Posted at November 06, 2017 in Proxy server


The law of scarcity is one of the most effective methods to persuade people that something is of great value. In other words, if something exists in limited amounts (like these sneakers), this alone is a strong enough reason for us to want to have it more.

This phenomenon goes so far that even if something that objectively has more value is available to all of us, most people will opt for scarce products instead.

This absurdity of human mind has long been known to marketers – just think how many times you have purchased a product just because it was labelled as ‘limited series’.

However, when scarcity is combined with true quality, then people don’t ask for the price of a product. When we truly know that a product manufactured in limited amounts is of the highest quality, we will go miles just to have it.


The law of scarcity is exactly the trick that Supreme plays on us by manufacturing their limited series shoes. When they announce such a release, people practically compete for the shoes because they know they are high-quality goods and come in limited amounts.


A Supreme proxy is a proxy specifically designed to hide your true IP address so as to help you easily access the Supreme website and purchase those long-desired sneakers.

However, the first thing you must be aware of is that you are definitely not the only person who wants them. The competition will be fierce, so you will need to get great Supreme US proxies.

These will help you in many ways when making that online transaction.

Whether you are a hard-core fan buying a pair of shoes for yourself or a retailer trying to get as many pairs of limited series shoes as possible for your store, you will certainly need to have a viable strategy.

You will most likely need a bot in order to monitor links and keywords, add products to cart and check out.

But another thing that is necessary in this situation is to have footsite proxies. Supreme UK proxies will be invaluable to you if you want to successfully access the website and purchase those long-desired sneakers.


A quality Supreme proxy will help you in many ways:

  • If you are a retailer who wants to get many pairs of sneakers for your store, you will need to act fast. Even if you are using a bot like AIO to make a number of requests, your IP will probably get blocked because the website server will recognize that requests were not made by a human.
  • By using quality Supreme proxies, your requests will be received from different IP addresses and accepted as legitimate.
  • This way, you are much more likely to make a purchase as your requests will be seen as coming from different locations and people. Just imagine the level of your self-satisfaction when you see all those sneakers in your store in a few days.
  • In case you live on the other end of the country or even outside of the US, your request can get banned due to location restrictions.
  • Taking into account that Supreme US proxies are specifically designed for this purpose, your request will be recognized as coming from a location and time zone within the US and approved by the website server.
  • Another great benefit of this method is that you can appear to be in the time zone where the shoe model gets released first.
  • No matter if you are a retailer or just a fan of this shoe model – if you have just a regular IP address, you will stand no chance against people using footsite proxies.
  • Proxies are generally stronger servers and offer better connection than regular IPs, which will enable you to access the website and buy the shoes quickly and easily.


When you purchase a Supreme proxy, you ought to consider only secure, reliable and high-performance options.

A secure connection will stop unwanted ads from appearing while you are accessing your target website. In addition, you will be protected from malware and other forms of dangerous content.

With high-quality proxies, you will get a stable and reliable connection without danger of losing it at some point.

Speed is another factor to bear in mind since, ironically enough, you will be practically competing in a race to win those sneakers.

Finally, you want to pay attention to the location of the footsite proxies you are buying because you want to be recognized as someone living in a location approved by the website.

Supreme proxies are specifically designed to provide you with all of the above and give you what you wanted in the first place – those long-coveted shoes.