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22 Apr

Social media platforms have brought about so many changes in our lives. Nowadays, social validation is mostly exercised through apps. That is why everyone is constantly looking at their smartphones, liking, following, sharing and commenting.

It is more than obvious that everybody wants their piece of fame, and for this purpose, they use various means on social media apps. If you only have a personal Instagram profile, you might find posting photos, liking and following rather fun. But if you run a business, you know how important it is to be constantly present on social media, and this is where many people face a challenge.

Doing everything on your own and reaching a large number of organic followers is time-consuming and tedious to the extent that you simply can’t keep up with it. That is why more and more people are turning to Instagram bot services.

This article explains the concept of IG bot, how you can benefit from it and whether you should use it or not.

What is an Instagram Bot?

An Instagram bot is an automation tool that enables to automate your Instagram tasks.

It allows you to automatically like, follow, leave comments, and so on. Once you set up a bot, you can relax and let it do its thing. This can be rather useful for all of you who have a business to manage and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to social media.

If you use this tool wisely, it can help you buy Instagram engagement and build your brand in no time.

How Does It Work?

Basically, Instagram bots do everything that you would do, but on a larger and incomparably faster scale.

Once the bot is set up, it will automatically start following users who post popular photos – engaging them to provoke a reciprocal follow. In addition, it will search the platform for hashtags that are similar to yours and like the pictures that include them.

Of course, you can choose how you want your bot to behave so that it acts in accordance with your goals. When you start using an IG bot, it will practically “buy” Instagram users for you and help you become more popular.

Finally, this tool can be very helpful if you want to buy Instagram verification. However, you need to make sure that you have enough followers and your profile activity looks natural before getting verified so that it doesn’t look suspicious.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Bots

Even though Instagram bots can help you build presence and buy Instagram accounts, you should be aware of all its features, both positive and negative.


  • As already stated, this tool can help you increase the number of followers, likes, and IG community in general.
  • It also facilitates your communication with Instagram community as it basically allows you to buy Instagram engagement.
  • It saves you time. Since everything is automated, it leaves you enough time to do other business tasks.


  • Even though a bot can help you buy Instagram accounts, it cannot provide genuine engagement. This happens because a bot likes and comments generically, without personalizing communication.
  • It can also get you in awkward situations. For example, if a bot recognizes a certain hashtag in a post, it may post a comment which is inappropriate for the specific photo. So, beware of the comments you choose when setting up the bot.
  • If your bot follows thousands of people, you will end up with a messed-up feed that will start to frustrate you very soon.
  • ‘You must not access Instagram private API by means other than those permitted by Instagram.’ Therefore, using an Instagram bot is a direct violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use.

Proxy for Instagram Bot

This article briefly explained all you need to know about Instagram bots. Make sure that you weigh all the advantages and disadvantages carefully before you decide whether you want to use them.

If you think that your business will benefit from using an Instagram bot, then go for it.

But there is a catch. If you thought that it is enough to use a bot, think twice. What would happen if the Instagram server recognized that you were using a bot? Exactly, it would ban your account.

The thing with automated tools is that they make a lot of requests in a short time, so the IG server can recognize they were not made by a human. Therefore, you need to ensure that you make requests from various IPs.

To hide your real IP and remain anonymous, you need a proxy for Instagram bot. This useful tool will disguise your own IP and connect you to IPs across the world, thus making sure you don’t get banned.

Moreover, if you are a marketer, you probably manage a number of IG accounts from a single IP. This can also raise suspicion and get your account banned.

GeoSurf can solve all of these problems. We offer 2 million high-quality residential IPs located in 130 countries worldwide. To get a proxy for Instagram bot, contact us today.

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