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07 Nov

Are you on your vacation outside Norway? Or maybe you are staying in Norway for business for a couple of weeks.
Even though the Internet in Norway is rather stable and fast, there are some foreign websites that you are simply unable to access. Likewise, if you are a Norwegian staying in a foreign country, you have probably found that some Norwegian websites and TV channels are unavailable in the place where you are staying at the moment.
So, in both of these situations, you come across some obstacles that prevent you from connecting to websites. This problem, though it may seem impossible to eliminate at first, is actually very easy to solve.
The reason for this problem lies in two letters: IP.

IP Address

As you may already know, an IP address is a number which represents your web connection point. Each device that is connected to the Internet has a unique IP address, which facilitates location addressing and network or host identification.
In other words, your IP reveals your exact location, so when you send a request to a website, the website automatically detects your IP address and where the request is coming from.
Now, some websites can block requests based on the place where the requests are coming from, which is called geoblocking.
So, if you are browsing the web from Norway, your target website identifies your Norwegian IP address and may decide to block you. Similarly, if you want to access a Norwegian website from another country, you may face the same issue.
However, there is a solution to this. In fact, there are three keys to your problem: a VPN, header modifier and a proxy. Which one are you going to use?
Hint: Choose wisely, for some of the keys may break easily.

VPN Proxy

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that extends a private network over a public network (the Internet). VPNs enable their users to send and receive data through these networks as if they were directly connected to each other across a private network.
A good thing about VPNs is that the devices don’t have to be in the same location or even close to each other, so these networks are often used by international companies and businesses for communicating and exchanging data between multiple locations.
However, virtual private networks have a number of disadvantages as well. As the matter of fact, people have reported various issues when using this type of connection.
Firstly, and most importantly, you cannot be 100% sure that you are safe and anonymous because the provider and hackers can collect your data and abuse it.
Next, the navigation is usually slow, especially if it is a free VPN. Also, the VPN use is rather limited on mobile devices.
Finally, the number of VPN providers is dramatically increasing, so some of them lack the necessary experience and don’t have enough servers to cater for all their clients.

Modify Header NRK

Do you want to have full access to for free? Unfortunately, you can’t watch Norwegian TV channels outside of Norway because this content is blocked in some foreign countries.
But we are going to share with you a useful tip that will help you watch Norwegian TV from anywhere in the world.
To do this, you need to change the HTTP header so that the website thinks your request is coming from Norway.
First, you need to download a header-changing add-on for your browser. Just google ‘modify header’ along with the name of your browser and you will get a few results. We used this modify header NRK for Chrome.
Once you download and install the header, click on the icon in the upper right corner and change the settings by choosing Profile 1 and checking the box below next to your IP address. In the Filters section, select Allow.
This should allow you to watch videos on the links that were blocked before.

Best Norwegian Proxy NRK

A proxy server is by far the best solution for all the IP problems that you may encounter. To help you understand why it is so, we will briefly explain how a proxy works.
By connecting to a proxy server, you become anonymous in the sense that your target website cannot detect your real IP but only the proxy IP.
So, if you want to access a Norwegian website, you connect to a Norway proxy and you are good to go. With it, you can access all Norwegian online content.
Likewise, if you want to access foreign websites from Norway, just connect to a proxy located in the same country as your target website.
GeoSurf is proud to offer you premium proxies. Our proxies are simple to use, they have a stable and fast connection and with them, you will be as safe as houses.
Contact us today to get your premium Norwegian proxy NRK or choose our automated on-boarding here.

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