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How to configure GeoSurf Residential proxy on Insomniac browser


How to configure GeoSurf Residential proxy on Insomniac browser

Posted at August 02, 2018 in Product updates

What is Insomniac Browser’s Proxy Per Tab?

Insomniac browser’s proxy per tab feature provides Insomniac’s subscribers with a GeoSurf Residential account an ability to have each tab running using a different GeoSurf Residential IP address. In this tutorial we will walk you through every step of the integration process both for Gateway:Port and Username:Password configurations.

If you do not have a GeoSurf residential account by now, that’s the time to get one here.


First things first: login to Insomniac browser with your Insomniac credentials.

Step 2: Launching proxy per tab

Go to the “Proxy per Tab” button that you may see on the top right corner.

Step 2.1 Managing proxies

Go to “Manage proxy list”. You may find 2 options there:

  • A. First option is to add a Single Proxy. This option allows you to add a single gateway.
  • B. Second option is to add bulk Proxies. This option allows you to add a text/CSV file that contains a list of gateways.

Step 2.1.1 : Getting Gateway & “loc” header information

You may find the Gateway information on GeoSurf Dashboard by following this link:!/dashboard

Or by using the location API:

Step 2.2: Adding a single Proxy (Let’s say, you want to surf India, 10 min rotation time using ip:port format)

Click on Add a Single Proxy that you may find under “manage proxy”.

Name the proxy added – in our case we named it GeoSuf- India.

Place the Gateway name under “Host” – in our case we’ll use “”.

Choose a port from the relevant port ranges in step 2.1 – in our case we chose 15000.

It is extremely important that you save it now.

Save it!

All you have to do now is to open a new tab and go to, check the IP location and voila! → Great Success!

Step 2.3: Adding multiple proxies

(For example, you are looking for India with 10 min rotation time using both ip:port format & acc_id:pass configuration)

For this example, things will get a little bit more complex, as we will go for adding 3 different proxies:

A. Indian 10 minutes residential IP:

Place the gateway name and desired port and we’re good to go. Changing the port number will get a new IP assigned to you.

B. City Based IN-MH-Pune – using IP:port configuration.

Go to your dashboard and look for the IN-MH-Pune gateway (you can also get this information from our location API).

Once you figured out the correct gateway, place the desired port and we’re good to go. Changing the port number will get a new IP assigned to you from Pune in India.

Click Save!

C. City Based IN-MH-Pune IP – Using acc_id:pass configuration.

Go to your customer dashboard to get your account_ID. Got it/Have it? Great! Now lets build the Username.

Look for the “loc” header either from the location API or on your dashboard and place it using the following format:

The Username output: +”loc”+-

Password: YourPass

Example Username for Pune (India) IP: 1111+IN-MH-Pune+1111-879879

Password: YourPass

Save it!

Step 3: Defining the Proxy per tab order

The following configurations changes can be made on the proxy gateway order:

  • Direct connection – Choosing this option will keep the original network settings (no proxy).
  • Random Proxy in no repeat mode – Each tab will connect to a random proxy from the list. NOTE: a proxy cannot be chosen twice.
  • Rotate through proxies in order – Each tab will connect through a proxy following the order placed in the list.
  • The last option will connect through the networks proxy settings (as defined in your PC)

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.