Five Questions You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider

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01 Nov

If you are using a proxy service for your data harvesting operations, you might want to step back for a minute and consider if you are using the best product on the market. Some providers seem to be reliable and offer a good product, but they don’t necessarily fit your needs, and at times may enable you to harvest falsified information, making the entire process counterproductive. Whether you need a proxy for social listening, ad verification, price monitoring, or any other operation, follow this easy five-step guide to ensure you have signed up for the best proxy plan.

Here are the 5 magic questions you should ask to your potential proxy provider:

Are your Residential IPs truly residential?

It’s fundamental to use Residential IPs in order not to be detected when you’re harvesting data. Yet, some proxy providers use IPs from a Data Center and mask them as Residential. In other words, they trick their customers into thinking they’re carrying their operations through undetectable, anonymous Residential IPs, when they’re actually not.

Always make sure you’re truly being given access to Residential IPs for your online operations.

Do you support HTTPS Protocol?

HTTP, HTTPS and HTTP/2 are the most common protocols for web traffic. As such, it’s fundamental that your proxy provider supports them. In particular, support for HTTP/2 is important, because most websites are migrating to this protocol; therefore, if you want to scrape a website and the proxy you’re using doesn’t support the protocol, you won’t succeed in the operation.

Can you control the location and rotation of your IPs?

Depending on the operation you need to carry, in order to increase the success rate, you want to be able to control both the location of the IP address and how often such address changes during the operation. If you seek to access local results, use a proxy that allows you to pick the specific city of navigation. In addition to that, control over how long you can stick to the same IP address is crucial for operations in which you need to go through multiple web pages.

If your provider is unable to control both location and rotation, turn to a different provider, or you’ll waste money and time.

How easy is your product to integrate?

Ask the provider about integration. If they start talking about installing a complicated proxy manager, modifying your solution and whitelisting the IP addresses, take a step back. Don’t let them waste your time with a product that is not easy to integrate.

The best solution is to go with an easy-integration proxy that suits your needs. If your provider, instead, talks about a five-minute integration process, and says their proxy supports the IP:port method with IP whitelist, the username-Password solution, and session persistence with an API… then you’re good.

Do you offer a customer success manager to your accounts?

If you have questions or doubts about how to get the most out of the proxy service you’re paying for, you should be able to easily contact a customer manager, which should be personal, reliable, and super quick in inquiry response. However, if your proxy provider doesn’t offer any of the above, well, they’re not the best on the market.

Premier proxy providers like GeoSurf assign their customers to success managers that are easy to reach at any time.

Ask Any of These Questions to GeoSurf:

Yes, GeoSurf’s Residential IPs are truly residential.

Yes, GeoSurf supports HTTPS Protocol.

Yes, GeoSurf can control the location and rotation of its IPs. GeoSurf’s Residential IPs are located in more than 130 countries and 1700 cities around the world. With Sticky IPs by GeoSurf, select your desired location and timeframe and surf the web in total freedom while keeping the same IP until you’ve completed your operation.

Yes, GeoSurf’s product is super quick and easy to integrate. GeoSurf’s integration takes less than 5 minutes and supports both the IP:port method with IP whitelist, the username-Password solution, and session persistence with an API.

Yes, GeoSurf offers a customer success manager to its accounts. GeoSurf’s enterprise users get a designated customer success manager, who is available for support on the phone at every hour, every day, all year long.

Access GeoSurf’s pool of over 2 million residential IPs for your large-scale operations. Scrape the web in total anonymity: no website will ever block you or show you falsified data.

Start your free trial of GeoSurf’s Residential IP Proxy Network today

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