IP Cooldown Feature (Beta)

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24 May

We added a unique IP cooldown ability to our network increasing the success rate for specific domains by utilizing a learning algorithm which selects the optimal IPs for a specific domain.

How does it work?

  • Authentication – The authentication is done in the same way as all other gateways, so, if your IP is whitelisted in our system you can start using the State gateway immediately.
  • Location selection & Session persistence – Available by Gateway: Port,  proxy headers and username & password options.
  • Gateway domain – us-social1.geosurf.io

How much does it cost?

No Extra cost – We invite you to use the new gateways for the beta period.

How can it help me?

The cooldown feature stores abused IPs in custody until they can be used again. This way we make sure that:

  • You can’t mistakenly block yourself.
  • Rest assured your success rate will be and stay the highest in the market.
  • In the unlikely event of IPs getting blocked – These IPs will automatically assigned to a cooldown period until they can be safely used again.

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