Product Update from 21/03/18 | Residential Proxy Network

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21 Mar

It’s been only couple of weeks since our last update, and we are excited to share that we managed to squeeze in some cool new features for this update.

So, let’s start!

City Gateway (Beta) – You asked for it, you got it!

We added a brand-new Residential IP Gateway that allows you to choose City’s IP’s. This service is currently available for all major US cities and we will continue to add more and more cities in the near future.

How does it work?

Authentication – The authentication is done in the same way as all other gateways, so, If your IP is white-listed in our system you can start using the City gateway immediately.

City selection – The city gateway allows you to choose from 100 US cities, each city has its own port range.

Limits – Like all other GSR services you have unlimited number of requests/sessions or connections; concurrent connections are limited to 20 per machine IP.

Gateway domain –

How much does it cost?

No Extra cost – We invite you to use, for the beta period (until stated otherwise), the city gateway at the same rate as all other gateways.

The premium fee will be disclosed for the public a month before it comes into action. Current customers will be notified via email.

How can I get started?

Select the required City from the available Cities list in our integration guide, select the port and you are all set.\

Like all GSR services, you can also fetch the port ranges using GeoSurf’s API:


How can I send a request using the City gateway?

Here’s a simple CURL example using an IP from Miami, Florida:


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