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15 Jul

Since 1994, Internet in France has been available to general public. However, it was only in the mid-2000s that it became widespread. As of 2015, a little bit over 83% of the French were using the Internet.

There is intense competition between French Internet service providers, which has resulted in the introduction of better services regarding ADSL, VDSL2 and FFTX networks.

As the birthplace of democracy, France promotes freedom of speech and press. This pertains to the Internet as well, but this country still had to introduce some Internet censorship to block websites with illegal content.

However, over the recent years, Internet freedom seems to have been more and more limited. This is the reason why some French people want to change things and regain unlimited access to legal sites they once used to have.

For the time being, it is up to individuals to solve this problem in their own way. Today, we are going to tell you how to do this.

What Is France Proxy 8080?

Your computer has a lot of ports for Internet use. And when we say a lot, we really mean a lot ‒ thousands of them.

A port is a point of access used for a specific purpose. For example, your computer will use one type of ports for sending email, another type for receiving it and yet another for your web browser.

One of the ports your web browser uses is port 80. Now, some providers want to prevent people who use the connection for commercial web service from paying for a cheaper home connection. That is why the restrict access on port 80.

However, port 8080 is generally used for a personally hosted web server when the Internet service provider wants to prevent you from using the web for non-commercial purposes. So, if an ISP wants to restrict the use to a French IP address example, they will add port 8080 so that the device behind this IP is not able to use the web for non-commercial purposes.

If you want to host your website on your computer, you will find it is better to do it on port 80 so that people who want to connect to your device don’t have to add a port number to the end of your www address.

To overcome this barrier, use any port you like. Port 8080 is only the default second choice since it repeats the same two digits.

Proxy France Gratuit

All you English speakers, do you know what this subheading means? Yes, the Anglo-French war may still be ringing in your head, but come on, you should know this one.

It’s very easy. It means ‘free proxy France’. And it sounds even better in English because you know it’s about free proxies. Am I right?

But don’t fall into this trap. Free proxies are not a sustainable solution.

There are many proxy providers like France Proxy XYZ which may seem like a good option for a while. After all, they are free.

But free proxies are unreliable, slow and unsafe. How would you react if you were browsing with a slow connection and your sensitive information gets stolen just before the connection breaks? That is exactly what can happen when you use free proxies.

We absolutely advise against using this type of proxies because they can do you much more harm than good.

We can offer you a much better solution, a key that will open all doors for you ‒ France web proxy.

France Web Proxy

GeoSurf is the best proxy provider you will find. Period.

We can help you connect to many IPs in the world, access any website and view any content on the web. It doesn’t matter if the website you want to access is located in the US, China or Brazil. With us, you can always expect the best service and professional customer support.

When you browse from France, you may not be able to visit all websites you want. But with GeoSurf proxies, this is no longer a problem. Our proxies are everything that free proxies are not ‒ fast, stable and secure.

When you get a France proxy from us, you will have a fast and stable connection while remaining anonymous and safe. This means that you will enjoy your seamless browsing activities and be untouchable for any hacker in the world.

In addition, if you want to use a France proxy browser, we got you covered. Our GeoSurf toolbar gives you the option to get your proxy browsing to an even higher level. With it, you can choose which country you want to browse from, whether you want to delete or keep cookies and cache, change IP rotation time, as well as see what the content looks like on different devices.

Contact us today to get the best France web proxy and get your browsing experience to a perfect level.

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