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GoLogin integration with GeoSurf proxies – The ultimate guide


GoLogin integration with GeoSurf proxies – The ultimate guide

Posted at April 25, 2020 in Product education

Nowadays, businesses are rapidly expanding into new countries. In this fast-paced digital world, the use of proxies has become a necessity.

Companies need to remain present in different locations to monitor the customer reviews, keep an eye on the geo-targeted digital campaigns, and collaborate with the team.

Hence, the use of proxies has become indispensable because they are linked with increased productivity and better security.

In this guide, we will learn to integrate GoLogin with Geosurf proxies.

Let’s begin!


GoLogin is an app that lets you create virtual browser profiles to hide your real identity. You can control your fingerprint while browsing different websites so that they define you as you want.

What is GoLogin

GoLogin offers a privacy browser named Orbita that is used to maintain confidentiality. You can keep a list of different browser profiles all protected without leaving any fingerprints. Hence, there is no need to connect different computers to maintain several browser profiles to perform your tasks.

What is GoLogin


Here is how the GoLogin app makes you completely invisible on the internet:

1 – The first step is setting up your profile where you set different parameters or your online signature that you want other websites to see.

2 – A new digital identity is created in the GoLogin app based on the settings you choose in the first step.

3 – The digital identity information is passed on to the revolutionary anti-detection browser, Orbita.

4 – You can now browse the web using the Orbita browser and using the digital identity you just created. This way, you can perform all your tasks without worrying about data theft.

Before you start working with the GoLogin app, you need to complete the setup. To do this, you need to directly visit the GoLogin app in the browser and create an account.


Here are the significant advantages offered by GoLogin:

  • It encrypts your data and protects your real identity from getting stolen by identity thefts.
  • Suppose you are a journalist or working with a security agency. In both the cases, you can’t disclose your real identity when you are researching confidential data. GoLogin lets you quickly change your internet identity to stay anonymous on the web.
  • You can surf the web without any limits and browse site contents that have geo-restrictions.
  • GoLogin app is top-rated among gaming enthusiasts because game servers are banned in several regions. If this happens to be yours, then you can’t enjoy playing your favorite online game. GoLogin gets rid of this issue and lets you enjoy your games without any restrictions.
  • You can browse the web with no trackers, and the risk of malware and phishing attempts are avoided.
  • GoLogin is a handy tool for web developers because it lets you check your site on different browsers.
  • You can use the GoLogin app as a team. Hence, if you have a digital marketing or a social media team, you can offer your team access to the app so that they can easily manage multiple profiles without worrying about the ban.


Here are some of the top features of the GoLogin app:

  • It never stores log files that contain the user data. Hence, you can be 100% sure that all your browsing data are never stored.
  • You can create unlimited new online identities at the click of a button.
  • DNS is used to hide your personal data, and hence it is impossible to detect your IP.
  • The app uses a Disguise mode that ensures that nobody can find out that you are using GoLogin to protect your identity.
  • You can choose any location without any restrictions.
  • GoLogin offers 24×7 live chat, email, and phone support.


Here are the different pricing plans offered by GoLogin:

Professional: It is priced at $49, and users can create up to 1000 fingerprints daily and around 100 profiles in total.

Business: It is priced at $99, and users have the option to create up to 5000 fingerprints daily and about 300 profiles in total.

Enterprise: This plan costs $199, where users can create up to 20,000 fingerprints daily and around 1000 profiles in full.

Custom: You can choose to create as many profiles and fingerprints as needed.


GeoSurf Proxies as the world’s leading provider of unblockable residential and data center proxies can be easily integrated with GoLogin.

Here is how you can integrate Geosurf proxies with the GoLogin app:

Step 1: Log in to your GeoSurf account dashboard.
Step 2: Click on the GeoSurf Gateways option located on the left side of the dashboard. Here, you need to choose the location accuracy and IP rotation.
Step 3: Choose the service type (country, state, or city IP), then select the IP rotation (per session or sticky). After that, choose the IP location (country, state, and city).

What is GoLogin

Step 4: Log in to your GoLogin dashboard and create a new browser profile by entering the name and selecting the HTTP proxies.

What is GoLogin

Step 5: Now, copy the data from your GeoSurf Gateways menu and paste it on your GoLogin profile. Fill in the address carefully and click on create a profile.

Congrats! You just integrated GoLogin with GeoSurf.


GoLogin is one of the best apps to manage browser fingerprints and keep your online identity safe. Besides, GeoSurf is one of the biggest and most trusted proxy service providers offering 2 million IPs in 2000+ locations worldwide. The integration of GeoSurf with GoLogin lets you visit any site in the world without worrying about geo-restrictions and without compromising on your security.