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Product update, October 29


Product update, October 29

Posted at October 29, 2018 in Product updates

Today I’m more than happy to announce that GeoSurf is switching to a new and improved Dashboard infrastructure and user interface (UI). The rollout of the new dashboard for customers and users will be on November 5th, 2018. The transition will be seamless, there is nothing you need to, just log in to the dashboard like you always do.

The new GeoSurf Residential Dashboard UI is a more modern, faster, user interface meant to improve our customer’s experience alongside with feature requests we gathered from our customers. It delivers an architecture for future enhancements of the platform, ability for improved reporting and user management.

What’s New?

Here’s a list of new features and significant changes we’ve made:



Usage graph


You will have the ability to monitor your bandwidth consumption and filter by date and metric directly in the dashboard home screen. Time resolution will be determined by the selected time frame, the longer the time frame the lower the resolution.

Date range Bandwidth resolution
Up to 24 hours 1-hour resolution
Up to 2 days 3-hour resolution
Up to 7 days 8-hour resolution
More than 7 days 1 day’s resolution

Another available filter is the Bandwidth units, you will be able to view your bandwidth consumption in MB, GB and TB. Not sure which metrics to choose from? No worries! Our Dynamic Metric mode will choose the optimal one for you.



Account Setting area


We introduce a new account settings section to the dashboard which aggregates the Manage IPs section, payment history and some brand-new features:

  • Change password: You can now easily modify your password directly from the customer dashboard.
  • Payment history: View your payment history (and download to csv)



Manage your IPs overhaul


The Manage IPs section boasts a new interface which also allows you to easily add multiple IPs directly from the dashboard and perform bulk actions to your existing IPs.

The following bulk actions will be available:

  • Set disabled: Check the active IPs you’d like to disable and click on the “Set Disabled” button.
  • Set enabled: Check the disabled IPS (marked in red) you’d like to re-enable and click on the “Set Enabled” button.
  • Remove: Check the IPs (enabled or disabled) you’d like to remove and click on the “Remove” button and re-confirm the action.



Geosurf gateways


During the last year we’ve made many infrastructure enhancements, added 1700+ cities, various sticky IPs times (TTL) and added username – password support.

This is the reason we’ve updated the user interface for our gateway section and an easy to use IP selection wizard. The wizard simplifies the selection of IPs from our many service types and locations.

The below services & rotation times are supported by the wizard:

Service types – Random country IPs, Country level IPs, State level IPs & City level IPs.

Rotation type- High rotation, Per-session (using user name & password) & Sticky IP

The wizard also includes copy paste Curl examples for those who are using our API.


We will continue to update the new dashboard and add many more exciting features in the months to come.