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MoreLogin and GeoSurf Proxy Integration

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MoreLogin and GeoSurf Proxy Integration

Posted at June 14, 2023 in

Individuals often navigate many online platforms, each requiring a unique account for access. However, the challenge arises when platforms implement strict policies and bans restricting users from creating multiple accounts. But with the MoreLogin anti-detect browser and GeoSurf, individuals can overcome these barriers with potential anonymity.

So, explore this article to learn the definition, key features, and steps regarding both these tools. This will help you extend the level of security and create multiple accounts to satisfy your needs.

How Effective are Anti-Detect Browsers Together With Proxies?

Combining anti-detect browsers with proxies offers a powerful solution for enhancing online privacy, anonymity, and security. In an era where online tracking, data collection, and identity theft are major concerns, these tools work side by side to create a robust shield against prying eyes. Anti-detect browsers employ sophisticated techniques to mimic the behavior of various web browsers.

Obscuring your browser’s unique fingerprint ensures that your online activities remain discreet and untraceable. When paired with proxies, which act as intermediaries between your device and the internet, your IP address and location are further concealed, providing an additional layer of anonymity.

What are Geosurf Proxies?

GeoSurf is one of the best service providers in the field of proxy providers. GeoSurf has established itself as a reliable choice for individuals and businesses with a strong focus on privacy and an extensive residential proxy network. Boasting a vast pool of 3.7 million residential IPs across more than 1,700 cities worldwide. Also, GeoSurf takes the privacy of its customers seriously. 

By prioritizing user privacy, GeoSurf provides a secure and trustworthy proxy solution for those seeking anonymity and protection online. Moreover, in addition to its impressive residential proxy network, GeoSurf offers a range of features and tools to enhance the browsing experience. These include options for city-level targeting, geolocation testing, and viewing content as it appears in different countries.

What is MoreLogin?

MoreLogin is a powerful platform that offers a solution to the common problem of browser fingerprint detection on websites. Many websites use unique browser fingerprints to identify users and restrict their activities. However, with MoreLogin, you can effectively manage multiple online profiles across various platforms. This feature allows you to connect with a wide range of audiences globally. 

Moreover, this antidetect browser enables you to create multiple browser fingerprints, ensuring no overlap or detection of your online activities. In addition to its core features, MoreLogin offers a range of tools designed to help you grow your business and enhance your online presence. These tools empower you to optimize your marketing strategies, reach a larger audience, and expand your online activities.

What are the main use cases for Anti-Detect browserS?

When you think of an anti-detect browser free such as MoreLogin, or Multilogin you might wonder what are its main use cases:

Affiliate Marketing

An anti-detect browser improves users’ efficiency in affiliate marketing. It enables affiliate marketers to effortlessly create and register multiple email accounts, granting them the ability to promote various products or services and generate commissions.

E-commerce Business

When embarking on an eCommerce venture, MoreLogin emerges as an invaluable resource. While prominent platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Shopify provide avenues for product sales, they employ AI-powered surveillance and enforce stringent policies to monitor seller activities.

Social Media Management 

MoreLogin offers a free solution for handling various social media ad accounts from a single browser fingerprint, thus eliminating the need to share passwords or API keys. Moreover, it allows users to work with social media marketing (SMM) agencies and manage numerous accounts simultaneously. 

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide

Now that you understand and are familiar with the functionalities and advantages of using both tools, it is time to delve into the detailed steps and implement them.

Step 1: Go to GeoSurf’s Client Dashboard

Open your web browser and access the client dashboard of the GeoSurf tool. Proceed to click on the “LOGIN” button and enter your registered email and password to log in. Once logged in, locate the left side panel and select the “Geosurf Gateways” option.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 1

Navigate to the “GeoSurf Gateways IP Selection” section, and you will find three steps to follow. Start by selecting the appropriate “Service Type” based on your specific requirements from the available four options. Moving on, choose the desired “IP Rotation” method from the three available options. We recommend selecting the “Per Session” option to obtain the username and password for your usage.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 2

Step 3: Choose the Preferred Country Location

Proceed to step 3, where you can select your preferred IP location by choosing the desired country. Click on the “Country” option to display a drop-down list. You can either scroll through the list or use the search functionality to find the country you are interested in quickly.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 1

Step 4 (advanced users can skip this step): Testing the IP Address in the Command Prompt

Once you have selected the desired country, the screen will display four sub-sections: “Gateways,” “Username,” “Password,” and “Curl Examples.” You can click and copy the simple “Curl Example” section and see for yourself that the IP address changes with each session. Copy the link and paste it into the Command Prompt. When you execute the command, you will see a change in the IP address associated with the selected country.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 4

Step 5: Get MoreLogin from Official Website

Next, go to MoreLogin’s website and choose the right package that is compatible with your needs. You can also choose the free package, and in this case, just click on the “Download” button after you’ve signed up and install MoreLogin on your device.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 5

Step 6: Explore MoreLogin on Your Device

Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to open it. If you already have an account, use your existing credentials to log in. Alternatively, if you are a new user, click on the “Sign Up for Free” option to create a new account. Now that you are logged in, look for the “+New Browser Profile” and click on it to expand the options for creating a new profile.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 6

Step 7: How to Create a Customized Browser With MoreLogin

Once you are logged in to Morelogin’s dashboard, locate and click on the “Short Cut Creation” tab. Here, you can customize your preferences for “Browse,” “Operating System,” and “Profile Number Created” according to your requirements. Once you have made your selections, move to the “Advanced Settings” tab.

Within the “Advanced Settings” tab, find the “Proxy Settings” option and click on it. This will take you to the “Proxy Settings” tab, where you can manually input the necessary proxy details.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 7

Step 8: Add Geosurf Proxy information to the mix

Within the “Proxy Settings” tab, it is advisable to select “Custom” from the “Proxy Options” menu. Afterward, you can choose the appropriate “Proxy Type” from the available options in the drop-down menu. Selecting the proxy type that aligns with your specific requirements is essential.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 8

Step 9: Enter the Geosurf Proxy Details

In the “Proxy Settings” tab, enter the relevant details you previously copied from GeoSurf into the corresponding fields. These details include the description, account, password, and URL. Input each piece of information into the respective boxes. Once you have filled in all the required details, you will notice a switch labeled “Proxy IP Address Change Monitor.” Toggle this switch if you require it for your specific use case.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 9

Step 10: Save Settings and Open Browser

Once you have entered the proxy details, click on the “Proxy Detection” button to verify if MoreLogin can successfully detect the proxy settings. If the proxy is not detected, it indicates incorrect information might be entered. In such a case, double-check the details and make necessary corrections.

If the proxy is successfully detected, click on the “OK” button to create the profile with the GeoSurf proxy. Afterward, you can launch your browser profile by clicking on the “Start” button. With the GeoSurf proxy active, you can now browse various platforms and create multiple accounts without the risk of being banned.

Geosurf and MoreLogin step-by-step integration guide step 10

Wrapping Up

All in all, the combination of MoreLogin and GeoSurf presents a compelling solution for individuals seeking enhanced security and anonymity online. By leveraging the power of anti-detect browsers and proxies, users can effectively protect their privacy and bypass strict platform policies.
Moreover, with their combined features and capabilities, users can navigate online restrictions, protect their identities, and achieve higher anonymity.