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Introducing GeoSERP (Alpha)


Introducing GeoSERP (Alpha)

Posted at May 24, 2018 in Product updates

This new product allows our customers to fetch Search Engine Result Pages directly by using an API.


  • Keyword mode – Specify the keyword and number of required pages and you are all set.
  • Full URL mode – Advanced users can encode the following parameters within the SE URL
    • User Agent
    • Keyword
    • Number of results per page – by num= {10,100} parameter.
    • Page number – by &search= parameters

GeoSERP can provide SERPs as they occur in real time by sending back the full HTML page that was crawled. Combined with GeoSurf’s infrastructure, it’s a bullet proof solution for:

  • Market analysis.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Keywords tracking.
  • Brand management and so much more.

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