Surf by Ireland Proxy

Surf by Ireland Proxy

Surf by Ireland Proxy

Posted at November 13, 2014 in Country Reports

If your website offers value for visitors from Ireland, studies show you could be much more successful if you geotarget your content and advertising to Irish users. Depending on the format of your site, you could show news/weather/time from Ireland, offer articles that interest them, videos that are trending in Ireland, special offers for items purchased by Irish web surfers and much more.

But once you target things to the Irish user, you will need a way to check that everything is displayed properly and funnels are flowing correctly. Since you probably want to target other areas too, you will need a premium proxy switcher to get the work done.

An Irish proxy will allow you to connect to your site just like an Irish user does – regardless of where you are physically located. Basically, you will use your own computer and internet connection (in Chicago, China, London, or anywhere in the world) to connect to a gateway server that is located in Ireland. Then, the Ireland proxy gateway will connect you to your website. This sort of “fools” the site into thinking you are physically located within Ireland and you are therefore shown all the content and advertising that Irish users see.

You can now easily test your website once all geotargeting is in place by using GeoSurf’s Toolbar Pro. Then, you can continue to monitor your digital media. You can even access competing sites to see what the competition is up to!