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Multilogin & GeoSurf webinar


Multilogin & GeoSurf webinar

Posted at February 19, 2019 in Product education, Product updates, Proxy server, Residential proxy network, Web scraping

Recently we teamed up with our partner Multilogin, a browser fingerprinting software which allows users to scrape websites while controlling the fingerprints they leave, for an educational webinar. Multilogin has integrated GeoSurf to work with their platform, allowing its users to automatically create fingerprints according to proxy location together with other profile guidelines set by their clients. They have developed a great tool for web scraping companies and it is used by thousands of customers worldwide.

Here are some of the points covered in the webinar:

  • Covered by GeoSurf:
    • GeoSurf’s IP Rotation (High Rotation, Sticky and Session persistence)
    • Best practices for getting the most out of your IP Rotation
    • Cost effectiveness of using Residential VS DataCenter IPs
    • GeoSurf integration with Multilogin
  • Covered by Multilogin:
    • Browser Fingerprint management
    • Best practices for web scraping
    • Tips and tricks for scraping social media websites

Watch the following video to learn more about this exciting collaboration and how it can benefit you!