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19 Jul

How often do you find yourself browsing the web when, all of a sudden, your connection breaks?

Or maybe you want to go to an American website, but you can’t access it?

What if you need to do some SEO competition analysis for your company but the competitor website blocks you after a while?

All these are examples of what happens when you use an Internet server with poor connection and just one IP address. When we say this, you probably start asking yourself questions like ‘Doesn’t everyone do that?’ and ‘Is there a way to avoid these problems?’

The answer to the first question is No, and to the second one, the answer is Yes, of course.

This article will give you a proxy enlightenment and all information that you need, including how to find the best German proxy.

German IP Address Free

First of all, you need to know that there are two main types of proxies based on their price and quality: free and paid proxies.

When you find a free proxy, you basically find a proxy server that is maintained by someone else at no cost, at least not the cost that you will pay. Now, this may look fantastic at first, but you should ask yourself if you would do your job for free.

And don’t say it out loud because we already know the answer.

Why You Should Not Use Free Proxies

Precisely because they are not regularly and properly maintained, free proxies will cause you a lot of trouble.

They are inconsistent and can burn out quickly. In other words, the connection may break at any point while you are browsing for a number of reasons. Maybe the host unplugged or restarted the router, maybe they switched to another provider or maybe it is something else.

In addition, everybody wants to use free proxies precisely because they are free, which makes them crowded and slow. In any case, you cannot trust free proxies because they don’t have a fast and stable connection.

Free proxies show ads and altered websites, which is one of the reasons they are free. Their HTML and JavaScript codes are slightly different, so what they show is not the same thing you would see if you were browsing with a high-quality German proxy DE.

Finally, a lot of proxies have been used for Internet attacks and other hacks. This means you won’t be able to use such a proxy on Ticketmaster, eBay or PayPal, since these websites have them blacklisted.

Why You Must Not Use Free Proxies

When you browse through a free proxy, you have no clue about who it belongs to or what their motivation is.

If you use a free HTTP proxy, it can log records of your browsing session. So, after all, it is not anonymous as the provider can see everything you do.

We don’t think you are that naïve to check your bank account using a free proxy. But, still, it is worth mentioning that you should avoid doing this at all costs. When you enter your login information or any other type of sensitive information, the free proxy can save it and use it later on to steal your credit card number and hack your account. If you were wondering how identity theft happens, well, that’s how.

Lastly, not only can hackers abuse your sensitive information, but they can also embed malware in free proxies in order to get into your computer. This will wreak havoc and make you never want to use a free proxy again.

High-Quality German Web Proxy

Now, people are usually not fascinated when they are told that they should pay for something, and we understand this. But after reading everything we had to say about free proxies and hearing what we have to say about paid Germany proxy, you are going to change your mind.

If you need a fast German proxy, you definitely want to stay away from free proxies. But even more importantly, not every paid proxy is worth the money. That is why you need to pay attention to the credibility of a proxy provider before you give them your money.

And don’t worry about getting a proxy if you don’t live in a big city. GeoSurf offers you Berlin Germany proxy, Frankfurt proxy, and so on. From us, you can get a proxy no matter where you live ‒ a big city or a small town.

Think of paid proxies as of an initial investment that could save you a lot of time and stress in the long run.

It takes time and effort to maintain premium proxies, so it is understandable that they cost money. But when you start using them, you will see they are worth every cent.

Contact GeoSurf to get the best German proxy online.

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