MultiLoginApp Integration Guide and Jarvee Integration Tutorial

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration with Geosurf - Guides
15 Apr

On this page, you will learn how to integrate Geosurf proxies with the MultiLoginApp as well as how to use proxies with the Jarvee software.


MultiLoginAPP Integration Guide


IP authenticated proxies Whitelisted IPs

This section will show you how to use whitelisted IPs authenticated in the Geosurf dashboard in Multilogin. But first, make sure you have authenticated your IP in the Geosurf dashboard.

Before you start, please make sure you have:

  • chosen country gateway
  • gateway port
  • authenticated your IP address in the Geosurf dashboard.


All of the above can be found in the Geosurf dashboard at!/dashboard

Once you have verified all of the above, you are ready to get started.

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 1

  1. Open the MultiLogginApp
  2. Add a browser profile.
  3. In Proxy settings, choose HTTP proxy as a connection type.
  4. Insert the host and port of the proxy (e.g. host:, port: 10001).
  5. Keep the Username and Password fields empty.
  6. Configure the rest of the browser profile and save it (if necessary).
  7. Launch the browser profile and verify whether the IP address has changed.



Password-authenticated proxies


Note: These types of proxies are particularly useful if you are planning to share sessions with virtual assistants, clients, partners, or friends.

This page will show you how to use password-authenticated proxies in a Multilogin browser profile. Before you start, make sure you know the following:

  1. GroupID
  2. Password

Once you have your GroupID and Password, you are ready to get started.

  1. Click New browser profile in the main menu.
  2. In Proxy settings, choose HTTP Proxy.
  3. Insert host and port 8000 for the proxy (eg. host:, port:8000).
  4. Insert the Username and Password of the proxy into their respective fields


The username contains your GroupID+Country+Session number.

So, let’s say that your GroupID is 9001 and that your Password is abcd. Also, for the sake of this explanation, let us suppose that you want an IP from Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 2








If you keep sending requests under the session number mentioned above (9198-1432) at least once every 10 minutes, you will keep the same IP sticking to your requests.

However, if you don’t need a location-specific IP, you can just leave out the state and city information and you will get an IP located somewhere in the US.

  1. Configure the rest of the browser profile and save it.
  2. Launch the browser profile and verify whether the IP address has changed.



Jarvee Integration Tutorial

To set our proxies, we should configure them as follows.

On the Jarvee homepage, click on Proxy Manager:

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 3








In Proxy Manager, we have three main options:

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 4

  1. Import proxy – import a CSV file containing Geosurf proxy settings.
  2. Export proxy – export Jarvee proxy list details to a CSV file.
  3. Add proxy – add a single proxy to the list.




In this example, we will focus on adding a single proxy (note that importing a CSV file works exactly the same).

Once you select Add a single proxy, a blank line appears in our Proxy Manager:

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 4



We can connect to our proxies in two different ways:

  • Gateway:port – connect to our proxies using Whitelist IP through the Geosurf dashboard (no user name or password required).
  • Per session – connect with a user name and password using a single session number.


To connect through a Gateway:port, we first need to whitelist our IP in the Geosurf dashboard at

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 4








Choose the specific country/state/city in the Geosurf dashboard at and assign the gateway on Jarvee.

In this tutorial, we will use both per session and Gateway:port options, both of them located in the US.


Example 1

In this example, I used general U.S. 10 minutes sticky – no need for any username or password as the connection is relying on my original IP that is already in the Geosurf system.

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 4


Example 2

For this example, I used per session connection with a general U.S. location:


Proxy username: 7183+US+1321

Proxy password: Jarvee

*1321 is the session number*

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 8


Example 3

In this example, I chose per session connection with a specific IP from Chicago, Illinois, US.


Proxy username: 7183+US-IL-chicago+29384-29454

Proxy password: Jarvee

*29384-29454 is the session number*

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 9


*Note that with Geosurf you can tweak the proxy settings and connect to all countries and cities in the world.


Another way to assign a proxy to a specific account is by assigning a specific profile to a specific proxy.

For example, on the Jarvee homepage we will choose Social profiles:

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 10








Add profile →  Instagram (for example) → Add profile.

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 11









In this example, I used the same proxy settings from my second Proxy Manager example. Please note that Jarvee automatically connects the proxy in my Proxy manager to the proxy in the Instagram Profile settings:

Per session – general US.

Jarvee & Multilogin Integration 12

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