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07 Oct

The research conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that the Netherlands, along with Switzerland, is the country with most broadband subscriptions per 100 people. In addition, it has the biggest number of households in Europe when it comes to connection speeds of at least 50 Mbit/s and has no bandwidth caps.

Moreover, even though the government of the Netherlands has required Internet censorship, the Dutch House of Representatives spoke out against it repeatedly, and in 2012 the Senate ratified the law which prohibits the blocking of Internet content.

In 2017, the Dutch Court ordered the blocking of some pirate websites and if the Supreme Court accepts this, the block will remain permanent, which means that there will no longer be net neutrality in the Netherlands.

But even though the Dutch are rarely blocked by servers within their home country and can still access most websites freely, they occasionally find themselves getting blocked by foreign websites.

This problem cannot be solved on the country level. Rather, it has to be addressed by individuals who want to have unlimited access to the web.

Netherlands IP Proxy

Now, listen carefully and see if you can identify with this story:

It has been a hard day at work. You and your team have been working on a project for months and all of you need to work overtime for a couple more weeks to complete it. And overtime means work from home.

So, you come home and instead of taking some rest or going out, you turn on your computer and continue working in your living room.

And then, just when you need to access that website that is so crucial to your task, you just can’t. You try again and again, but nothing happens. Only a blank page telling you that the website is not available in your country.

Wait, but you were able to access the same website from your office. How come that you are unable to do it now? What has changed about the website in those couple of hours?

It is not about the website. It is about your Internet connection.

If the website is located in another country, you cannot access it because it recognizes that your request is coming from a country where the website is unavailable.

And back in your office, you were connected to the Internet through a proxy server which is located in the same country as your target website, so it allowed you to view the website without any difficulties.

So, the key to your problems lies in a proxy server. But be careful and wise. Not every proxy is a good proxy.

Netherland Squid Proxy

Squid proxy is a Unix-based proxy. It caches online content closer to the person who sends the request than to its point of origin.

These proxy servers are usually installed on a separate server than the web server which has original files and they work by tracking object use over the network.

Squid servers have been used by Internet service providers (ISPs) since the early 1990s in order to ensure better download speeds and minimize latency, particularly for streaming video and delivering rich media.

This type of server is free and available on different operating systems, but it has bad sides as well.

Even if you are using an encrypted connection to browse, skillful hackers can easily intercept your requests and collect your data. Also, caching on this server will increase data access speed, but the person who owns the proxy server can keep track of your cache and find your sensitive data in no time.

Like all free proxies, this option can let you down when it comes to both safety and connection quality. If more people access the web through one proxy, its speed and stability of connection will deteriorate and leave you dissatisfied.

If you prefer to have secure and reliable proxies, read on. After all, your entire team depends on how well you do your part of the project.

GeoSurf Proxy

So, if you can’t access the website from your own IP and you shouldn’t access it through a free unreliable proxy server, is there another option? Because you are really running out of time.

Well, of course there is. And we are glad you finally asked.

GeoSurf is happy to offer you the safest, fastest and most reliable proxies in the world on Residential IPs.

You can use our Netherlands proxy for simple online activities like surfing the Net and watching blocked videos on YouTube, as well as for business tasks like SEO competition analysis and data mining that require you to access content on foreign websites.

And now, after reading this article, you are getting even more tired and you need to complete that task by midnight. But somehow, you feel optimistic because now you have a choice.

We are waiting for your call.

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