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28 Jul

The average fixed connection speed in Italy is 36.03 Mbit/s download and 12.42 Mbit/s upload, which is below the global average. However, the average speed of mobile connections is above the global average, with 30.15 Mbit/s download and 11.15 Mbit/s upload.

In addition, Italy is one of the largest FTTH markets in Europe, with over 2.5 million homes connected by fiber by the end of 2010. At this moment, all types of Internet connection are improving, including ADSL2+ and mobile connection.

However, it was not always like that. In 2005, after the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, the Ministry of Interior restricted the opening of new Wi-Fi hotspots. Everyone who wanted to open a new hotspot had to apply for permission at the police. At the time, Italy had five times fewer hotspots than France as well as insufficient municipal wireless networks. Today, this law is no longer effective and Italians can enjoy using better Wi-Fi connection.

But even if you had a public Wi-Fi hotspot in every single square meter, would you really want to use it for everything you do online?

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

It would be unfair to talk only of the bad sides of public hotspots, so we will list their advantages as well.

Of course, their main advantage is the fact that they are free. If your main concern is to save money, then, by all means, use a public hotspot. This goes especially for students who often travel on a tight budget.

Next, public Wi-Fi promotes productivity, which is very important for businesses. Hotspots located at airports, cafes, shopping malls and other public locations can help business people complete their tasks quickly, particularly if the task is urgent.

But now, let’s take a look at the bad sides of free hotspots.

First, they are unreliable and can burn out when used by many people. Also, they are often slow precisely because many people use them to access the web at the same time.

Second, when you browse from Italy (or from any other country) through a public hotspot, it will bombard your device with thousands of ads. That is the way the Wi-Fi service makes money and the price you have to pay for being able to use it for free.

Finally, since many people access the network at the same time and at the same place, security is always a matter of concern. In addition, hotspots can be easily attacked by hackers, which is one more reason why you should never access any type of confidential data while browsing through a public hotspot.

So, now is probably the best moment to repeat our question: Would you really want to use a public hotspot for all your online activities?

Of course not. They can come in handy when you need to send a message on Viber or WhatsApp, but they are not to be relied on for some more complex and confidential tasks.

But don’t worry. You don’t need hotspots if you have a proxy web italiano.

Premium Italian Proxy Online

Ma che cos’ è il proxy web italiano?

This had to be done. We just had to write something in Italian, we couldn’t help it. It sounds romantic even we talk about proxies.

This meant ‘What is an Italian web proxy?’

When you browse with Italian IP like you do every day, you will very likely get blocked by some of the websites located in foreign countries. This is called geoblocking and it is a normal thing. What happens in this situation is that your target websites recognize your IP and your location and some of them decide to block you.

But even though this is normal, it doesn’t mean it is less frustrating.

A proxy server lets you overcome this obstacle by masking your true IP address and acting as your own server. In other words, it takes over your request and sends it to the website, while the website recognizes it as your own server.

But here is the tricky part ‒ the proxy server needs to be located in the country that is allowed to access the target website. Ideally, it should be in the same country as the website server. This will basically enable you to browse website from another country and access it without any difficulties.

Even if you live in another country and want to access an Italian website, proxies can help you. It is the same, just in the opposite direction ‒ you browse with IP address from another country and connect to a proxy located in Italy, which allows you to open any Italian website you want.

Is there anything else you want to know about proxy web italiano? You can read our blog, which explains a lot of concepts in much more detail.

When you find out everything you want to know, contact GeoSurf today to get your Italy proxy.

Then, once you start to use Italian proxy server, you will volare across the Internet and cantare with joy.

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