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12 Apr

If you live in India and want to access global content on the web, you have probably encountered certain issues. For example, you cannot watch all the Netflix shows that your American peers can. Or if you are a sports fan, you can’t access Bleacher Report for the latest sports news.

As reported by VICE News in their YouTube channel, “Internet shutdowns [in India] were first notably used during the Arab Spring in 2011, when some regimes tried to prevent protestors who relied on social media from organizing online.

Likewise, if you are surfing from another country, you might not be able to enter some Indian websites. This is an extremely rare case, but it happens from time to time. So, when something like that happens, you just sit back in your office chair and have no clue what to do.

Well, isn’t that just frustrating?

But don’t despair, for not everything is lost. There is a way to overcome such a situation. To circumvent this annoying issue, you will need India proxy servers. With them, you will be able to access any website regardless of whether you surf from India or outside of it.

What Is India Proxy Server?

An India proxy server is a server that allows you to browse the web from India just as if you were surfing from the country where your target website is located. But how is this possible?

For the newer readers (THANKS FOR THE LOVE Y’All!!!) click to learn what is a proxy server.

Actually, it is quite simple. You know that Internet censorship is a pretty big issue in India. Apart from that, some websites like Netflix don’t show the same content to all their subscribers across the world. In both situations, it is geoblocking that prevents people from accessing their desired content.

In other words, when a website server recognizes that your request is coming from a certain location, it can deny you access based on your geographical location. This usually happens to people trying to enter U.S. websites from developing countries, one of them being India.

A lot of people have tried to solve this problem by using VPNs. However, there are some cases when virtual private networks just won’t do the job. One of the websites that can detect VPNs is Netflix, thanks to its extremely sensitive detection system. But there are ways to surmount this obstacle as well.

To overcome this frustrating situation, you should use India proxy servers. These are servers with IP addresses located in other countries which enable you to surf as if you were their resident. For example, if you connect to an IP located in the US, you will be able to watch all Netflix shows that your American peers get to watch every day.

Similarly, if you need to access an Indian website from another location, you can do it by connecting to a residential proxy located in India.

You can think of this as of India proxy VPN, but an advanced version of it. Through a proxy network located in another country, you can easily and unnoticeably get to the online content that you have wanted to see for so long.

All in all, it is a very simple way to avoid the obstacles that the Internet puts before you.

India Proxy Sites

Now, there are different kinds of proxies that you can use. There are public and private proxies, and you need to know that they differ considerably.

First, public proxies are free. But that is pretty much where their benefits stop. They are also slower, less secure and less reliable than private proxies.

On the other hand, when you get unblockable residential proxies, you will enjoy a much more stable, faster and secure connection.

There aren’t as many India proxy sites offering residential IPs that can help you surf the web without limitations.

One such India proxy website is GeoSurf. At the moment, we provide our clients with 2 million residential IPs in 130 countries across the globe, India’s included. Our main concern is to offer people proxies which are fast, reliable and secure.

And judging by our clients’ reactions, we do it successfully. People from all around the world use our proxies, including India. No matter where you live, our proxies are always there for you.

India Proxy Browser

Using our residential IPs to surf from India or access a website located in India is a great thing in and of itself. But if you want to take your experience one level up, we want to share something else with you.

With the aim to make proxy-based surfing more convenient, we have recently developed GeoSurf Toolbar. This proxy extension enables you to change the location of the residential IPs you want to use from your beloved Chrome or FireFox browsers. So, if you want to enter a U.S. website now and a U.K. website in five minutes from now, you can do it very easily.

It also enables you to switch between static and residential IPs by using a switch command. In addition, you have options to change rotation time, clear cookies and cache, take full-page screenshots and switch to different devices.

This India proxy browser will make your proxy experience unforgettable. Try GeoSurf residential IPs and Toolbar today.

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