Introducing GeoSERP (Alpha)

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24 May

This new product allows our customers to fetch Search Engine Result Pages directly by using an API.

Available Features:

  • Keyword mode – Specify the keyword and number of required pages and you are all set.
  • Full URL mode – Advanced users can encode the following parameters within the SE URL
    • User Agent
    • Keyword
    • Number of results per page – by num= {10,100} parameter.
    • Page number – by &search=<number> parameters

GeoSERP can provide SERPs as they occur in real time by sending back the full HTML page that was crawled. Combined with GeoSurf’s infrastructure, it’s a bullet proof solution for:

  • Market analysis.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Keywords tracking.
  • Brand management and so much more.

I wanna get 1000 SERPs for free.

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