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22 Oct

What are Instagram Proxies?

Since you are reading this article, let us suppose that you have an Instagram account. You may use it either as your personal profile to post cool, interesting photos of your daily adventures or as a business profile when you want to boost your product or service.

Whatever the case may be, from time to time you will need to overcome certain difficulties that might arise while using this platform. Those difficulties can be a result of your IP address being classified as ‘invalid’ by the platform itself. To solve this issue, you will need to know how to get Instagram proxies.

When you buy Instagram proxy, you will get a remote IP address which you can use to access this social platform. By ‘remote’, we mean that you will get a specific address located in another area (city, state or even country) that is specifically designed for this use and not just one address but 2M such IP addresses!

When you connect through it, Instagram will recognize it as your primary IP, enabling you to freely use the website or app. This will help you surmount most of the problems that you encounter when using this website or app.

Instagram for Business

Digital marketing is definitely taking the lead when it comes to product promoting. If you want your company to grow, you should use social media as one of your marketing channels. But in order to reach a really great number of potential customers through this increasingly popular platform, you will most likely need more than one account.

This is completely legitimate up to a certain point. However, the problem arises when you create more than five accounts under the same IP address.

Since social media platforms prefer organic reach and transactions, it is highly likely that your accounts will be recognized as fake and get banned if all of them are under the same IP. Nonetheless, there is a loophole in this system.

You can buy Instagram proxy and create Instagram account with proxy under a new IP, let’s say U.S. IP but it can also be in UK or in any other location out of 130 locations. This will enable you to have various accounts on the same device and stand better chances when trying to promote your product or service.

Instagram Proxy for School

School corridor One of the issues that teenagers face all the time is internet restrictions at schools. To reduce distractions and thus improve focus and productivity, schools have introduced restrictions to certain websites.

Of course, Instagram is one of them. In case you want to unblock Instagram website, your safest bet is to get Instagram proxy for school, thus overcoming any restrictions you come across. This way, you will be able to post photos, like other people’s posts and follow them by using a proxy server for Instagram.

Getting best Instagram proxies will disguise your location and enable you to access the app from an Instagram unblocked proxy. However, we still feel an obligation to advise you not to overuse your Instagram proxies while at school – not because they are not reliable, but because school is a place where you are supposed to study.

How to Get Instagram Proxies

If you decide to connect to a proxy server for Instagram, there are several options and strategies to choose from. Your first option is to use public proxies. They are free of charge, but they are far from being reliable, both when it comes to speed and security.

If you opt for this, you will actually pay with your nerves what you tried to save in money. Another option is to buy Instagram proxy and get your own private one. This way, you will be able to create Instagram account with proxy and get a much more reliable connection to your favorite app.

Instagram private API is a great way to access the website. This means that you will be connecting to a private proxy through an API (application programming interface). It goes without saying that this is a much more secure connection than a public one since it offers you a possibility to use the app in a carefree way.


As you can see, (over) using Instagram comes with a few issues. However, it is very encouraging that all of them can be solved in a more or less simple way if you opt for an Instagram unblocked proxy.

There are many providers that offer this option but it is essential that you choose wisely. Make sure that prioritize reliability and security as your main criteria. We are talking about your personal or business profile being at stake, so you will want to be as safe as possible.

You should look only for best Instagram proxies. You will certainly find them very useful whether you are a teenager trying to access the app at school or a startup owner wanting to successfully promote your product or service.

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