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17 Dec

Using proxies to surf the web has become amazingly (but expectedly) important. Proxies can be used for so many things that more and more people are deciding to get their own residential proxies.

However, there is a difference between using proxies for personal purposes, such as for website audit or simply browsing the web on the one hand, and going a step further and using proxies for business on the other hand.

This difference has not so much to do with the proxy quality itself (although we do recommend to get the best dedicated proxies if you use proxies for business), but more with the mindset and the approach.

With the expansion of online marketing, the power of SEO is increasing very rapidly. Search Engine Optimization is simply indispensable and as such, it offers fantastic possibilities for website visibility.

However, it also requires certain conditions to function properly. If you are an SEO expert, you must know that using proxies is the essential component of successful SEO practice.

What Is SEO Proxy Server?

An SEO proxy server is a regular proxy server used for SEO purposes.

In other words, it will enable you to analyze your competition, crawl the web, etc. by hiding your true IP address and thus preventing your target website server from recognizing your activity as suspicious.

To get the best results with your SEO efforts, your best bet is to obtain dedicated private proxies. They are powerful enough to make your true IP practically invisible to search engines.

This is very important when talking about SEO. Experts in this field use the internet in a completely different way than regular users do.

This being said, many of their activities can appear extremely suspicious to web servers and therefore result in their IP being blocked. This is rather paradoxical inasmuch as web browsers require SEO optimization but in a way don’t allow it.

Be it as it may, all we can do is conclude that proxies are irreplaceable when it comes to search engine optimization and see how we can benefit from using them.

How to Use Proxy for SEO

You can use SEO proxies for many different purposes and, as we said, all of them include some kind of activities that can appear suspicious to web browsers even though they are perfectly legitimate.

Here are some of them.

Wikipedia Editing

Wikipedia is one of the websites with the highest authority on the internet. Its power in link building is of the utmost importance for SEO engineers. One backlink from Wikipedia to your website is worth more than a hundred backlinks from websites with low authority.

If you are smart enough, you can use this to your advantage. By editing a Wikipedia article (adding relevant and correct information) and inserting a link to your website (and of course, a couple of others), you will significantly increase the authority of your website.

If you use a proxy, you will stand a much better chance to accomplish this very important SEO task successfully.

Site Audits

Site audit is a great way to analyze a website, find all its flaws and improve its SEO features.

When you engage in such a process, you will need to access the website numerous times and this can result in your activity being recognized as suspicious.

In order to avoid this, use dedicated proxies. When you do this, you can optimize your client’s website to your heart’s content without being banned.

Competitor Analysis

Another very important method in the field of SEO optimization is the process of analyzing your competition.

You need to know what they do, as well as how and when they do it in order to always be one step ahead of them.  You have to analyze their website carefully to understand their strategy and use it to improve your own or your client’s website.

However, this is a rather time-consuming process which includes a lot of ‘not-so-legitimate’ activities. The best way to avoid getting banned is to acquire cheap private proxies for most cases or residential proxies in order to remain untouchable to Google and other web servers.

Advantages of Using a Proxy for SEO

There are many benefits of using a proxy server for SEO purposes. We will list the most important and most obvious ones.


High-quality dedicated proxies are very powerful servers and therefore, they are most probably much faster than your own server.

Keyword research can take up a lot of bandwidth, maybe more than your own server can provide. In this case, a proxy will take over most of the traffic and speed up the entire process.

In addition, some proxies store cached data, so you will be able to load a website more quickly if you have already visited it.

Both of these features can help you in your SEO efforts by making your process much faster.


Basically, this entire article is dedicated to staying safe while doing SEO. However, this aspect is so important that we cannot overemphasize it.

When you use a proxy for SEO purposes, it is highly unlikely that you get banned for crawling the web, preying on your competitors, etc.

With dedicated proxies, all this becomes a piece of cake.

Whether you are a freelance SEO expert or you work for an SEO Agency, you will greatly benefit from using dedicated private proxies for SEO purposes.

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