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Prague, Charles Bridge and Old Townl. Czech Republic
04 Jul

The Czechs are known for many things.

We all know that Czechs produce great beer. Indeed, they have so many different types of beer and most of them have incredible taste and quality.

Prague is an old city full of ancient buildings and beautiful architectural solutions. An interesting fact about Prague is that it has never been bombed, so most of its history can be relived by simply looking at its buildings, bridges and streets.

And of course, one more thing that Czechs are well known for is the Internet. Actually, no. But the Internet coverage in the Czech Republic is decent, with 7.6 million Internet users across the country, which is 75% of the population.

Also, the Czech government does not practice Internet censorship (apart from the websites that promote illegal content), while freedom of speech and press are generally supported by the law.

The biggest mobile Internet providers in this country are T Mobile, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone, all of which are famous international companies, which says a lot about the quality of the Internet that Czech people get to enjoy.

Czech Web Proxy

When you look at all the information that we mentioned, you would say that web users in this country face no problems at all. But you would be wrong.

In this country, like in many others, Internet users encounter a number of issues on a daily basis. They find themselves unable to enter some foreign websites, order their favorite sneakers or clothes from abroad, or accomplish some of their work tasks.

Most people get discouraged when they face such problems because they are extremely frustrating and persistent. In such situations, users are powerless and there is no point in restarting their router or doing anything along those lines because they can’t change anything.

The truth is that problem lies in your IP address. Your Czech IP address reveals a lot of information about you like your location, your Internet service provider, and so on.

When you send a request to your target website, its server recognizes your IP and decides to grant you access or deny it. So, if you send a request from a country which is blocked by the website server, you won’t be able to get to the content found on the website.

Similarly, if you stay on a particular website for too long in order to complete a business task, this will be viewed as a suspicious activity and, again, you may get blocked.

Now, you might think that this problem is quite complex, but don’t be too hasty. Wait until you read how you can solve it and you will definitely change your mind.

When you use a proxy server, you can connect to another IP anywhere in the world. As a consequence, your Czech IP address will be masked and your target website server will be able to detect only the proxy server you are connected to.

Compared to your regular server, this will give you anonymity, as well as additional security. Once you use Ceska proxy, you will never want to go back to your regular server.

Ceske Proxy Server Zdarma

For all of you who don’t speak Czech, this means ‘Free Czech Proxy Server’.

Free public proxies are free. And public. And that is pretty much where it all ends.

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Prague and having to do some ad verification really quickly. It’s your day off, but hey, your boss kindly asked you to do it. Plus, it’s just a five-minute task.

So, you connect to a public proxy and start viewing your ads on your mobile phone. But, the connection is too slow and you can’t do anything about it. Plus, you see a lot of irrelevant ads because you are using free proxies.

Finally, and most importantly, you should know that public proxies are not too safe, so an average hacker wouldn’t have to break a sweat to steal your credentials. Now, what would your boss say if that happened?

These are just some of the reasons why you should think twice before connecting to a free public proxy. This type of proxies is only good for basic online activities like chatting on Viber, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Apart from that, we advise you to stay away from public proxies.

GeoSurf Proxies

When you browse with Czech IP, you may access all or most of Czech websites with great success.

However, if you need to access Netflix to watch a movie or the latest episode of your favorite show, your access may be denied. In the best case scenario, you will get access to a second-rate version of the website which does not offer all the shows or episodes that your American peers get to watch.

If you want to put an end to this, there is only one option ‒ get a private dedicated proxy. GeoSurf will be happy to provide you with a premium Czech Republic proxy that will get you to all websites you want to access.

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