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Colombia proxy

Colombia proxy

Posted at June 28, 2018 in Country reports

Our tasks at work and our jobs in general depend on new technologies, especially if you work on a computer. This means that sometimes we face problems which are easy to handle, while sometimes they can be a real pain in the neck.

Are you an SEO engineer who regularly analyzes the competition?

What if your tasks have to do with ad verification and ensuring that your ads are placed on the right websites?

Or maybe you were in the middle of a data-mining process when your connection broke and now you are looking for something that will prevent similar things from happening in the future?

If you want to solve these and similar problems, you have three options:

  • a VPN
  • free public proxies
  • private proxies

Each of these options has its advantages, but only one of them gives you a complete service. Read on to learn more about all three options and find out which one is the best.


VPN stands for ‘virtual private network’ and it is a type of network used by businesses that need to communicate and exchange data between multiple locations. A good thing about VPNs is that they don’t need their segments to be located in one place, so an international company can make great use of them.

A VPN is tunneled through the Internet, but in its essence, it remains a shared private network because it can be used only by its members. This allows companies to use VPNs for a comparably low price, which is why many of them choose this option.

Nonetheless, virtual private networks usually leave a lot to be desired. Their users have reported numerous issues over the years. Slow navigation, anonymity problems and inexperienced providers are only some of them.

So, if you prefer a perfect service, VPNs are not for you. But don’t lose your spirit. Who knows, you might find what you are looking for by the end of this article.


If something is free, it is usually flawed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, but our experience has taught us that most frequently this is the case.

Public proxies are one of those things that are free but unreliable. You can find public proxies in many places in your city. They usually require no password and you can connect to them free of charge.

However, when you use public proxies to surf the web, you get a lot of ads. Also, public proxies decide what kind of ads you see.

We all know that feeling when we can’t properly read the content on a website because it is covered by a number of ads. If you try to recall last time this happened, you will probably remember standing in the street, surfing the web on your phone through a public proxy.

Moreover, if safety is your top priority, we recommend against using free public proxies. Devices connected to this type of proxies can easily get hacked and this is definitely something you should avoid.

Finally, public proxies usually have a low-speed connection. Imagine that you have to access a website urgently but you cannot connect because the public proxy is too slow. Not a nice picture, right?

These are just some of the reasons why you should not use proxy de Colombia gratis.


The best option to access all websites you want is to use a Columbia web proxy.

A good proxy server is like a good waiter. Tip him and you will get the best service at the restaurant. It is the same with private proxies ‒ you need to invest some money in them, but the quality that you get is unsurpassable.

If you want to access blocked websites in Colombia, dedicated proxies can make it happen. When you have a proxy, you browse with a Colombian IP address and connect to a U.S. IP address, for example. This allows you to surf the Internet as if you lived in the United States.

Also, a dedicated proxy is very useful if you cannot access a Colombian website from a foreign country. In this case, the proxy lets you practically change your IP address to Colombia and load any Colombian website that you want.

It doesn’t matter what you need the proxy for because whatever you do, a premium dedicated proxy will give you an unforgettable browsing experience. Plus, it will be only yours to use.

If you want to have a fast, stable and secure connection, and be able to access all the websites from and in Colombia, a Colombia proxy is the way to go.

GeoSurf is proud to offer you state-of-the-art proxies that will make you not want to stand up from your computer desk or put away your mobile device. Contact GeoSurf today and get your premium Colombia web proxy.