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23 Jul

The Internet wouldn’t be possible without IP addresses. You cannot do a single thing on the web without using your IP. And even though this concept was initially used only for constructive purposes, people are increasingly using it to limit Internet users.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical label unique to each device connected to the world wide web. It is necessary in order to identify both the devices that send web requests and the ones that receive them.

Each country has characteristic IPs, and so does Ireland.

Irish IP Address

An example of an Irish IP address would look like this: You see that this number consists of four groups separated by dots. These smaller groups are actually representations of binary octets. Computers use binary code, and in binary code, this IP would look like this: 00000100.01000101.11000011.10100001.

To find out your Dublin IP address or an address located in another place in Ireland, you can go to Then, if you want to see where your IP address is located, you don’t need a special IP address locator Ireland. In fact, you can simply scroll down the page and you will see the exact location of your IP. This website is a great tool that can help you find out both your IP address and its location.

Each IP is unique and this ensures that requests are sent and received quickly and effectively. Imagine what would happen if there were two identical IPs. For example, you and your friend have the same IP on two different devices. So, you want to enter a website, the website receives your request and sends it back both to you and your friend even though he or she didn’t want to access this website at all.

It is obvious that an IP address is an extremely useful thing. In fact, nobody has come up with anything better yet, so it is the best system that we have at the moment.

But why is an IP a bad thing?

An IP is not a bad thing in and of itself. It is just that this ‘identity’ that your IP gives you can be used against you. Since IPs reveal where the web request is coming from, servers can decide if they will allow or deny access to the person sending the request based on their geographical location.

And we know this has happened to you so many times. You want to enter a website, but you get blocked and there is nothing you can do.

But wait, for not all is lost. Have you heard of proxy servers?

Ireland Proxy

A proxy server is your savior. When you surf with a proxy server, you are able to access virtually all websites in the world. It can be used for regular browsing and viewing web content, as well as for business purposes such as SEO competition analysis, data mining, web scraping, etc.

But you don’t want just any proxy. To have the best browsing experience, you will need the best proxies. And best proxies are usually hard to find.

There are a number of proxy providers offering Ireland SOCKS proxy, free proxies and other types of proxies.

We want to tell you to stay away from free proxies as they will do more harm than good. They are unreliable, unsafe and slow – completely opposite from the best proxies.

So, whatever you do, don’t use free or public proxies except for regular activities like chatting and talking to your family and friends.

What Is Ireland HTTP Proxy?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used for sending and displaying files on the Internet. These files can be text, sound, videos, images, and so on.

Now, an HTTP proxy is an advanced content filter which examines online traffic in order to detect suspicious content like a spyware, malformed content and other types of attack. In addition, you can use it to protect your web server from external attacks, which is extremely useful.

Ireland Proxy Browser

GeoSurf offers you premium proxies that you can use for your activities at work or at home. You can use a proxy to watch a Netflix show or a blocked YouTube video as well as for some of the business activities that we mentioned earlier in the article.

But if you really want something that will give an unforgettable proxy browsing experience, you should try our GeoSurf toolbar.

This is, according to many people, one of the top products in the proxy industry. You can use it to switch between countries that you want to surf from. For example, if you want to access a Chinese website from Ireland, you can choose a proxy located in China. But you can also choose an Irish IP address proxy if you want to access Irish websites from another country.

In addition, the toolbar gives you the option to change IP rotation time, view what your content looks like on different devices and many other possibilities.

Call GeoSurf today to get your premium Ireland proxy. Then, when you see how it works, you will probably come back for GeoSurf toolbar.

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