even more importantly, did you know that you can overcome this obstacle?

Read on to find out how.

Brazil IP Address

What is IP in the first place?

An IP address is a numerical label unique to each device connected to the Internet. If you have ever seen something like this:, you have seen somebody’s IP address.

Each country has millions of different IPs which change. This means that one device can have one IP one day, but the next day, it can have a different IP. At the time, Brazil IP address range is from to

If you know your own IP and you are wondering ‘Where is this IP address on map?’, go to and you will see the exact location of your IP address.

Now, let’s get back to explaining the purpose of the IP address. The main function of an IP is to facilitate host or network identification and location addressing. In other words, it serves as a starting or ending point of each online request.

When you send an email to your friend, the message travels from your device to theirs, which means from one IP address to another. All IP addresses reveal the location of the servers behind them. So, when you surf the web from Brazil, your target website server can recognize that your request comes from this country.

But what happens when you combine your Brazil IP address with proxy?

Patience, my friend. You will find out very soon.

Web Proxy Sao Paulo

As we said, when you surf the web from Sao Paulo or any other place in Brazil, your IP address is automatically detected and a decision is made.

But who makes the decision? And what is being decided?

First, the decision is made by either your target website server or a server in your own country. One or both of them will decide if you are allowed to access the website.

The website server has settings based on which it accepts requests from some countries and denies requests from other countries. On the other hand, if a certain website is censored in your country, the server in your home country will deny you access.

And there you go, by answering the first question, we also answered the second one. The decision is this: you will be allowed to access the website or you won’t.

Now, a logical question is: Can you do anything about it?

Of course you can. With our help, you can do anything. And to do anything, you need a proxy.

Brazil Proxy

What if we told you that you can access any website in the world and never be blocked again? Ever.

Well, you may not believe us at the moment, but it is true. And you can do it very soon, even today if you want.

If your Brazil IP address is blocked because it is located in Brazil, then you should get an IP located in another country, right?

You can do this by connecting to a proxy server located in a foreign country. When you do this, this server will send all your requests to the Internet. In other words, it will mask your IP and act as your point of entry. This will make you anonymous and therefore, your target website server or a server in your country will not be able to block you.

Then, if you want to surf just like back in the old days when you had no proxy, you just need to change IP to Brazil and you’re back. But trust us, once you try our premium proxies, you will not want to go back to your regular server.

Contact GeoSurf today and get the best proxies in the world!

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