Product Update from 10/04/2018 | Residential Proxy Network

10 Apr

We are excited to let you know about a major improvement made to the GeoSurf Residential Gateway system.

So, let’s start!

State Gateway which supports all US states and Session persistence by headers!

We added a brand-new Residential IP Gateway that allows you to choose State’s IPs. This service is available for all 50 US states and Washington DC.

How does it work?

  • Authentication – The authentication is done in the same way as all other gateways, so, if your IP is white-listed in our system you can start using the State gateway immediately.
  • State selection – The State gateway allows you to choose from all states using “loc” proxy header.
  • Session persistence – The state gateway allows you to maintain session persistence and open multiple session using the “X-Session” proxy header.
  • Limits – Like all other GSR services you have unlimited number of requests/sessions or connections and unlimited concurrent connections.
  • Gateway domain –

What is the benefit of using Proxy headers?

Using proxy headers breaks us free from the limits forced by fixed gateway:port combinations and allows you to choose the session persistence interval and have multiple locations in the same gateway:

Session Persistence:

  • If you keep sending requests to the same session number, you can maintain the same IP for any amount of time.
  • If no request is sent to the same session number for more than 60 seconds, the connection will drop.

Multiple Locations in the same gateway:

  • Choosing the location is more intuitive, simple select the location using country and state ISO abbreviations and place it into “loc” proxy headers, for example, “loc: US-NY” for New York, USA.

How much does it cost?

No Extra cost – We invite you to use, for the beta period (Until May 1st), the city gateway at the same rate as all other gateways.

From May 1st we will have to charge for the city level IP a premium fee that will be disclosed during April.

How can I get started?

Select the required State and Session number, place them within the right headers and you are all set. More information can be found in our integration guide.

Unlike all GSR gateways, this gateway uses only a single access port “8000”

How can I send a request using the State gateway?

Here’s a simple CURL example using an IP from New York, USA:

curl -x --proxy-header "loc: US-NY" --proxy-header "X-session: 12345-12345”

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