Target Your Audience in Malaysia

13 Nov

Do you target your website content or advertising to users from Malaysia?


If not, you should! Malaysia has 21.93M Internet users and studies show that users who view relevant content and advertising are much more likely to engage, click, and buy!


If you already do geo-target to Malaysian users, you already know that. If you already customize the content and/or advertising shown to users who surf from Malaysian IP addresses, you know it is critical to be able to QA and validate your geotargeting. For this, you need a good Malaysia Proxy. By monitoring your geo-targeting through a premium Malaysia proxy, you will easily experience the internet like a user in Malaysia. This way, you can check that your content is shown in the Malaysian language, prices are displayed in Ringgit (RM) (MYR), and that all funnels are flowing properly.


You may want to first scope out how your competitors are geotargeting users from Malaysia. You can use the Malaysian Proxy to visit competitor’s sites directly and also to browse other sites in your industry to view ads of competitors and follow their funnels to research their landing pages.


GeoSurf’s Malaysia Proxy, and all of its 130 other global locations, are part of a network of private proxy servers for media professionals, which offer the industry’s premium speed, security, transparency, reliability, and flexibility. All are offering competitive pricing and packages. As an added benefit, all GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar users get unlimited access to advertising eco-system reports that will help in profiling new geographies.

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