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18 Oct

Are you a tourist or digital nomad who arrived in Hong Kong just a few days ago?

You just had your breakfast in your hotel room and now you open your laptop to do a few quick things this morning. After that, you’re free as a bird for the rest of the day.

But here comes an unpleasant surprise. You want to connect to a website back home, but it doesn’t let you.

What is happening? What stops you from connecting to the website located in your home country? It is your IP address.

Hong Kong IP Address List

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical representation of your web connection point. Each device connected to the Internet has a unique IP address.
You have probably seen your or someone else’s IP address in the past. It looks something like this:

IP addresses facilitate location addressing and host or network identification. They serve as starting and ending points of each request made on the web. When you send an email to your family member, this request travels from your IP address to theirs.

Every country in the world has a list of IP addresses. For example, Honk Kong has more than 15 million IP addresses assigned and they range from to But not all addresses between these two are located in Hong Kong. It is just that the former is the ‘lowest’ and the latter the ‘highest’ IP address number in Hong Kong.

Here’s a list of the top used IP ranges in Hong Kong:

Start End Used 786,432 262,144 262,144 196,608 131,072


In case you want to check what your current IP address is (which you most probably do), just google ‘my ip address’ and you will see it.

Each IP address reveals its location, which means that when someone types your IP address, they can find its exact location on the map.

So, when you send a request to a certain website, the website server identifies your location and decides if it will allow or deny you access. If the website server is set to block requests from Hong Kong, then you have bad luck.

But wait, don’t give up. You can always use a proxy server.

Hong Kong Proxy Online

When you use a proxy, you basically acquire a different online identity. In other words, once you are connected to a proxy server, you become anonymous because your IP is masked by the proxy.
A proxy reroutes your requests, taking them over and sending them to their final destination, which is your target website.

Therefore, your target website will not be able to see your IP address as the starting point of the request. Instead, it will recognize the proxy server, while you will remain anonymous.

At this point, you’re probably starting to get the whole idea behind using proxies to access foreign websites. In fact, maybe you have already started to search for proxies on Google.

However, there are a couple of things you should know first. It is important to carefully choose the location of your proxy server. You want to connect to a proxy which is located in the same country as your target website.

Also, it is really easy to find proxies on the web. You just google ‘proxies’ and you will get a bunch of pages that offer free proxies or proxy providers that offer cheap proxies.
So yes, it is easy to find proxies, but only the free and low-quality ones.

But do you really want to use them?

When you use free or poor-quality proxies, you save your money but you risk much more.

Free and cheap proxies are not safe. They can be easily hacked, which can expose your sensitive information. In addition, they are usually slow and can easily burn out, causing you to lose connection. This happens because too many people use them precisely due to the fact that they don’t have to pay a lot of money for them.

If you appreciate your time and well-being over your money, these reasons are more than enough to make you realize how pointless it is to use anything but elite proxies.

And they are very difficult to find. As the matter of fact, you are very lucky to have found this article.

Elite Proxy

Elite proxies do all good things that other proxies do, just a hundred times better.

An elite Hong Kong proxy is secure and cannot be hacked because it uses a firewall to protect the user behind it. Also, it is incredibly fast and has a stable connection, so you never have to worry about loading the website for ages or losing the connection just when you were about to complete your task.

All GeoSurf clients are amazed by our elite proxies. We always get new clients and never lose the old ones.

That is why we need to have 2 million proxies in 130 countries across the globe. As the matter of fact, we will have to get more proxies very soon because we are getting more and more new clients.
But that is exactly what we want ‒ to show everyone what it is like to browse with the best proxies in the universe.

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