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Himeji Castle and full cherry blossom, with Fuji mountain background, Japan
08 Aug

Japan is the land of the rising sun. Its tradition and history reach deep into its culture and make it one of the most unique countries in the world. Its customs and philosophy existed long before the Western civilization and will keep influencing this beautiful country for a long time.

But even in the country that has such a long history, the effects of globalization are more than obvious. And this is not noticeable only in the business world, where Japanese discipline and hard work amaze every single business person.

With each new day, the Internet makes a stronger impact on the Japanese, making them slowly assimilate into the global culture as well as accept some Western values while keeping their own values deeply rooted in the essence of their being.

However, Japanese people, even though they are open enough to accept different views and values, often face technical issues that prevent them from freely browsing the web.

All these problems are easy to solve because there is one key to all of them ‒ Japan proxy.

Japan Proxy for Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media website in the world with over 2.20 billion users as of 2018.

However, it is not the only such website. In fact, many countries use alternative options. For example, the Japanese use social media websites like Gree, Mobage-Town, Mixi and Yahoo Mobage.

But what happens when you want to connect with people from around the world? Well, you have to use Facebook.

If you are Japanese or just live in Japan, you may have experienced some problems accessing Facebook. This happens because your IP address is not allowed to access Facebook.

To avoid this, you need to change your IP address, that is, to connect to a proxy server.

Japan Proxy YouTube

Are you fed up with YouTube videos that won’t play but instead show you the following message: The video is not available in your country?

Yes, you are. You probably even have nightmares of these videos haunting you and the message blinking before your eyes.

This is a common situation and it happens due to geoblocking. To put it simply, your Japanese IP is blocked by YouTube because of its geographical location.

It might be comforting when you find out that this doesn’t happen only in Japan, but everywhere around the globe. Many people in different countries find themselves in an identical situation. But even though it may be comforting, it doesn’t solve your problem.

Again, the solution is to connect to an IP located in one of the foreign countries that are allowed to watch YouTube videos without getting blocked.

Japan Proxy BAPE

For all those unfamiliar with BAPE, it stands for A Bathing Ape and it is one of the biggest Japanese clothing brands. It specializes in men’s, women’s and children’s lifestyle and streetwear. The brand is very popular, with a great reputation and a large number of stores in Japan.

Now, since BAPE products are widely popular, they are not so easy to get, especially when it comes to limited editions. To get a limited-edition hoodie, for example, you would have to stand in line in front of the store for hours.

Luckily, there is an alternative. Instead of having to wake up at 3 am to get to your nearest BAPE brick-and-mortar store on time to be the first in line, you can get what you want online.

Did you know that you can buy BAPE clothes on their online store using a bot, which will automate your entire purchase process? But bots make a large number of requests in a short time period, so they can be identified as non-humans and blocked by the website.

This is when a proxy can save the day. When you use a proxy server, it masks your IP so that it never gets blocked. Plus, if you use a proxy with rotational IPs, they will rotate fast enough so that none of them gets recognized or blocked by the BAPE website server.

But how can you get a top-notch Japan proxy?

Japanese Proxy Elite

GeoSurf is the most trusted proxy provider on the planet. We have clients who come from various fields and want to use proxies for basic things like browsing the web, as well as those who need premium proxies for business.

But what matters most is that all our clients stay with us. They are satisfied with our proxies and customer support, and they never want to turn to another provider.

GeoSurf offers the best Japan proxy service you will find. Our proxies are secure, stable and speedy. They will always deliver no matter what you do on the web. Whether you want to use Facebook, watch a blocked YouTube video or buy BAPE limited-series clothes, you can rely on our proxies.

If you want to experience flawless browsing, call us today to get the best Japan proxy.

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