StubTabs and GeoSurf Proxy Integration Guide

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20 Sep

StubTabs is a Firefox extension that let you open “Proxy-per-Tab” – StubTabs is designed to session all tabs in Firefox so each tab is a new browser.

From official homepage – “The simple, light-weight, and yet powerful multi-browser extension for your daily sessions! A different browser in every tab, designed specifically for Firefox You can open in one tab, then open in another one, as many as you want”


Follow the instructions below if you wish to integrate GeoSurf’s proxies with StunTab:

StubTabs history configuration

StubTabs will only work if Firefox is configured to “Remember History.” This is the default setting, but you can double check it by navigating to about:preferences#privacy and looking under the History section as shown in the above image.

Note: Only tabs with a yellow underline and “StubTab” in the URL bar are session-ed. See below image.

StubTabs yellow

ALL YOUR TABS ARE SESSIONED IN FIREFOX (if you open two tabs of gmail, both tabs are sessioned)

If you don’t want StubTabs to the session, log out of StubTabs

The  icon should now be on the right upper-side of the Firefox browser.

Click the  and click “Settings”.

Enter your StubTabs License key in the Text-box and StubTabs should turn Green.

Your license key is located under your account in StubTabs site:

The square below the icon indicates the status of StubTabs.

  • White – Not logged in.
  • Green – Logged in.
  • Red – Unauthorized (Incorrect login or Trial is over)

2. Configuring GeoSurf proxies:

A . Click the  and click Settings

B. Go to ProxyTabs

C. Enable GeoSurf ProxyTabs support and add your GroupID + Password:

Now your proxy is configured – Every new tab will create a new session connection for US IP. 

Other Useful Features:

Access StubTabs functions from the context menu. Right Click on the page to unveil deletion of cookies by tab or all, duplicate tabs and prefix conversion.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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