Choosing between GeoSurf and Overplay ( VPN and Proxy Services

13 Nov

When comparing two services like GeoSurf and Overplay, please consider the following:

Proxy Countries:  While Overplay offers proxy locations in 48 countries, GeoSurf’s selection is much broader at 80+ locations!  Only GeoSurf will provide you proxy service in Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, or Vietnam.

Proxies in US Demographic Market Areas:  Many of our customers target their advertising within the US, that is, they serve different ads and content to users from New York than to users from San Francisco.  Overplay does not offer these locations.  GeoSurf provides DMA-level proxies in the following locations: Atlanta (GA), Boston (MA), Charlotte (NC), Chicago (IL), Columbus (OH), Dallas (TX), Denver (CO), Durham (NC), Houston (TX), Kansas City (MO), Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), Mclean (VA), Miami (FL), Minneapolis (MN), New Orleans (LA), New York (NY), Philadelphia (PA), Phoenix (AZ), Portland (OR), Sacramento (CA), San Diego (CA), San Francisco (CA), Seattle (WA), and St Louis (MO).

Usability:  Only GeoSurf has the easy-to-use option of a browser toolbar.  Like Overplay, GeoSurf does also have VPN service for users who need to change the IP configuration of the entire machine, but GeoSurf offers the browser toolbar, as well as advanced options like GeoSurf for Smartphone Connections and Direct Connect API.

In addition, the toolbar offers a mobile and browser emulator, which allows users to emulate not only different locations, but different browsers or mobile devices too!

Speed:  Many users who have tried both proxy services report back that the GeoSurf proxies are the fastest in the industry.  GeoSurf’s proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology ensures that each user gets the fastest possible connection from each gateway on our premium proxy network.

Advertising Insights:  Possibly the greatest advantage of GeoSurf is that it is created for Online Advertising Professionals.  As such, in addition to the simple proxy capabilities, GeoSurf provides Comprehensive Interactive reports through its unrivaled GeoSurf Plus feature.  Simply browse to a desired website, and with a click, easily uncover its entire advertising eco-system, including campaigns’ creatives and landing pages, networks and agencies involved in the deployment of each campaign, statistical share of voice information, and much, much more.

In conclusion, if you are faced with a decision between GeoSurf and Overplay, GeoSurf offers more country proxies, US DMA proxies, an easy-to-use browser toolbar, advanced features like GeoSurf for Apple/Android Smartphones and Direct Connect API, faster connection speeds, and advanced advertising insights.

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